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Top 20 Best League of Legends(LoL) YouTube Channels

Having played plenty of League of Legends and watched plenty of League YouTube Channels, I will present you my list of the most popular 20 League YouTube channels. I have chosen not to include any pro or ex pro player channels. They are also in no particular order. This is my opinion so do not get mad if I didn’t include your favorite ones. 😛


Long time follower of Sp4zie. The amount of funny moments and also top level editing makes his video fun and enjoyable, especially when you are looking for entertainment. He also interacts with his fans, which is a rare thing among a lot of YouTubers! You can check out one of his recent videos that I enjoyed here.


Valkrin is a challenger player playing against the best of the best. The best part about his channel that he often updates his viewers on how to climb rank or outplays of certain champions. He explains his thought process pretty well and is soothing to listen to. His mechanics are also top notch!


BoxBox is a pro Riven player and mostly only specialize in using her for about 85% of his stream. His YouTube channel features some of his best plays. If you are looking to main Riven, BoxBox will teach you a lot just by watching all the different matchups.


Now Gbay is also a popular YouTuber that releases videos mostly on Solo Queue and also plenty of tips on climbing rank. His videos are informative and straight to the point. If you ever need a well laid out League video, check out Gbay99.


FoxDrop has done plenty of guides and tips on how to improve in League of Legends. When I used to play a lot of ADC, I would watch his “How to Kite as an ADC” video. I was really impressed with the well done presentation and it was easy to understand. Till this day I often browse his channel to see what I can learn.


Keyori makes funny game play videos with some of his pals like Uberdanger. A lot of the videos have commentary and what they try to do. If you are looking for hilarious people having a fun time and trolling half the time, check out his videos. 😀


Now Tekk provides a lot of gameplay videos of all pro players and also the LCS. If you are looking for a specific matchup and how it will play out, Tekk has plenty of pro videos for you to refer to. Players like Bjergsen, Doublelift, BoxBox and Wingsofdeathx are some examples you can find. He also has an icon that lets you know how many kills the game roughly has from that individual player.

Sky Williams

Oh boy Sky Williams. This guy is a great entertainer and makes hilarious videos. His style of humor might not appeal to everyone, but for those that dig it, he can entertain you for hours. He is also very popular among the community and he often teams up with other popular streamers to play some fun games.

As a fellow video editor, I personally think his video editing skills and cut scenes are excellent.


Siv has been around for a long time. The most memorable video for me was his Astronaut Teemo dance(not many people know it if you don’t watch his stream). It looked so goofy, ridiculous but funny at the same time. He also makes all kinds of game play videos that are also entertaining to watch.


D CANE! OPEN THE GATES! LATA BI***! He is probably one of the most disrespectful players ever to step foot in League of Legends. But guess what, people love the entertainment he provides. The most memorable videos for me was the Garen Disrespect video. He also does the Jungle My Way series and Sub Wars. As an entertainer, he certainly gets my stamp of approval.

DanteAxe Productions

DanteAxe makes funny and hilarious parodies of the different League of Legends champions. I think his most notable videos are his Garen bush scares in his Randomville series. I think the best video he has done was his League of Legends Angry Bird videos. Be sure to check it out!

taeH ocsiD(Disco Heat)

Disco Heat’s channel has a very unique League of Legends content. He mostly play non meta picks and expose ragers, flamers and trolls. Not only is it entertaining, it also helps you relate to the trolls or ragers you often meet in ranked.


Pawnce usually does skin spotlights and uses Miss Fortune Bot as the unfortunate victim for skill showcases of different champion skins. He also offers tips and LoL patch changes. If you are looking for a straight to the point explanations, Pawnce is the guy to visit.

Red Mercy

Red Mercy does plenty of informational videos that provides useful tips and tricks about subtle things you won’t notice. He updates his YouTube channel very often and always has helpful stuff to help you out in your League game play. His “Did You Know” series helps educate you on a specific champion and is helpful in learning a new champion.


Uberdanger makes very funny league videos with excellent music choice. Barring his recent saga on Reddit, the videos he makes are entertaining to watch. My all time favorite is the Medic Force video. He does use some pretty erotic anime girl thumbnails to get your pee pee instead of your brain to click on it. So be prepared my young padawans.


Instalok specializes in making parody songs for League of Legends. The songs they make are catchy and really cracks you up sometimes. My favorite video is the April Fools one. I know there are also many other good parody music channels like Plentakill and TheYordles, but I think Instalok beat them both.

Skin Spotlights

Now skin spotlights is exactly what it is – it shows you the skins that you might want to buy so you can see whether you like it or not. I always come here to check out the skin preview to see if I really want to buy that skin.


Now Epicskillshot uploads professional League games with lightning speed. If you are a busy guy/gal and can’t always get to catch all the pro games, Epicskillshot is the channel to go to. He provides all NA/EU LCS games and also the Asian Leagues on his other channel. A very reliable channel to visit!

Crazy Boris Productions

Oh boy, I CANT KILLEAN THE ZILEAN!!! Boris has made some excellent clips of some LoL champions, especially Zilean and Braum. His killean the zilean video is really funny and I can watch it on repeat again and again. He also does other video game skits like Clash of Clans and Skyrim.


ProtatoMonster does Top 5/10 plays of all kinds of champion plays. Most of the time they do a Top 5 weekly play which you can tune it to watch. All the plays are submitted by players and ProtatoMonster chooses the best of the best. The commentary is also excellent.


While Dunkey doesn’t just produce only League videos, his humor and satire is extremely funny. I always tune in to his videos monthly to see a few of them in a row. He and his friends(+ Leahbee) makes the video feel like a bunch of friends just having fun playing League. His videos really helps me relax when I feel frustrated. The video above is my all time favorite so far.


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