Tekken 8 Reveals Gameplay for Returning Kazuya


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The clash between the Mishima clan has always been at the center of the Tekken franchise, so it’s no mystery that Kazuya and Jin would be confirmed for the roster. Just in, we have a gameplay reveal for Kazuya, and it’s revealed that he can turn into a devil mid-game.

Tekken 8 Reveals Gameplay for Returning Kazuya

Check this out:

The logline reads: True power runs in the family.

Though Kazuya has had devil powers before, this is the first time that we actually get to see him transform into something else. The same can even be said for Jin who turns into a devil in mid-game as well.

While Tekken has always been a franchise that focuses on fighters just using their bodies, it looks like Tekken 8 is going to shake things up by giving more characters all kinds of weapons and ‘powers’. We know that Law can now use nunchaku in a more prominent way, and Nina also has more moves where she can use her guns.

I guess this was kind of inevitable for the series, ever since they introduced a sword-wielding robot/alien alongside a roster of punch/kick fighters. It’s kind of a bummer that they’re losing that element, but maybe it will make for an interesting change in the series moving forward.

Here’s the official overview for Tekken 8:

Developed by Bandai Namco Studios, Tekken 8 pushes the envelope for fighting games and takes full advantage of the power of the latest generation of consoles by creating one of the most visually stunning and immersive titles in the genre yet. Tekken 8 picks up after the gruesome battle that ended in Heihachi Mishima’s defeat, focusing on a new rivalry pitting father against son as Jin Kazama stands in defiance against Kazuya Mishima’s quest for world dominance.

No release date has been announced for Tekken 8.

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