Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2: Tricks Guide


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In Pro Skater 1+2, there are 19 levels with different areas that need to be completed. Each section comes with its challenges. In all, you will find the usual collection of S-K-A-T-E, secret tapes, and many unique ones.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2: Tricks Guide

You will find that some challenges require you to do a particular trick several times in most of them. Specific button combos can do tricks, so either you can get it by being lucky or following the Pro Skater 1+2 tricks guide below. Let’s see Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Tricks…

Pro Skater 1 + 2 Tricks Guide

All tricks give off a different amount of points. The harder the trick, the more points you can get. Like its predecessors, this game is pretty challenging when it comes to tricks. Even though it is a laid back game, you will still need to possess some skill to do the tricks and pass the challenges.

The amount of tricks you can do in Pro Skater 1 + 2 is limitless. Like the other games from the franchise, players battle it out to get the highest scores. Countless combinations can be done with different tricks, all in a short amount of time.

The tricks fall into two categories: general tricks or special tricks. Special tricks usually give off more points to the player but are more challenging to do.

General Tricks in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Usually more accessible and best paired up with multiple tricks in a short time. Three categories: grab, flip, and lip. Let’s find out general tricks that you can do in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2:


  • Body Wrap / Wrap Around: Left > Left > Circle
  • Crossbone / Crooked Cop: Right > Right > Circle
  • Weedle / Seatbelt Air: Down > Down > Circle
  • Indy Nosebone / Del Mar Indy: Up > Up > Circle
  • Japan / One Foot Japan: Up Left/Diagonal > Circle
  • Nosegrab / Rocket Air: Up > Circle
  • Maddona / Judo: Up Right/Diagonal > Circle
  • Indy / Stiffy: Right > Circle
  • Airwalk / Christ Air: Down Right/Diagonal > Circle
  • Tailgrab / One Foot Tailgrab: Down > Circle
  • Benihana / Sack Tap: Down Left/Diagonal > Circle
  • Melon / Method: Left > Circle


  • Inward Heelflip / 360 Inward Heelflip: Up Right/Diagonal > Square
  • Pop Shove-It / 360 Shove-it: Down > Square
  • Impossible / Double Impossible: Up > Square
  • Heelflip / Double Heelflip: Right > Square
  • Varial Heelflip / Laserflip: Down Right/Diagonal > Square
  • Varial Kickflip / 360 Flip: Down Left/Diagonal > Square
  • Kickflip / Double Kickflip: Left > Square
  • Hardflip / 360 Hardflip: Upper Left/Diagonal, Square
  • Sal Flip / 360 Sal Flip: Up > Up > Square
  • FS Shove-it / 360 FS Shove-It: Right > Right > Square
  • Ollie Airwalk / Ollie Airwalk Late Shove-It: Left > Left > Square
  • Ollie North / Ollie North Back Foot Flip: Down > Down > Square


  • Switcheroo: Up Right/Diagonal > Triangle
  • BS Boneless: Right > Triangle
  • FS Noseblunt: Up > Triangle
  • Reacharound Invert: Down > Triangle
  • One Foot Invert: Down Right/Diagonal > Triangle
  • Tuck-knee Invert: Left > Triangle
  • Andrect Invert: Up Left/Diagonal > Triangle
  • Gymnast Plant: Down Left/Diagonal > Triangle

There are also many special tricks like the Casper Flip, Kickflip Superman, 540 Backflip. Still, these require the unique combo initially and are usually paired up with multiple general tricks.

Special tricks can give anywhere from 400 to 9,000 points. Usually, high-score players use this more often. In the 19 levels of the game, you will be asked to perform a unique trick. Skate safe!

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