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So you have finally decided to hang up those VALORANT gloves for good? We will walk you through how to uninstall VALORANT in this guide.

How To Uninstall VALORANT

To uninstall VALORANT, you must disable and uninstall Riot Vanguard and then uninstall VALORANT from your computer. However, that is easier said than done.

The problem lies with Riot Vanguard. Riot Vanguard will do its best to prevent cheating attempts in whatever game it governs as an anti-cheat system. In this case, Riot Vanguard will sometimes prevent VALORANT’s uninstallation when the anti-cheat software is not uninstalled first.

With this in mind, we will walk you through all of the steps required to uninstall VALORANT and the Riot Vanguard anti-cheat software so you can altogether remove VALORANT from your PC.

Uninstall Riot Vanguard

There are two ways to uninstall Riot Vanguard from your computer: the system tray or Command Prompt. The former should be doable 90% of the time. However, if Riot Vanguard persists, we can try the Command Prompt method instead.

System Tray Method

STEP 1 – Right-click on the Riot Vanguard icon in your Taskbar:

image 51

STEP 2 – Click on “More…” then select “Uninstall Vanguard”:

image 52

STEP 3 – This window should pop up. Just click on “Yes”:

image 53

Command Prompt Method

STEP 1 – Access the Command Prompt by typing “CMD” on the search bar

cmd how to uninstall valorant

STEP 2 – Right-click on the Command Prompt icon, then select “Run as administrator”:

admin how to uninstall valorant

STEP 3 – In the Command Prompt window, type in the following one after the other:

  • sc delete vgc;
  • sc delete vgk;

IMPORTANT: Restart your PC after deleting the two services above.

image 55
image 56

STEP 4 – Navigate to your Riot Vanguard root folder:

image 57

STEP 5 – Delete the Riot Vanguard folder:

vanguard delete how to uninstall valorant

How to Uninstall VALORANT

With Riot Vanguard now wholly uninstalled from your PC, all that is left is to uninstall VALORANT from your computer.

If you have issues with VALORANT and are thinking about reinstalling the game, follow the steps below to uninstall VALORANT from your computer.

STEP 1 – Right-click on the Windows Start button:

start how to uninstall valorant

STEP 2 – Click on “Apps and Features”:

apps and features how to uninstall valorant

STEP 3 – Scroll down until you find “VALORANT”:

image 59

STEP 4 – Click on “Uninstall”:

uninstall how to uninstall valorant

Until Next Time

VALORANT is one of the more well-put-together tactical shooting games that has come out in the past few years. Its fun and unique ability-based gameplay and dynamic maps separate it from the other tactical shooting games out on the market.

If you are having trouble with Riot Vanguard and would like to reinstall VALORANT on your PC, the guide above should remove both Vanguard and VALORANT so you can reinstall the entire game from scratch.

That is about it! We hope that you will be able to uninstall VALORANT and Riot Vanguard with the help of this guide.

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