The World of Portal Expands with New Trailer for Aperture Desk Job


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We thought Valve was done with the world of Portal after the release of the second game, but it looks like the studio is ready to bring players back to Aperture—for free.

The World of Portal Expands with New Trailer for Aperture Desk Job

Take a first look at Aperture Desk Job:

While Portal may have had players going around and trying to solve puzzles, ADJ will have you sitting still with the challenges coming to you. Here’s the official game description:

Introducing Aperture Desk Job — a free playable short made for Valve’s new Steam Deck, set in the universe of the modestly popular Portal games.

Desk Job reimagines the been-there-done-that genre of walking simulators and puts them in the lightning-spanked, endorphin-gorged world of sitting still behind things.

You play as an entry-level nobody on their first day at work—  your heart full of hope and your legs full of dreams, eager to climb that corporate ladder. But life’s got other plans, and they all involve chairs.

Players should take note that you need to have a Steam Deck to be able to play the game. With the console just launching, a return to the Portal IP could just be what the Steam Deck needs to get people to pick it up.

Though this is a return to Aperture, Valve also wants to emphasize that the game is not Portal 3. They write,Lower your expectations: This is not a sequel to Portal. Now get ready to raise them slightly, because it is in the expanded universe of those games. Desk Job puts you squarely in the driver’s seat at Aperture Science. Then quickly removes the driving part and adds a desk in front of the seat.”

For more on this game, you can visit here.

Aperture Desk Job launches on March 1.

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