The Sims 4: Guide to Caring for Toddlers


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The newest expansion pack for The Sims 4, Growing Together, is finally here. Along with the DLC, we got a free update centered around families, including the much-awaited infants. Players are delighted to see such improvement in the game’s family dynamics and have never been so excited to start a new game with a new generation of Sims.

The Sims 4: Guide to Caring for Toddlers

Taking care of infants in this game can leave you feeling exhausted. But after infancy, here comes Toddlers. Are they much easier to handle than infants? How can we provide for their needs without feeling too overwhelmed? Let’s find out all about toddlers in this guide!

Sims 4 Toddler Traits

Toddlers in the Sims do not have life aspirations because they’re only beginning to become independent and explore the world around them, but they can have personality traits. You can select one trait for your youngster in Create-A-Sims (CAS) or Live Mode after your infant grows into a toddler.

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Angelic: Never fussy or throw tantrums. A toddler with this trait is very agreeable and can make friends easily.

Charmer: Extremely friendly and more likely to build their social skills faster.

Clingy: Always longing for attention and uncomfortable socializing with strangers. The good thing about them is they are quicker at learning child skills.

Fussy: Easily overstimulated, causing them to fuss and cry frequently. Parents or guardians can calm them down by playing with them.

Independent: Able to take care of themselves without the constant supervision of adults but 

Inquisitive: Curious about how the world works and perks up at making discoveries but feels sad if they haven’t learned something new for a long time.

Silly: Highly imaginative and loves to play games and have fun.

Wild: They enjoy outdoor activities but get sad if they can’t go outside.

Sims 4 Toddler Quirks

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Some of the new features brought by the new expansion pack are Quirks. Quirks are a Toddler’s unique characteristics they gradually acquire as they live their day-to-day lives. They can get three different quirks, meaning every toddler you handle is a different experience. 

  • Aggressive
  • Early Riser
  • Hates Wakeup Time
  • Loves Wakeup Time
  • Charmer
  • Good Appetite
  • Hates Bedtime
  • Little Singer
  • Loves Being Carried
  • Hates Being Carried
  • Loves Water
  • Picky Eater
  • Loves Books
  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Light Sleeper
  • Destructive
  • Messy Eater
  • Loves Sounds

Sims 4 Toddler Milestones

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A new mechanic introduced since the infant update is Milestones. Each time a Sim experiences growth, development, or new experiences and events, they achieve a milestone. Toddlers reach a milestone in Sims 4 whenever they make progress in their developmental skills. You can naturally acquire some of them as you play, but others require some effort to unlock.

Cognitive Milestones

  • Maxed Thinking Skill
  • Studied Letters
  • Studied Shapes
  • Maxed Imagination Skill
  • Asked, “Why?” for the First Time
  • Studied Numbers 
  • Art Appreciation


  • Mastered Potty Training
  • Read First Book
  • Threw a Tantrum
  • First Nightmare
  • First Time at Daycare

Life Milestones

  • Celebrated a Birthday

Motor Milestones

  • Learned to Run
  • Learned to Dance
  • Learned to Climb Stairs
  • Learned to Walk
  • Maxed Movement Skill

Social Milestones

  • Played with Others
  • Maxed Communication Skill
  • Learned to Talk
  • First Friend

Sims 4 Toddler Skills

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Milestones aside, toddlers equip fundamental skills they must improve to unlock more actions and social interactions.

Toddler skills are developed by doing everyday activities, talking to their household members, and playing with their toys. Below are what you must do to quickly max out your toddler’s basic skills before they age up into children:

Communication Skill

The fastest way to level up your toddler’s communication skills is to let them Babble and Talk to their stuffed animals. It’s worth noting that being in a Happy mood can help them socialize with others better.  If you have pets around your house, have them interact with your toddlers more often.

Imagination Skill

Your toddler can easily improve their Imagination Skill by playing with all kinds of toys. When toddlers are in a Playful mood, they tend to become more imaginative. Caretakers can also read storybooks to toddlers. Not only will this help increase their bond, but it can also give toddlers a sense of creativity.

Movement Skill

Toddlers get experience points just from walking, but one of the quickest methods to improve their movement skills is to let them play all day on the slides if you own the Toddler Stuff Pack. They can also dance to music and play with building blocks to develop this skill. Try to get them Energized before letting them engage in any physical activities.

Potty Skill

This skill easily be improved for toddlers with the Independent trait. Have your adult Sims potty train toddlers until they reach Potty Skill Level 2. At level 2, they can potty train on their own without the help of their carers.

Thinking Skill

Toddlers can wander around the house and use the ‘What’s This?’ interaction on all the objects they see. You can also make them Watch other Sims or play with their tablet to gain more experience points. Toddlers with the Happy moodlet can help them function well. Therefore, they can think critically and logically better.

Taking Care of Sims 4 Toddlers

By providing food, hygiene, sleep, playtime, social interaction, and learning opportunities, you can build a healthy and happy environment for your little ones. Here are some of the best ways you can raise a toddler in the game:


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Toddlers can answer nature’s call by themselves, but you can also click the Use Diaper interaction so they can go potty instantly. 

Caretakers can teach toddlers to relieve themselves using the potty trainer. If toddlers have the independent trait, they can use the Potty Trainer even without learning the Potty Training skill. The Mastered Potty Training milestone will appear after they have reached Potty Training level 1.

