Top 5 Tips For Beginners in Minecraft


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A lot of new players in Minecraft jump straight into the game every day, and they are just as eager as the old players to explore the vast world Minecraft has to offer. For beginners, the massive sandbox game that they delve into can be quite confusing and daunting as there is no clear-cut guide as to what you should do first on your first day in Minecraft. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tips you can use as a beginner in Minecraft to help you make your way through the first few days in the game.

Top 5 Tips For Beginners in Minecraft

Top 5 Tips in Minecraft for Beginners

1. Never attempt to dig straight down

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Here’s the thing when you dig straight down you are VERY likely to just end up dead by falling straight into a ravine or just end up swimming in lava. You could fall into lava and burn to death, you could fall into a big cave and fall to your death, or fall into a cave and have a hard time getting out and probably die before you get out.

Considering that one of the main goals of the game is to find precious diamonds by mining deep underground, newcomers may dig straight down to save time and reach the required Y level as quickly as possible. However, they must avoid doing so as they could fall right into a lava lake or take fatal fall damage by dropping into a large cave.  Almost everyone who has played the game for some time or is a veteran of Mojang’s sandbox game will offer this advice. This is arguably the most common piece of wisdom that a new Minecraft player will receive. 

2. Locate the nearest village

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Villages are unique, generated structures in Minecraft populated by villagers. There are farms to gain foods from and chests with loot. Not to mention that there are also tons of houses to stay in and villagers to trade with. Whether you plan to stay, visit, or pillage, here is how you can find a Minecraft village! To use this command, all you have to do is open the chat window and type “/locate Village” without quotation marks. The command will give you the coordinates to the nearest Village. Now all you need to do is to head over there and start trading.

Even professional speedrunners, who complete the game in minutes, try to find a village almost immediately after spawning. Players will be able to obtain several useful resources from villagers and can even trade with villagers to get precious emeralds in return. Villages are peaceful neutral settlements where villagers, Iron Golems, and cats spawn and live in-game. For most newbies, this is the very first structure that they should try to locate.

3. Carry and use a shield

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You can hold a shield in either hand. To use it, right-click. When using a shield, damage from melee (or hand-to-hand) attacks will be reduced by 66% you will take no damage from projectiles such as arrows you will be protected from some other attacks suck as flame or punch effects on arrows your movement will be slowed as if you were sneaking.

Once you have your Shield you can equip it like you would any other Item, by placing it into your Toolbar. Though, the best way to use a Shield is to equip it off-hand so that you can still use your other Tools and Weapons freely. This allows you to have the Shield always at the ready if you need it while still continuing to play normally. To use the Shield when being attacked depends on the version you play. Crafting a shield can literally save a new player’s life in dangerous situations.

As they progress further into the game, shields will lose their relevance as certain stronger hostile mobs are even able to disable a player’s shield. Furthermore, shields can be improved with enchantments to become even more durable. New Minecraft players should always craft the necessary tools, weapons, and armor before going on an adventure. On that note, shields are extremely important to craft, especially in the early game, since they can easily block enemy attacks.

4. Do not explore ravines

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Ravine is a type of underground or aboveground-generated structure in Minecraft. They are sometimes called a scar since they rip across the land in almost every biome and can pose a serious threat to players and mobs. They are often intense and narrow and dangerous, as an unsuspecting player may plummet into them and fall to their death. However, Ravines are also a wonderful source of ores, particularly rarer ores like Gold and Lapis.

Although ravines might be enticing to explore, newcomers must avoid them as much as possible. One of the primary reasons to avoid ravines is that hostile mobs can easily detect players that fall into them. Since ravines are usually connected to caves, nearby hostile mobs in those caves will detect the player and attack them. Ravines can be quite risky locations to explore in Minecraft. These are massive deep cuts on the surface of the Overworld, generally leading into caves underground. A ravine is a type of naturally-generated, eroded landform. Ravines are very similar to open-surface caves and they can be found in all biomes except tundra and mushroom biomes. 

5. Always carry gold armor in the Nether

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Gold stuff is more useful in nether right now. Gold tools, swords, and armor is almost useless because of their low durability and because higher tiers can do more. I suggest making gold more useful it can be better in the nether, which explains why zombie pigmen use it. Gold picks will lose no durability when mining netherack, or very little durability (2% chance) as if it had a high unbreaking enchant on netherack. This would make it useful for tunneling in the nether, as well as for building when netherack is used as a temporary block. Gold swords will do more damage against nether mobs: pigmen, ghasts, blazes, wither skellies, and magma cubes, and POSSIBLY the wither boss too. Gold armor offers more protection from ghast fireballs and blaze fireballs and POSSIBLY makes the wither effect last for less time to. The only way to make them neutral is by wearing a gold armor part since these mobs respect the mineral for some strange reason. Therefore, along with the necessary healing items and weapons, any new Minecraft player who’s eager to explore the Nether realm must always wear a gold armor part. When Minecraft players enter the Nether realm for the first time, they may be confused about the realm’s mobs as some of them are neutral, while others are hostile. Piglins are one of the more hostile mobs that can be quite dangerous for new players.

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