How to Unlock the Abandoned Ruins in My Time at Sandrock


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My Time at Sandrock is still in Early Access, but it already boasts plenty of engaging activities that will keep you hooked, such as crafting objects and getting to know the residents that live in the town.

How to Unlock the Abandoned Ruins in My Time at Sandrock

Gathering resources is also an integral part of a builder’s daily life. In this game, you can obtain materials in many different ways.

Some activities require more time and effort before they yield fruitful results. For instance, mining in Abandoned Ruins takes up a lot of energy, but the payoff is always worth it.

AR Eufaula

The Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins is where you can get much mining done. The ruins can be located south of your workshop, but you must complete a commission before accessing it.

Finishing the Commission 

The quest for unlocking the Abandoned Ruins will begin once you enter the Commerce Guild while finishing the “First Day on the Job” mission.

AR ComGuild

You will watch a scene wherein Yan is arguing with a hulking man about an unsettled commission. His name is Rocky, and he will demand two Crane Lifts to help him and his miner crew get to the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins faster.

This commission has been pending for months, and now that you have become an official builder, you can fulfill Rocky’s request. Together with Mi-an, you must build Crane Lifts to access the ruins.

The materials needed to create a Crane Lift are 5 Wooden Sticks, 8 Bricks, 6 Thick Ropes, 5 Copper Sticks, and 4 Bearing.

AR ThickRope

Let’s start with the most accessible material to produce in this bunch of items: the Thick Rope. Chop down plants found anywhere around the desert to get Plant Fiber. Turn your Plant Fibers into Thick Ropes at your Worktable. 

AR Furnace

Next, smash a bunch of stones and make them into Bricks. They are processed in the Furnace, a machine that smelts ores and refines materials. You can construct a Furnace at the Assembly Station. Put four pieces of stones in the Furnace to get one Brick. You’ll need to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes for each Brick to materialize.

AR TreeWood

While waiting for your Bricks to process, you can gather wood to make wooden sticks. Craft one stick in your Worktable if you have three pieces of wood. Another easy way to obtain Wooden Stick is to collect Wooden Scraps and put them inside the Recycler. There’s a 50% chance you may get Wooden Stick from recycling Wooden Scrap.

AR Junkpile

You must go to the Eufaula Salvage Shop for the next two items to buy Mechanical and Copper Scraps. They cost around 24 to 32 Gols, but if you’re low on funds, you can gather scrap materials in the Eufaula Salvage junkyard and reprocess them in your Recycler machine.

AR MechanicalScrap

For each Mechanical Scrap you recycle, there’s a 60% chance you may get Bearing. You can also get Copper Sticks from processing Copper Scraps in the Recycler.

Water QiResearchCenter

As mentioned above, this game has more ways to acquire materials. Aside from recycling scrap materials, you can also get Copper Sticks by refining Copper Bars in the Processor. But first, get the Diagram for the Processor from the Research Center. The local scientist and researcher, Qi, will give you the Diagram the following day after providing him with 3 Data Discs.

Assembling the Crane

AR Assembling

After gathering all the required materials, you can construct the Crane Lift at the Assembly Station. 

Unlike in the first game, My Time at Portia, you don’t need to place all the resources in your quick bar and click them individually to build an object. You only need to walk to the Station, pull up the diagram, and make the Crane Lift.

AR Installing

Head to the Eufaula Salvage with the Crane Lift in your inventory. Go to the yard behind the shop and install the crane.

The Abandoned Ruins is now accessible to all, but you must pay 200 Gols to enter the Eufaula Salvage scrapyard gates.

Tips on Ruin Diving

AR Mining

There are two types of ruins you can encounter in the game. The Non-Hazardous Ruins or Abandoned Ruins, where there are no monsters (save for treasure-loving Scrooge McMoles!) and resources are infinite, but your stamina can quickly drain after mining for a few hours. And the other one is the Hazardous Ruins, where you have unlimited stamina, but you’ll find hostile monsters inside that can deplete your health fast if you’re not careful.

AR FloorLevels

The Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins are the first Non-Hazardous Ruins you can openly explore. It has eleven levels where you can unearth various relics, ores, data discs, etc.

Before heading inside the Abandoned Ruins, there are things you must remember to ensure you can make the most of your time mining for treasures.

Go Ruin Diving Early. Knowing the perfect time to search for resources around the desert is the key to becoming an efficient builder. In this case, you can dedicate the whole day to exploring the ruins should you have free time.

Head to the Eufaula Salvage as early as 8:00 AM to have a better chance of obtaining plenty of materials that you can collect for future uses.

Enter the Ruins with Full Stamina. If you can’t be at the ruins early, ensure you have enough energy to last through the day.

Later in the game, you can cook energy-restoring food in your Chef’s Cooking Station. But for now, you can recover your stamina by eating in the Blue Moon Saloon.

Bring Food and Drinks. Remember to check the description of the food you bring on your expedition. Some food items can only fill up your health but leave your stamina unrestored.

Pack only the things you need. Leave behind all the items unrelated to ruin diving apart from the pick hammer and some rations. The more space in the inventory you have, the more resources you can collect.

Use the Treasure Detector. The Treasure Detector scans the surroundings and reveals what’s hidden underneath the ground. Use the Treasure Detector if you need to find old-world relics that are essential in completing certain quests. This machine can also help you find exits deeper into the ruins. 

Catch the Mole. The only monsters you’ll find in the Abandoned Ruins are Scrooge McMoles, and they love shiny treasures as much as any miner or builder would. Scrooge McMoles carry valuable items in their sack bags. If you’re able to defeat them, you can acquire their stash.

These mole-like creatures will randomly appear while you mine for ores. They will not attack you, but they are quick on their feet and, thus, hard to catch.

The Abandoned Ruins are not entirely safe. There are harmful objects from the past that can cause hindrance in your exploration. Watch out for Explosive Barrels and Electrified Fences.

Explosive Red Barrels are spotted half buried under the ground. They will explode seconds after you come near them and destroy every ore, dirt, and sand around them. You can save time and energy by setting off every barrel you encounter. But stand a couple of meters away after touching the barrels to avoid being caught in an explosion.

Stay away from Electric Fences and Floors, commonly found in the Gecko Station Ruins. You can unlock the Gecko Station Ruins after completing the “In Trusses we Trust” mission.

Follow the Signs. As you progress in the game, you will likely need to gather high-value materials and relics. More resources can be found on deeper levels of the ruins. But you’ll have to find the exit to go down one level.

The floors may be overwhelmingly massive and easy to get lost in, but you can find arrow signs pointing you to the exit. Most of them are hidden in a mountain of rubble you can easily mine using your pick hammer.

And that is how you can unlock the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins in My Time at Sandrock. For beginners looking for the most effective methods to get Wood in this game, check out our How to Get Wood in My Time at Sandrock guide.

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