Top 5 Annoying Minecraft Mobs To Deal With in 2024


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Learn about the top 5 annoying Minecraft mobs to deal with in 2024!

Top 5 Annoying Minecraft Mobs To Deal With in 2024

Even though Minecraft is so old, there is always something new to explore with each new update. Mobs are present to enhance the overall gameplay experience of the game, but some of them are quite annoying to deal with.

There are several types of mobs in the game. Some are passive and friendly, whereas others are hostile and dangerous toward players. When players enter and play Minecraft, they will find different kinds of mobs roaming around different biomes and dimensions. These are AI entities that have different behaviors and appearances.

Out of 20 or so mobs, a few can be quite annoying to deal with in the game. Some of these mobs are known for irritating millions of players for decades during the exploration. Many have even argued whether these mobs should stay in the game or be removed entirely.

With the Minecraft 1.19 update, five mobs are well-known for being annoying: Vex, Creeper, Endermite, Phantom, and the last is Silverfish. Though none of the new mobs are annoying, several older ones are. Thankfully, even in 2023, the list of annoying mobs has not increased.

1. Vex

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Vexes are pixie-like mobs that only an Evoker illager can spawn. The vex is one of only two flying hostile mobs that can spawn in the Overworld, the other being the phantom. They are immune to falling, drowning, fire, and lava damage.

They only take damage from swords, bows, arrows, and the player’s hand. Vexes are not hindered by solid blocks in any way, allowing them to fly through walls, floors, trees, or the ground itself. A Vex can fly into the Void if the Evoker spawns low enough.

When players are around an Evoker, the mob becomes hostile and summons vexes to attack players. These cute and annoying little mobs have iron swords and can fly through any block. They can gang up on players and deal serious damage that will end your life.

Killing these mobs is difficult as they can fly through walls and have small hitboxes. The worst part is that the Evoker can keep spawning vexes if players do not find and kill the main Illager mob. Even in Minecraft 1.19, vexes can be highly annoying to players.

2. Creeper

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The creeper is probably among Minecraft’s most iconic and annoying enemies due to its distinctive appearance and a high potential for killing unwary players and damaging players’ constructions. 

Any long-time Minecraft veteran should be familiar with the hissing sound the creeper makes right before blowing up and destroying hours of hard work within an instant.

The worst situation about this is that the creepers move around silently like a ninja without anyone noticing directly. A creeper hit by lighting becomes a charged creeper that deals double the damage on explosions and makes it more dangerous.

Creepers’ detonations can be stopped or delayed if the player knocks it back, get out of its line of sight, or kill it fast before it can blow up. The funny thing is that the most iconic mob in the game is also the most annoying mob in Minecraft. 

These creatures only aim to sneak up on players and explode. The explosion can easily kill players if they do not run in time and can even destroy loads of blocks around it.

3. Endermite

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Endermites are cute little bug-like mobs that emanate purple energy from having spawned from broken ender pearls. For the most part, ender mites do not have any defined purpose for players, as they do not drop any item or loot and are easily killed.

However, endermen detest ender mites and attack them at will, making these mobs a great way to capture and farm endermen if players plan to create endermen mob farms.

The uniqueness of these tiny crawling creatures comes from being the only insect mob native to the End dimension since most of the other mobs, in the End, take larger forms.

Perhaps in future Minecraft updates, the purpose of these ender mites will increase, but they are only as good as bait for endermen farms and are nothing more than a nuisance for all players.

The plot twist is that Endermite is one of the most annoying mobs to face in Minecraft. These cute little things rarely spawn where an ender pearl lands. Players do not approach the ender mite after a few seconds.

These creatures are useful for creating the Enderman farm as they attract the mysterious and unique mobs in Minecraft. But, if they detect a player approaching them, they become hostile and dangerous and start attacking. The most annoying part is that their hitboxes are extremely small, making it harder for the players to attack them.

4. Phantom

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Sleeping is an important and helpful aspect for the players during the game, but some of the players ignore it anyway as they like to keep grinding and progressing in the game’s progress.

The next thing is that phantoms will start spawning above them if they do not sleep for three in-game days. These hostile mobs can fly high above the player and swoop to attack them. They, too, have a relatively small hitbox, making them a hard target that annoys you more.

But the good thing is that they will drop the phantom membrane item, which is quite helpful in repairing the elytra.

5. Silverfish


Silverfish is also well known for being an annoying mob in the game. Though it does small damage, it also has an extremely small hitbox. This makes hitting the pesky creatures quite difficult. They are relatively small and have bug-like figures with silver skin and tiny black eyes.

Provoking a Silverfish can attract others in the same area. Since they can see through walls, they will find their way to the player and inflict damage. Avoiding conflict with them is better because they can generate a massive swarm enough to overwhelm any player.

These mobs either spawn from an infested block or a spawner present in the stronghold. They crawl at their targets to bite them, and attacking them will incite other nearby Silverfish to emerge from their blocks and attack the aggressor.

There is nothing more annoying than having several silverfish attacks at the same time. They hardly drop any XP points and do not even drop any item upon death, making them even more irritating.

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