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There are rarely any glitches in games these days. Once there is an obvious glitch, you have a small chance to use it to your advantage before it gets patched.

Unlimited Money Glitch – Watch Dogs Legions

With that said, it’s not a common thing to find a glitch that works. So, you can imagine our surprise when we found out about the unlimited money glitch in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion – Unlimited Money Glitch

You must act fast and use this glitch before it gets, as it will surely do. This can only be done on the Campaign mode in this game.

Interestingly, it is fairly easy to do and it works on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. To do this glitch you must follow the steps exactly as they are written. After that, it will allow you to open a safe as many times as you want giving you about 1000 coins each time.

How to Do the Unlimited Money Glitch:

  1. Go to any street in City of Westminster.
  2. Use an operative that you don’t need, and die in-game.
  3. Click Swap Operative and quit the game abruptly. To do this on PC press ALT + F4 or if you are on a console, restart it. Don’t quit the game through the menu because that won’t work!
  4. Start the game again. It will spawn you in a pub, if it doesn’t, repeat the process until it does so.
  5. Find a safe inside the pub and open it as many times as you want!

Make sure to quit the game abruptly! For some reason when you do this the glitch work, otherwise if you quit normally it doesn’t.

Don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t work on your first try. Repeat the process if it doesn’t work. And make sure to make use of this before it gets patched.

Chances are slim that the coins will be retracted because this is a story mode. However, do this at your own accord!

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