Top 5 Cottage Builds In Minecraft 1.20


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Learn the top 5 cottage builds in Minecraft 1.20!

Top 5 Cottage Builds In Minecraft 1.20

Within the early game of Minecraft, building a suitable place to stay can be scary, especially with limited resources. Newbies will likely rush build to a wooden box as their first night approaches, but more experienced players can prepare something a little nicer to build on their first day.

While most tiny houses end up being torn down once the player can build something bigger, this design does just enough to be a long-term home for players potentially. It’s a bit bigger than most “tiny” designs, but players can still reasonably be expected to build this before the sun sets for the first time.

Putting in that little extra effort means that players will have significantly more space and can fit in all the essentials while still having room for more. It allows players to have relative comfort in a stylish home.

A design like this can continue to be used throughout the entire game. Even if the player eventually builds much more impressive structures, this will always be fit for the purpose as a base.

1. Small Mushroom Cottage

image 2023 02 16 045339546
Image Source: Pixelbot

They might encounter rare biomes when they venture out further or find good seeds. One of the rarest biomes, arguably, is the Mushroom Fields Biome. This biome is characterized by its mycelium and mushroom trees and many more. It is always generated on an island surrounded by deep oceans.

These islands always generate close to one another, resulting in multiple mushroom fields in a small area, making this a good place to build a mushroom cottage.

The small mushroom cottage is simple yet impressive, as its design fits any themed build in the game. This Mushroom cottage is built like an aesthetic cottage or house that will give off a fantasy-like ambiance. This design is a resource budget-friendly build and one of the easiest to create.

2. Small Fantasy Cottage

image 2023 02 16 045500333
Image Source: KoalaBuilds

Like in real life, Minecraft houses have different shapes, sizes, and designs that you can choose from. The players can build anything to their heart’s content, and commonly, one of the most popular things that players love to build is fancy houses and buildings.

This small fantasy cottage is one of the cutest designs from popular YouTuber “KoalaBuilds.” This cute cottage is a fantastic starter house for newbies because of its low resource cost. It only needs a few stacks of material due to its compact size.

It is very easy to build and has a simple design, and although it may seem small, rest assured, it has all the list and extremely functional equipment. It features players could ever need inside, such as storage space, bed space, furnaces, etc. Players will need wood, quartz, stone blocks, and prismarine to build this small fantasy cottage.

3. Taiga Starter Cottage

image 2023 02 16 045622187
Image Source: Dio Rods

This is the ideal compact starter house for any beginner builder or Minecraft player. This is a wonderful starting base in woodland or taiga biomes because it features a classic house layout and a block palette that’s simple to obtain in survival mode.

This build is a set in the Taiga biome, known for its tall and awesome spruce trees and the podzol dirt variant. Most of this build uses planks, spruce logs are a significant part of the upper floor’s foundation, and cobblestone can be used as walls for the bottom floor.

The interior is filled with chests, an anvil, a bed, and other important and useful things. You can use lanterns for lighting, and its aesthetic vibes and glass is used for the window. The incredible Minecraft YouTuber Dio Rods made this fantastic build; they did a great job showing off the cottage.

4. Tiny Cottage

image 2023 02 16 045714150
Image Source: Kelpie The Fox

This tiny, overgrown cottage is another option if you want to live in a cozy building. It is surrounded by many plants, leaves, and colorful flowers and has walls made of cobblestone.

Moreover, spruce planks are also used to add texture to the roof and other house sections. This cottage design is quite very easy to do. The entire building layout occupies a small area, resulting in a quaint cottage with everything a house requires.

The items used to craft it are as follows: upside-down oak stairs, stone bricks, stripped oak logs, oak slabs, cobblestone walls, oak fences, etc. A small cottage, it also has different types of greenery, from creeping bushes to brightly colored flowers.

This building has a small yard with a beautiful garden and an awesome pathway leading to the entrance. All of these add up to give the place a unique appeal. This is an impressive build for many players looking for a cottage that can fit anywhere. YouTuber Kelpie The Fox made an amazing tutorial.

5. Small Moss Cottage

image 2023 02 16 045834096
Image Source: Alessa_De

The design of this cottage makes it a top pick for lovers of nature. The cottage is well-designed with green leaves and mosses, all done up in a very appealing way.

But that is not all; you would need fences, stairs, moss blocks, and many flowering and greenery materials to make the house stand out as an impressive moss cottage.

The interior is also comfortable, and there are chimneys and lamp posts around each corner, giving the building a magical presence. The cottage has a beautiful entrance with tiny windows on each side, which makes it feel very cozy.

It also has a lot of grass blocks making up the roof, which is why the building is called the Moss Cottage. This awesome build perfectly blends with its surroundings due to its size and look.

It looks like a fairytale place to stay with a majestical looks. The Minecraft builder and YouTuber Alessa_De made this magnificent cottage.

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