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We all know that farms are one of the most important contraptions players should create, especially in the latest Minecraft update 1.19. These farms are player-built areas wherein they can either kill mobs or farm non-mob entities to obtain huge resources and drops without having to work too hard for them. From food items to rare and valuable mob drops, players can get all kinds of items in the game just by farming.

Top 5 Mob Farms in Minecraft 1.19

However, even when we are now at the latest Minecraft update, players must still make certain mob farms that are highly useful in the game to ensure they get the best drops out of the mob. Mobs—whether hostile, passive, or neutral—can drop items when they are killed, which are highly useful, and while players typically fight these mobs and obtain their mob loot, they can still exploit each mob’s weaknesses and build a farm around it. And since some mob farms can be extremely important for Minecraft players, in the long run, we’ve made a list of the top 5 mobs you can farm for in Minecraft 1.19.

Top 5 mobs for players to create farms in Minecraft 1.19

1. Iron Golem Farm

Iron ingots are one of the most valuable resources that players should have an abundance of to progress greatly, especially in crafting. And hence, this is why most veteran players in Minecraft create a farm for iron ingots. Usually, players call this a regular ‘iron farm.’ However, it does require iron golems to function, which only players can manually create by themselves or when villagers wish for them when they are in grave danger.

The iron golem farm is one of the simplest yet most useful farms to build in Minecraft 1.19, either for newbies or experienced players. This is because iron is arguably the most used resource in the game, and most players constantly go into deeper depths of caves and caverns to find any iron ore they can mine. Therefore, making this iron golem farm can greatly help all players and save more time and effort.

The villagers can be strategically placed near a zombie to force them to wish for more iron golems to spawn. Then once the iron golems start spawning, they will fall into a pit where the water will carry them into another pit filled with lava which will ultimately kill them and drop their loot when they die. These iron golems will drop a few iron ingots, which you can collect through hoppers connected to multiple chests.

2. Zombified Piglin Farm

Although usually passive, zombified piglins are a terror when they turn hostile towards a player. In Minecraft 1.19, zombified piglins are arguably the most dangerous mob you will encounter in the Nether realm, but only if you accidentally attack one of them. That is because once a player attacks a zombified piglin, all the nearby zombified piglins will come to defend their ally and attack the player all at once. However, if a player can kill one of them, it drops either gold nuggets or gold ingots. And since gold is slightly tedious to obtain through mining alone, players will create a zombified piglin farm in the Nether to get loads of gold resources in the game. Gold can be used to craft various important and valuable items, some of which include golden carrots and golden apples, which are some of the best food items in Minecraft.

3. Hoglin Farm

Hoglins are the hostile mob counterpart to pigs that dwell in the Nether realm of Minecraft 1.19. These aggressive pig-like mobs will attack players on sight and will not back down until it dies. However, once they die, these hostile mobs will drop raw pork just like pigs would when they are killed, and players can use this as their main food source inside the Nether dimension. This will become a very valuable asset once you’ve ventured into the Nether and realize there will be no other way to obtain edible food sources in that dimension other than to kill hoglins in the wild. If players can find a vast location filled with these hostile mobs and have a few warped fungi on hand, they can immediately start a great hoglin farm wherein these hostile mobs will run away from the warped fungus and fall into a lava pit below. This mechanic will help kill the hoglins and automatically cook the raw pork that they drop, making it easier to collect and consume.

4. Creeper Farm

Creepers are well-known hostile mobs that are the epitome of the phrase: silent but deadly. If players have progressed quite a lot in the game and have already reached mid to late, they can try making a creeper farm which can give them a ton of gunpowder resources. If the silent and deadly hostile mob explodes near players, they often drop nothing. However, if the creeper is killed before it explodes, it will drop gunpowder upon its death. This item can be used to make various other items, including fireworks. And especially for late-game players, gunpowder is essential to craft fireworks. Those players who have already obtained the elytra can use these fireworks to fly around the world properly and keep themselves afloat. Hence, a creeper farm is essential for veteran and experienced players in the game.

5. Endermen Farm

Almost all of the experienced and veteran players of Minecraft have an enderman farm not only for experience points but also for their drops in Minecraft 1.19. This strange and mysterious neutral mob mainly spawns in the End dimension but can also be found frequently in the Overworld and the Nether. When killed, endermen drop many experience points and an ender pearl or two upon death. Hence, players can create an endermen farm to trap and kill them to obtain exclusive drops and EXP. Players can use any endermite on hand to trigger these neutral mobs and make them fall into a pit that they won’t be able to move or teleport away from. Then players can easily kill them once they are inside the pit and collect all the EXP and drops they leave behind.

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