If you own the Laundry Day stuff pack, you can choose cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.


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A toddler’s hunger can be satiated with any snack or meal. With the Growing Together pack, toddlers can now become picky eaters or adventurous eaters. 

You can get a high chair and serve them snacks or drinks when they get hungry. But since toddlers can do unassisted activities, it’s much faster to cook a meal for a group and let the toddlers eat independently.


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No matter how energetic they may seem, eventually, toddlers get exhausted. Tantrums are inevitable if you have cranky, draggy children at your disposal. Try camping outside with toddlers, as they can regain energy faster if they sleep in a tent. The convenient thing about toddlers is that they can tuck themselves to bed if caretakers are too busy to check on them.


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Toddlers can be entertained in various ways, such as playing with their toys alone or roughhouse with adults. Like most kids nowadays, toddlers can play games or draw on tablets.

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But if you want them to build up their skills while having fun, parents or caretakers can read stories or teach them all about shapes or numbers using toy blocks.


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Even if they can fend for themselves a bit, toddlers still crave adult attention. Toddlers have plenty of social interactions with adults, including teaching them how to talk.

If adults can’t be present while the toddler feels lonely, you can give them a Blarffy doll or a doll house. Toddlers can fill their loneliness and social skills by talking to their dolls. But since building relationships has become significantly more important after the latest update, toddlers should get their TLC from adults occasionally.


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The only activity toddlers can’t do is clean up after themselves. If anything, toddlers like to make a mess. Of course, toddlers feel irritated when they get too filthy. You can remedy that by changing their nappies or bathing them.

Some Additional Tips

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Toddlers are not as demanding or fussy as infants in Sims 4, but they’re still helpless little kids that require parental support. Social Workers can still whisk them away if you do not feed and neglect them.

If you set up a storyline in which parents are too busy to care for their children, you can drop off toddlers at a Daycare Center where they can get their needs fulfilled for a couple of hours. Using the Check Toddler interaction while controlling an adult will have them asking what their toddler needs and responding to it immediately.

Toddlers who can get all their skills maxed out before turning into children can acquire the Top-Notch Toddler reward trait. This trait gives Sims the advantage of leveling up their career and skills faster. If toddlers max out at least three skills, they can get the Happy Toddler trait. Sims with this trait will gain skill points slightly faster.

In addition, two levels will be added to a child’s fundamental skills if they can max them out while they are toddlers.

Family Dynamics

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Household Relationships is another feature in the Growing Together pack that allows you to adjust the relationships between your Sims. You can edit their relationships in CAS to create a strict dynamic between parents and their toddlers in Sims 4. This feature allows you to create more complex and personalized storylines for your Sims in the game.

Play Dates

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You can host a play date and invite toddlers if you own the Toddler stuff pack, which is a pack specially made for Sim toddlers.

Bring up your phone, invite all the toddlers your Sims befriended, and set the date and location to get the play date started. 

As the play date commences, toddler Sims will start interacting with each other and even do activities like drawing or playing with toys together.

You can make the play date more exciting by organizing fun activities such as building blocks, playing with toys, or drawing pictures. Remember to keep an eye on your toddler Sims. Ensure they have a good time and don’t get too tired or hungry during the playdate.

If you throw a terrific, memorable, gold-standard play date, you’ll be rewarded with an All-Inclusive Jungle Gym Set.

Sims 4 Toddlers and Parents

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The Parenthood game pack brings a variety of social interactions between carers and toddlers, adding the Parenting skill to the game. This skill allows adult Sims to keep tabs on their tottering children’s behavior and manners.

Parents can help their children to grow up to be responsible citizens with good moral values. They could also push them to delinquency and raise them to be troublemakers. How carers influence their children’s actions and decisions is up to them.

For instance, if they see their toddlers splashing around in their toilet, they could scold or praise them for their wrongdoings. Toddlers will remember this, affecting their character values, which are the moral system of young Sims.

Overall, a parent’s feedback and teachings can impact the child’s behavior and eventually result in unique character traits when they age up.

Toddlers and Pets

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Toddlers can pet, hug, and talk to their cats and dogs, but your little ones cannot tend to their needs. While bonding, toddlers gain communication skills and relationship points with their four-legged friends. However, toddlers can also be mean to their pets by yelling at them or shooing them off.

Players who own Cottage Living will be glad to know that toddlers can also play and socialize with farm animals that come with the pack.

Sims 4 Supernatural toddlers

Fury Toddlerhug

Supernatural toddlers have unique physical features and abilities specific to their species.

Similar to adult Sims, Alien Toddlers can disguise themselves as human Sims in Sims 4. Their alien appearance can also be customized in Create-A-Sims.

Vampire Toddlers will not acquire their dark form or powers until they become teens, but you can change the colors of their skin and eyes and make them look more vampire-like.

Mermaid and Spellcaster Toddlers’ supernatural powers are also sealed away and will only be accessed when they age into teenagers. Mermaid or not, toddlers can play at the beach or the ocean if players own the Island Living pack. Spellcaster Toddlers are also able to visit the Magic Realm in Glimmerbrook.

Werewolf Toddlers can be taught to howl at an early age. They can also get affected by the mystical powers of the full moon, causing their needs to decay faster. However, all their werewolf abilities are unlocked until they mature.

And that is all you need to know about caring for infants in The Sims 4! You might also want to check out The Sims 4: Guide to Caring for Infants to learn how to manage infants in the game.


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