The US's PlayStation Store Is Holding An Indie Flash Sale


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The US PlayStation Blog has announced that the first US PS Store Flash Sale of the year is taking place right now, we hope you like Indies! The games featuring in the sale are those that Sony consider to be innovative game changers, but that’s probably a matter of opinion considering The Golf Club has been included. However, you can actually expect to make some mega savings, of up to 80%, on games such as Rouge Legacy, Fat Princess Adventures and Commander Cherry for PlayStation Camera (whatever that means). Without further ado you may check out the entire list of games on sale below.

The US's PlayStation Store Is Holding An Indie Flash Sale
PS4Aces of the Luftwaffe$2.00$4.99
PS4Awesomenauts Assemble!$2.50$9.99
PS4Back to Bed Game & Dynamic Theme Bundle$6.00$14.99
PS4Badland: Game of the Year Edition (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.80$11.99
PS4Bastion (Cross Buy)$3.75$14.99
PS4Beach Buggy Racing$4.00$9.99
PS4Cel Damage HD (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS4Commander Cherry for PlayStation Camera$5.60$13.99
PS4Cosmophony (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$4.99
PS4Costume Quest 2$3.75$14.99
PS4Crimsonland (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.80$13.99
PS4Doki-Doki Universe$6.00$14.99
PS4Don’t Starve: Console Edition (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.75$14.99
PS4Dragon Fin Soup (3 Way Cross Buy)$8.00$19.99
PS4Dust: An Elysian Tail$3.75$14.99
PS4Dynamite Fishing – World Games$2.00$4.99
PS4Escape Plan$2.25$14.99
PS4Fat Princess Adventures$10.00$19.99
PS4Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game (Cross Buy)$1.75$6.99
PS4Forced: Slightly Better Edition$6.00$14.99
PS4Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Edition$3.00$14.99
PS4Hand of Fate$6.00$19.99
PS4Hohokum (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.00$14.99
PS4Hotline Miami (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS4Hyper Void (Cross Buy)$4.00$9.99
PS4Mega Coin Squad$6.00$14.99
PS4Organ Trail Complete Edition (Cross Buy)$4.00$9.99
PS4Pure Chess$2.40$7.99
PS4Pure Pool$8.00$19.99
PS4Race The Sun (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS4Rack N Ruin$2.50$9.99
PS4Retro City Rampage DX (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS4Riptide GP2$2.80$6.99
PS4Rogue Legacy (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.25$16.99
PS4Skullgirls 2nd Encore$10.00$24.99
PS4Slender: The Arrival$3.00$9.99
PS4Sound Shapes (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS4Sparkle 2 (3-Way Cross Buy)$1.60$7.99
PS4Sparkle Unleashed (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.20$7.99
PS4Stick It To The Man$5.00$19.99
PS4Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition$3.25$12.99
PS4Tennis in the Face (3-Way Cross Buy)$1.25$4.99
PS4Teslagrad (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.50$14.99
PS4The Golf Club$7.50$29.99
PS4The Unfinished Swan (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.00$14.99
PS4The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter$8.00$19.99
PS4Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition (Cross Buy)$2.00$4.99
PS4Tiny Brains$2.00$9.99
PS4Velocity 2X (Cross Buy)$5.00$19.99
PS4Whispering Willows (Game and Theme) (Cross Buy)$5.00$12.49
PS3Atomic Ninjas: Complete Edition$2.00$7.99
PS3Badland: Game of the Year Edition (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.80$11.99
PS3Big Sky Infinity (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS3Cel Damage HD (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS3Cosmophony (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$4.99
PS3Costume Quest 2$3.75$14.99
PS3Crimsonland (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.80$13.99
PS3Dead Nation (Cross Buy)$3.20$7.99
PS3Divekick (Cross Buy)$1.25$4.99
PS3Doki-Doki Universe$6.00$14.99
PS3Don’t Starve: Giant Edition (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.75$14.99
PS3Dragon Fin Soup (3-Way Cross Buy)$8.00$19.99
PS3Dungeon Defenders Trial$2.25$14.99
PS3Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest$16.00$39.99
PS3Fat Princess$2.25$14.99
PS3Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game (Cross Buy)$1.75$6.99
