Did The Last of Us Series Just Give Us a Dina Cameo?


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Though there was a lack of infected in the latest episode of The Last of Us, we actually got to visit the thriving commune of Jackson which wasn’t even in the first game. What’s cool is, we may also have gotten a cameo from one major character in The Last of Us Part II.

Did The Last of Us Series Just Give Us a Dina Cameo?

As some fans have been pointing out online, it’s possible that the girl who Ellie shouts at in the bar is her future lover Dina. In the game, Dina had said that she first noticed Ellie stealing food when she arrived in Jackson, and that’s kind of the same interaction in the series. Showrunner Craig Mazin had also hinted in the after-show podcast, “That doesn’t mean that that’s Dina, but it doesn’t mean it’s not.”


“WAS THAT DINA” apparently trended on Twitter, and it even got attention from her actress Shannon Woodward, who is actually an HBO alumni, having worked on Westworld. Here’s her post:

Even if that wasn’t Dina, we also got another The Last of Us Part II easter egg when Ellie meets the young horse Shimmer. It would have been pretty great if we got to meet Eugene, who was dead by the time of Part II, but was revealed to have his own marijuana dispensary that Dina and Ellie discover in the game.

So far, the world of The Last of Us has been pretty well-fleshed out in the series, and there have been interesting deviations from the game that still feel pretty faithful. Catch new episodes of The Last of Us every Sunday on HBO Max.

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