Top 5 Tricks For Minecraft Newbies in 2024


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Learn the top 5 tricks for Minecraft newbies in 2024!

Top 5 Tricks For Minecraft Newbies in 2024

For players who are new to the game, learning Minecraft can be a bit tricky. Especially when a player is delving into this sandbox game completely knowledge-free, it is hard to learn all the ins and outs of the game itself.

Fortunately for newbies, there are certain tricks to make the learning process quicker and make surviving in Minecraft a little easier.

5 Best Tips and Tricks for Newbies in Minecraft

1. Work quickly and efficiently on your first day


When you first arrive, it is a race against time to get more important resources before night falls and the hostile mobs come and can hunt you.

Minecraft beginners are highly recommended to harvest and find as much wood as possible.

This will require them to have enough wood to last the night. Efficient players can even build a small house if they choose to do so.

The first thing you need to do is find and gather wood. It is a very important resource; you can get them easily and in almost every biome.

Start breaking down all the trees you can by punching them with your fists. Sometimes, the trees are too tall to break all the blocks from the ground.

Minecraft players must act fast to be fully prepared for the first day of their adventure, especially when the mobs spawn at night.

Once you spawn, players should go straight to the nearest source of wood. Wood is the most important resource to all players during the game’s earliest and for newbies.

Players must use wood to make planks and combine them with three wool blocks to make a bed. Once this is done, players must find a place to put down that bed and skip the night.

This has to be done with the utmost urgency as the low light levels of nighttime allow hostile mobs like creepers, skeletons, and zombies to spawn, all of which can cause significant damage to a new player.

The first day will likely be the most hectic and important, as players are scrounging for as many supplies as possible.

If all else fails, a player can dig a small hole in the ground and bury themselves inside, always checking when the sun has risen and caring for most hostile mobs.

2. Keep an eye out for any source of food

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When the players finally make it through the night or two in Minecraft, they will start hunting for food sources. Hunger may urge a player to hunt down an animal or start a crop farm, and doing so takes time, especially depending on the biome that a player spawns in.

Once a player spawns inside the Minecraft world, their hunger bar starts depleting by doing actions such as sprinting and chopping wood, gradually increasing the need for food. If the hunger bar runs out, players will start losing health slowly.

With a well-lit shelter in place, it’s time to find food. This can be obtained by killing certain animal mobs and breaking tufts of grass to collect the seeds for a farm.

With a shelter, the ability to create tools, and a food source to keep you healthy, the real Minecraft adventure can begin as food can be easily obtained through meats, crops, and many more.

Killing mobs like cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep drops their raw meat, which can be cooked using a furnace, a campfire, or a smoker to make it an efficient source of health and hunger points.

Alternatively, crops like wheat and potatoes can be grown to yield their food items. Food is necessary for survival in Minecraft, and players will likely need a lot of it throughout their game.

Luckily, there are several ways to get food in Minecraft. Players can hunt, for instance. This is excellent and more exciting for players just starting the game, giving them various options.

3. Be careful with naturally generated structures

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Naturally generated structures can be found in the Nether and the Overworld. They are the most difficult to find but have the highest quality valuable loot and items.

You must be careful when near one, as you should always have a weapon with you because these will always have hostile mobs nearby.

These structures are mostly randomly located and are valuable and impressive sources of loot and items that also have critical roles in the game progression.

Be advised that danger is ahead for Minecraft players who want to obtain the valuable treasures found within these dangerous structures. Generated structures have good and impressive loots but can also be dangerous to explore.

There are also player-friendly structures such as villages, but otherwise, Minecraft beginners should prefer to wait to explore structures until they’re well-equipped to deal with the danger. And some structures, such as Desert Pyramids and Woodland Mansions, can be made into good homes if you can eliminate all their dangers.

4. Always keep important items in chests

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Ender chests and other items are fascinating and impressive blocks in the game. They work very differently compared to other regular chests. Keeping blocks in Minecraft chests, ender chests, barrels, shulker boxes, and many more is a good way to keep things organized and efficient.

Some of the ender chests in the game are connected. Items stored in these chests are safe from other players. When players store an item in one of them, they can acquire it from other chests and loots. Therefore, ender chests and many more loots are the best for storing valuables like diamonds on survival Minecraft servers.

Players should store backup tools in the ender chest to avoid traveling back to their base for tools or blocks. A Silk Touch pickaxe is important and something players will want to always have in their ender chest.

This will be useful for players building a structure or mining far away from their base. They will not have to obtain blocks or craft items and can focus on their project. This way, the player will not have to go back and forth to use the chest or constantly break and place it around the base. 

5. Take Your Time

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Many people don’t like to build Minecraft because they are not patient. It can help you by building smaller but adding a lot of detail. This will help with getting ideas.

Some new players in Minecraft will bring the excitement to make awesome builds and do their favorite Minecraft content for the players; it is the best way to take things slowly during the game.

A huge part of what makes Minecraft such an amazingly addictive game is how seemingly limitless it is in terms of building.

Minecraft doesn’t have to be a race to complete Survival Mode. This game requires patience and time spent while playing. Simply by playing and sharing more information with the community and players, you can learn a lot and enjoy things while playing the game.

Hopefully, these tricks for newbies will help you on your journey in Minecraft!

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