How to Use a Wormhole Potion in Terraria


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Wormhole potions are one of the few Terraria items that are only useful in multiplayer sessions. However, when your team has access to a few of them, your options become much more varied. While using the potion only requires a few buttons and clicks from the game map, it requires cleaning out some kinks in the system.

How to Use a Wormhole Potion in Terraria

This article will focus on using, obtaining, and making the most out of wormhole potions in Terraria. If you’re a prospective team player, be sure to take a look.

How to Use Wormhole Potions in Terraria

While there are a few requirements for the potions being usable in the first place, actually ‘consuming’ the potion is relatively simple. The potion is classified as a consumable item in the game, but you don’t have to interact with it in the same way as with similar items.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the map by pressing the “Map” button. This defaults to the “M” key on the PC, “Play” when using the PC controller, “Select” on the PS, “Back” on the Xbox, and the “minus” on the Wii and Nintendo Switch versions.
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  2. Click or select the team member you want to teleport to.
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  3. The game will instantly remove a wormhole potion from your inventory and move you to the target’s location. If the target is not a team member, nothing will happen.

As mentioned, wormhole potions require the target to be in the same team as you. It’s the item’s limiting factor, which also makes it unusable in single-player campaigns.

How to Pick a Team in Terraria?

Terraria has integrated multiplayer modes to encourage more varied gameplay. These include both PvE (player vs. environment) and PvP (player vs. player) sections.

Teams are only really useful in PvP modes. However, even PvE multiplayer can benefit if all players are on the same team since it allows them to use wormhole potions.

All you have to do is select one of the six colored gems below the PvP enable button near the inventory and armor slots to pick a team. The PvP enable looks like two swords.

The players who have picked the same gem are on the same team and can use a wormhole potion to move to their teammates.

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How to Get Wormhole Potions in Terraria

Wormhole potions exist as an item drop only in multiplayer sessions. In these sessions, a potion has a chance of dropping as a bonus drop from basic slimes. These are:

  • Blue Slime
    1 161
  • Green Slime
    2 47
  • Purple Slime
    3 24
  • Red Slime
    4 28
  • Yellow Slime
    5 25
  • Black Slime
    6 20
  • Baby Slime
    7 20
  • Jungle Slime
    8 14
  • Pinky
    9 16

All slimes except Pinky will show the bonus drop, if they have one, inside their body while they move around.

Each of these slimes has a 5% chance to contain a bonus drop when spawned (created) and will never have one if they come from statues.

In multiplayer sessions, each bonus drop has a 1-14 chance to be a wormhole potion. In single-player, these are effectively replaced by recall potions.

With such small odds to have a wormhole potion drop, it can take a swarm of killed slimes before your party gets their first one.

Wormhole potions can also be crafted in single-player and multiplayer, even though they don’t work in single-player modes. Their crafting recipe requires bottled water, specular fish, and blinkroot, with a placed bottle or an alchemy table as the crafting station.

The fish can be obtained in snow or forest biomes via fishing, while blinkroot is a relatively common potion ingredient found all over.

How to Best Use a Wormhole Potion

One of the most strategical uses of wormhole potions is to cut down travel times and improve boss fight reinforcement speed. Any downed teammates can jump back into the fray using a wormhole potion, especially for boss locations that are difficult to reach normally.

Wormhole Your Way in Terraria

With a wormhole potion at the ready, you can quickly go back to your group if something goes wrong. It’s one of the most useful items to have, so don’t hesitate to spend some time farming slimes or looking for crafting ingredients.

What is your best use of wormhole potions in Terraria? Let us know in the comment section below.

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