Tekken 8 Officially Reveals Nina Williams



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We know that Jin and Kazuya have been at the center of the marketing for Tekken 8, but Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed their first returning fighter for the game’s new roster.

Tekken 8 Officially Reveals Nina Williams

Check out the reveal and gameplay updates for Nina Williams:

Get your first look at the silent assassin, back just in time for the next King of the Iron Fist tournament.

Nina has been a franchise staple since the very first game, and though she’s had some changes over the years, Tekken 8 looks to be the first time we actually see her get to use her guns in combat. She is known to be some kind of secret spy throughout the course of Tekken’s story, but it is kind of odd watching her pump bullets into her enemies.

As far as Tekken goes, characters usually just rely on their bodies for their moves. It’s very rare when we get to have players utilize weapons in combat, like with Yoshimitsu and Gun Jack. I guess with the character of Arisa being all about using weapons, the developers have decided that a basic character like Nina could use guns to allow her some range during fights.

So far, characters that have been confirmed for Tekken 8 include Jin, Devil Jin, Kazuya, Devil Kazuya, Paul, Law, Jack-8, King, Lars, Nina, and Jun Kazama. We should expect the roster to keep growing from that point, but I’m sure franchise vets are going to be sticking around for the next iteration.

Or not. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see until the next announcement.

No release date has bee confirmed for Tekken 8.

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