The 5 Best Passive Mobs in Minecraft



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Across various biomes and through dimensions, mobs roam this vast world of Minecraft. Together, we will discover the five best passive mobs in the game.

The 5 Best Passive Mobs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, mobile entities—or mobs for short—are AI-driven entities that closely resemble living creatures. They are categorized based on their nature or “aggressiveness” from the player’s perspective. Each mob has its own unique trait as well as drops. These things are then ranked based on how useful they can be to the player.

There are three basic categories for all mobs: passive, neutral, and hostile. Hostile mobs are naturally drawn to attack the player on sight while neutral mobs remain passive unless provoked or attacked. Passive mobs, however, stay unaggressive towards the player even when they are in danger or under attack. These passive mobs play an important role in a player’s game progression as these tend to be their main source of food and resources especially during the earlier part of the game. Based on overall usefulness, here are the top 5 picks for best passive mobs in Minecraft!

5. Sheep

Sheep are one of the most common passive mobs that you can find in many of the grassy biomes in Minecraft. They drop wool when killed or sheared. You can also change their wool color by placing a different-colored dye on them. They also drop mutton when killed which makes them great food sources for players. When sheared, their wool regrows immediately after they eat from a grass block giving players an unlimited supply of wool.

4. Axolotl

The axolotl is one of the few mobs to be added in Minecraft’s 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. They are small aquatic mobs that can walk on land for a few minutes and can be tamed by the player. They are known to be hostile to all aquatic mobs except dolphins, turtles, and fellow axolotls. They also make great companions to players underwater as they buff the player with Regeneration I for a few seconds when the player kills a mob that the axolotl is in combat with.

3. Snow Golem

The snow golem is a passive utility mob that can only be created by the player. They only attack hostile mobs and never intentionally attack the player. Although they don’t deal any damage, their snowballs can knockback and provoke enemies allowing the player to target hostile mobs without provoking them.

2. Mule

Mules are the infertile offspring of horses and donkeys. Although horses may seem superior, mules are almost as good as horses. They may not be able to equip any armor but they can be tamed, ridden, and equipped with a chest to allow the player to carry more items. Their running speed and jumping height are almost as good as horses too which makes them the perfect companion for adventurers.

1. Villager

Villagers are the best passive mobs in Minecraft thus far. They breed, trade, and interact with each other as well as the player. Their appearance will also change based on the biome they’re currently living in. They have a daily schedule set in which they follow by working their job shift during the day and return home to sleep in a bed at night. Depending on their chosen profession, villagers can trade with players for different items using emeralds as currency.

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