Terraria 1.4.1: How to Open Dead Man’s Chest



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Terraria veterans are all familiar with the Dead Man’s Chests, but what about new players, how can they survive this infamous trapped chest?

Terraria 1.4.1: How to Open Dead Man’s Chest

Even though a trapped chest would seem like a small threat, it is quite the contrary. Instead, this chest has claimed the lives of so many in-game characters, and opening it is a tough job. Before you open this chest, it is important that you prep the area around it carefully.

The Dead Man’s chest has some pretty good and unique goodies inside, hence why it is rigged with three or four traps. Worry not though, we will show you exactly how you can open it!

How to Open Dead Man’s Chest – Terraria 1.4.1

The Dead Man’s chest is a regular gold chest in Terraria 1.4.1, that gets generated randomly. Same goes for many other similar traps. It has quite a few traps, for example, it is rigged with explosives, falling boulders, darts traps, and some Geysers at lava level.

Thankfully though, because of the magic of the internet, the community has found an efficient way of disarming this chest, and opening this chest safely. This is what you do:

Break a Pressure Plate or a Dart Trap

When you see the Dead Man’s chest break either a pressure plate or a dart trap. I would recommend breaking the pressure plate, but be careful not to step on it.

After that, hold it in your hand, and you should see how the other traps are connected, this will help you find the explosives, which are required for the next step.

Break All Explosives

These are the most dangerous part of the trap, as they will deal substantial damage, and possibly create some carnage. Look for them under the chest and make sure to get all of them.

Avoid the Boulders and Darts

To avoid the boulders, I would recommend standing underneath some blocks, most preferably, under the chest since you have dug there to destroy the explosives.

As for the darts, since they are horizontally set, avoid standing horizontally on the same level as the chest, at all costs.

So, at this point, while standing underneath some blocks, you can open the chest, and the boulders, and possibly the darts will deploy. Enjoy your goodies!

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