How to Unlock and find the Dodo Seaplane in GTA 5



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The nostalgic seaplane from Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas returns in GTA 5. Here is how to unlock it and where to find it in Los Santos.

How to Unlock and find the Dodo Seaplane in GTA 5

One of the most exciting things about GTA 5 is its vehicles. And while weaving through traffic around the fastest cars and bikes in-game is undoubtedly fun, the joy of learning how to fly planes in GTA 5 has its charm.

Players can get in and pilot various types of aircraft in GTA 5. There is the commercial aircraft found in the Los Santos Airport, and then there’s the Buzzard Attack Chopper, Titan Mega-Chopper, and the P-996 LAZER Jet Fighter found in Fort Zancudo.

Nevertheless, we bet that fans of previous Grand Theft Auto titles will be excited to know that a classic aircraft has made its way to GTA 5. This guide will show you how you can unlock the Dodo Seaplane in GTA 5 and where they spawn in Los Santos.

How to Unlock the Dodo Seaplane in GTA 5

Before players can visit the various spawn points for the Dodo Seaplane, they first have to complete a Random Event named “Nervous Ron” using Trevor.

The Random Event can be triggered by approaching the area while onboard a boat or jet ski, which can be found on a nearby beach.

The Nervous Ron Random event can be found just East of Ron Alternatives Wind Farm, and players only have to take out the gunmen in the area and board the Dodo Seaplane to complete the mission.

After completing the Random Event, the Dodo Seaplane will spawn at random locations around Los Santos, and the player can visit these locations and board the Dodo Seaplane.

Alternatively, players can purchase the Dodo from the Elitas Travel website for $500,000 after completing the Nervous Ron Random Event.

Dodo Seaplane Spawn Locations in GTA 5

The Dodo Seaplane will spawn in just two locations in Los Santos – a dock at Alamo Sea and another at a dock on a lake at Vinewood Hill.

Dodo Seaplane

The Dodo Seaplane is far from being the best or fastest aircraft in GTA 5. Oh, and the ability to land on water is a handy feature, too! However, no other aircraft in-game comes close to the nostalgia factor that the Dodo Seaplane brings to long-time Grand Theft Auto fans.

So, there we have it! We hope you can find and pilot the Dodo Seaplane in GTA 5 through this guide.

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