The Best Place To Farm Orokin Cells In 2020: Farming Orokin Cells



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Warframe is still a loved game in 2020, so why not make an updated guide on the best place to farm Orokin Cells? Today we’re going to look at where to farm Orokin Cells and how to do it efficiently. 

The Best Place To Farm Orokin Cells In 2020: Farming Orokin Cells

What Are Orokin Cells?

In Warframe, Orokin Cells are one of the various resources in the game. There’s loads of stuff to farm in this free-to-play shooter. Out of all of the items used for crafting in this game, Orokin Cells are one of the most common and most used. Warframes and Prime Weapons both use these rare drops in different quantities, so you’ll need to spend some time farming them. Here’s the best place to farm Orokin Cells. 

Where To Farm Orokin Cells

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In Warframe, there are three main planets in the Star Map to go to for Orokin Cells:

  • Saturn – Telesto, Helene
  • Ceres – Gabii, Exta
  • The Derelict

For lower-level players, you’re not out of luck. The Cell Arrays, which can be found on Gabii and Telesto, will spawn from time to time. Break these open and you can grab some quick Cells.

The best source for a steady farming spot of Orokin Cells are Assassinations and Invasion missions on Telesto or Gabii. Just like with any sustained farming missions, it’s never a bad idea to have a team backing you up for longer sessions. Bringing along an item that helps increase item drop rates. This is very important for getting the drops you’re aiming for.

best place to farm orokin cells

High-level players looking for more Cells will want to head to Saturn and target Helene. Killing bosses like Sargus Ruk will almost always give you some Orokin Cell drops. To get a decent supply going, keep re-doing the mission and fighting bosses. Helene is also a really good option for getting Mastery with new weapons, since it’s a Defense mission. Tethys is also a good option for higher level players. You have a chance to get them from defeating Sargas Ruk and you can also find them around the map while you’re on missions. 

Keeping a good stock of Orokin Cells will help you avoid tedious trips to farm them whenever you need them.

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