The Survivalists: How To Get Iron


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Gathering resources for crafting and advancing in The Survivalists, will probably be what you will be doing most of the time.

The Survivalists: How To Get Iron

The game is relatively new, and players still haven’t found out all of the resources and crafting possibilities. Most of the players don’t know how to get and where to get certain resources.

One particular one is iron. But worry not, because we will tell you exactly how to get iron, and where to find it.

How to Get Iron in the Survivalists

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Usually, it’s not mapped out yet where you can get certain resources. Your in-game map will show some of it but you need to explore first before you have a visual representation of resources.

So, before you do anything in this game, explore your whole island. You don’t need to lurk around long, but run the whole map so that the island will be visible on your map.

You can skip this part, however, it’s a preferred practice if you want to advance more efficiently. So, how to get iron in the Survivalists?

Technically, you can find iron anywhere. However, if you want to stack up on iron then a temple is your best bet. Well, not specifically a temple, but a cave.

Caves usually have an abundance of iron, gold, or any ores you might need in the future. To break these rocks, you will probably need a pick-axe.

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So, before you go in the cave, stack up on the necessary things you will need. Weapons you most definitely need. There are millions of mobs in these caves, so go in with caution.

Furthermore, consider going in after you have progressed to a certain point in game, when you feel comfortable of going in a cave filled with enemies. In regards to that statement, good luck!

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