Top 5 Useful Facts in Minecraft 1.19


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Ever since the recent Minecraft 1.19 update was released a few weeks back, tons of players worldwide eagerly downloaded and jumped into the game to explore and discover all the new features that were added to Minecraft. Even though it has been nearly a month since the game was updated, there are still a lot of new things about the game that players might not know of, especially for those players who aren’t too keen on reading the complete patch notes that come with the update.

Top 5 Useful Facts in Minecraft 1.19

The Minecraft 1.19 update—also known as the Wild Update—offers four new and exciting mobs to discover: the warden, the frogs, the tadpoles, and the allay. Along with these new mobs, two new additional biomes have also been introduced which are the deep dark biome and the mangrove swamp biome. The warden, which is the strongest hostile mob in the game, dwells in the deep dark biome. On the other hand, frogs that roam the land live in the mangrove swamp as well as other regular swamp biomes in the game. Allays can be found trapped inside illager structures, and they need to be rescued by players for them to help the players in return. This new 1.19 update also added new commands, enchantments, status effects, blocks, and so much more.

Top 5 Facts That Are Useful in Minecraft 1.19 Update

1. Frogs eat magma cubes to make froglights

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Froglights are newly added rare blocks that emit light, but most players might have difficulty finding this new block since it does not naturally generate in the Overworld, unlike most blocks. The only way for you to obtain a froglight is to make a frog eat a small magma cube. The frogs are newly added mobs that eat small variations of slimes and magma cube mobs. Therefore, once a frog consumes a slime or magma cube, it will immediately drop a froglight, which you can then place anywhere and use as a beautiful light source to decorate your base. You should also take note that different colored frogs will drop different colored foglights if you are planning your light decorations.

2. Use water bottles on dirt blocks

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Mud is a newly added block in Minecraft that was introduced along with the 1.19 update and will only generate in the new biome, the mangrove swamp. However, this does not mean that all players can only acquire the mud block from this biome. There are other ways to obtain mud as it has been integrated into the game and has connections to different materials. Therefore, if the player takes a water bottle—created by filling an empty bottle with water—and uses it on a regular dirt block, they can convert it into a mud block. Additionally, the great thing about this process is that you can do this unlimitedly as the water bottle will only return to being an empty bottle after each use. Players can refill the same bottle repeatedly until they have enough mud blocks to work with.

3. Artificial sculk shriekers do not summon the warden

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The sculk shrieker block is one of the scariest and most dangerous blocks that players will encounter in the new 1.19 update. The sculk shrieker block is a strange and mysterious-looking block that can summon the deadly warden if they are triggered by a sculk sensor that picks up sounds and vibrations in the area. When the player ventures into the deep dark biome, they must be extremely cautious if they do not want to trigger this block in summoning the warden. However, if the sculk shrieker block is broken with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe and is placed in another location away from the deep dark biome, the same sculk shrieker block will not be able to summon the warden. Similarly, if the sculk shrieker block generates from the catalyst spread, it will also not be able to summon the warden. This is due to the game’s ‘can_summon’ tag of the newly placed block being only set to “false” if it is an artificially generated sculk shrieker block.

4. Green frogs cannot naturally spawn

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Many players in Minecraft will try to locate all three types of the new frog mob to keep these small and cute passive mobs in their pet collection. But the biggest catch is that one of the three types of frogs—specifically the green frog—does not spawn naturally in the Overworld. If players want to obtain a green frog of their own, then they must trigger the spawning of tadpoles from breeding two of either white or orange frogs, take the newly spawned tadpole in an empty bucket, move to a cold biome, and have the same tadpole grow into an adult frog from there. So once the tadpole grows in a cold biome such as any of the snowy biomes in the Overworld, the frog’s color will turn green.

5. Walking on carpet or wool does not create sound or vibrations

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For the newly added biome, the deep dark, the main aim of all players should be to stay as silent as possible so that they will not trigger the sculk shriekers in the surrounding area that can summon the warden in the game. The developers of Minecraft, Mojang, have created a way for players to make this a lot less hard to do by creating a loophole in the system as they removed the sound vibrations from all carpets and wool blocks. So if a player places a wool block or carpet on the ground and walks over them, then the sculk shriekers, and sculk sensors will not be able to hear or sense anything. The same method works with the warden as well since the warden is completely blind and only relies on its sense of hearing to locate the position of the player in the area. So players must always bring and use stacks of wool or carpet blocks if they plan on venturing into the deep dark biome for them to create a safe and soundless path that they can jump and run to, especially in dire situations when faced with the warden.

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