The Sims 4 Werewolves: The Underground Tunnels Guide


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Above the ground is where Werewolves can prowl freely and live their best lives, but underneath the surface is where they go when their claws are itching for adventure.

The Sims 4 Werewolves: The Underground Tunnels Guide

What lurks below the forest town of Moonwood Mill, and how do we find them? We will uncover every piece of info you will need about Underground Tunnels in this handy guide.

Underground Tunnels Explained

Underground Tunnels are passageways that can take you to different locations in Moonwood Mill. These tunnels can also lead you to the subterranean parts of the town. But unlike basements that you can physically head down to, tunnels are rabbit holes where you can only imagine what happens to your Sim through reading chance cards or text-based scenarios. 

Tunnels LilyGoingInside

Inside the tunnels, you will encounter random events where you will have to choose between two dialogues to proceed. Your Sims could either gain treasures or get negative moodlets from going underground, depending on the choices you make. When Sims get familiarized enough with the hidden tunnels, they gain the ability to travel from one location to another using underground passageways. Once a werewolf learns the Night Vision ability, they will be able to see in the dark, thus, allowing them to pass through inaccessible areas.

Be wary of making humans go into these places too much as they might get infected with werebies or the werewolf curse. The easiest way to reverse the curse is to go to the Grimtooth Bar & Bunker and ask a bartender for a cure.

Underground Tunnel Locations

Tunnels Map

For werewolves itching for adventure, the underground is the best place to sniff out the ancient secrets of Moonwood Mill. If you want to take them to the tunnels, head to these entrances hidden at different points of the town:

The Old Bunker

Tunnels Bunker1

A bunker entrance connected to a tunnel network is found near the Volkov residence. If you reside in the Starter Home, you can head there by following the dirt road leading to one of the town bridges. 

The Portal Potties

Tunnels Potties2

The Sparring Ground has three portal potties, which assumingly have large pipes that can take you underground. You can find the Sparring Ground between Moonwood Mill Library and the empty residential lot.

The Sewers

Tunnels Sewer1

A drain ditch can be found on the southeast corner of the Moonwood Mill map. You can click on the Sewer Grate and use it to access the underground tunnels.

Build/Buy Mode

Tunnels Buy

You can also purchase a tunnel in Build Mode and place it anywhere in a lot. Interact with the tunnel to quickly travel the town or explore the belowground.

FAQs about the Underground Tunnels

Tunnels Investigate

How to exit the tunnels?

The “Find the Fresh Air” option will allow your Sim to get out of the underground tunnels.

How to get to the Garlic Room?

You can acquire random loot from various rooms underground, like the Garlic Room. When the tunnels split into two, choose the Navigate the Debris option. You can then select Head Towards the Garlic and Go Inside the room.

How to get to the Old Mill?

The Old Mill is another area your Sim can visit to get rare treasures. But your Sim must have the Night Vision ability and a high Fitness skill level to access the site.

How to get to the Enchanted Room?

Your Sim will often come across a tunnel where mystical music can be heard. Follow the Magical Melody until, eventually, your Sim comes across the Enchanted Room.

How to give your human Sim werebies?

When a human Sim hears growling in the tunnels, choose to Investigate the Growling. There’s a good chance a rabid werewolf will attack your Sim and pass the werebies virus to them.

Can you get to the Forgotten Hollow by accessing the tunnels?

If you have the Sims 4: Vampires game pack installed, your Sim may wander into a secret tunnel that can take them somewhere in the Forgotten Hollow, a town full of blood-sucking vampires. Keep a lookout for angry vampires because they instantly engage in a fight with werewolves when they spot them in their territory.

And that is all you need to know about underground tunnels in The Sims 4: Werewolves. More news, articles, and guides on The Sims 4 can be found here on 

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