The Daywalker: Blade Takes the Spotlight in Prequel Short for Midnight Suns



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Marvel really is going all-out with the launch of Midnight Suns in December, and they’ve been trying to give every playable character in the game a decent time in the spotlight. Just in, we have a new prequel short featuring Blade kicking some vampire ass.

The Daywalker: Blade Takes the Spotlight in Prequel Short for Midnight Suns

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The short doesn’t really reveal anything big story-wise, but we do get a good grasp of Blade’s abilities as we watch him take on a bunch of vampires with all his cool gadgets.

With the last Blade movie coming out back in 2004, I guess the game really does have some work to do if they want younger kids to be excited about this character. After all, the movies starring Wesley Snipes have admittedly aged; and they want ‘The Daywalker’ to be the epitome of cool—and not just by early 2000s standards.

Midnight Suns is only expected to release five shorts, and we should expect them to focus on lesser-known characters like Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider and Magik. I guess everyone already knows the deal behind other playable heroes like Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Scarlet Witch.

After centuries of sleep, Lilith, Mother of Demons, has been revived by Hydra through a twist of dark magic and science. Lilith is determined to bring back her evil master, Chthon, and when Marvel’s Midnight Suns releases, you’ll be the world’s best hope of stopping her. Fortunately, you won’t be alone. As the Hunter, a legendary demon slayer with a mysterious past, you’ll fight alongside the Midnight Suns – an unlikely group of seasoned Super Heroes and dangerous supernatural warriors.

Midnight Suns launches on Dec. 2 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4|5, and Nintendo Switch.

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