PS3Guacamelee! Bundle Fantãstico$8.00$19.99
PS3Hohokum (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.00$14.99
PS3Hotline Miami (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS3Hustle Kings$4.00$9.99
PS3Hyper Void (Cross Buy)$4.00$9.99
PS3Jet Car Stunts (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$7.99
PS3Knytt Underground (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS3Luftrausers (Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS3Pure Chess Complete Bundle$3.75$14.99
PS3Race The Sun (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS3Rainbow Moon$2.25$14.99
PS3Retro City Rampage DX (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS3Rogue Legacy (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.25$16.99
PS3Slender: The Arrival$3.00$9.99
PS3Sound Shapes (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS3Sound Shapes (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS3Sparkle 2 (3-Way Cross Buy)$1.60$7.99
PS3Sparkle Unleashed (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.20$7.99
PS3Stick it to the Man (Cross Buy)$3.25$12.99
PS3Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars$1.20$2.99
PS3Tennis in the Face (3-Way Cross Buy)$1.50$4.99
PS3Teslagrad (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.50$14.99
PS3The Unfinished Swan (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.00$14.99
PS3Tokyo Jungle$6.00$14.99
PS3Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS Vita2013: Infected Wars$1.50$4.99
PS VitaActual Sunlight$2.00$4.99
PS VitaAeternoblade$4.50$14.99
PS VitaAtomic Ninjas$2.50$9.99
PS VitaBadland: Game of the Year Edition (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.80$11.99
PS VitaBastion (Cross Buy)$3.75$14.99
PS VitaBig Sky Infinity (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS VitaBloxiq$3.00$9.99
PS VitaCel Damage HD (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS VitaCosmophony (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$4.99
PS VitaCrimsonland (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.80$13.99
PS VitaDead Nation (Cross Buy)$3.20$7.99
PS VitaDivekick (Cross Buy)$1.25$4.99
PS VitaDoki-Doki Universe$6.00$14.99
PS VitaDon’t Starve: Giant Edition (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.75$14.99
PS VitaDragon Fin Soup (3-Way Cross Buy)$8.00$19.99
PS VitaEscape Plan$2.25$14.99
PS VitaFlower$1.05$6.99
PS VitaFoosball 2012$2.00$7.99
PS VitaHeroes of Loot$1.20$2.99
PS VitaHohokum (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.00$14.99
PS VitaHotline Miami (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS VitaHustle Kings$4.00$9.99
PS VitaJet Car Stunts (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.00$7.99
PS VitaKnytt Underground (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PS VitaLimbo$2.00$9.99
PS VitaLuftrausers (Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS VitaMen’s Room Mayhem$0.80$1.99
PS VitaNekoburo – Cats Block$1.60$3.99
PS VitaNun Attack$1.20$2.99
PS VitaOrgan Trail Complete Edition (Cross Buy)$4.00$9.99
PS VitaPure Chess Complete Bundle$3.75$14.99
PS VitaRace The Sun (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS VitaRainbow Moon$3.00$14.99
PS VitaRainbow Moon PS3 Player Special Offer$1.50$7.49
PS VitaRetro City Rampage DX (3-Way Cross Buy)$2.50$9.99
PS VitaRogue Legacy (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.25$16.99
PS VitaSparkle 2 (3-Way Cross Buy)$1.60$7.99
PS VitaSparkle Unleashed (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.20$7.99
PS VitaSquares$2.00$4.99
PS VitaSteins;Gate$16.00$39.99
PS VitaStick it to the Man (Cross Buy)$3.25$12.99
PS VitaSuper Blackout$2.00$4.99
PS VitaTable Top Racing$1.20$2.99
PS VitaTennis in the Face (3-Way Cross Buy)$1.50$4.99
PS VitaTerraria$3.00$14.99
PS VitaTeslagrad (3-Way Cross Buy)$4.50$14.99
PS VitaThe Unfinished Swan (3-Way Cross Buy)$3.00$14.99
PS VitaThree Fourths Home: Extended Edition (Cross Buy)$2.00$4.99
PS VitaVelocity 2X (Cross Buy)$5.00$19.99
PS VitaWhispering Willows (Game and PS4 Theme) (Cross Buy)$5.00$12.49
PS VitaZombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge (Cross Buy)$2.00$9.99
PSPA Space Shooter for 2 Bucks$0.80$1.99
PSPWidgets Odyssey 1$0.80$1.99
PSPWidgets Odyssey 2$0.80$1.99
PSPYoung Thor$1.00$4.99
PSPZombie Tycoon$1.00$4.99

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