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Completionists often stop and think about their next move when finishing all the quests and achievements in their game. If you’re one of those Stardew Valley completionists, and you’ve been wondering how to fill in that one Dinosaur Egg-shaped silhouette in your Collections tab, then this guide is for you.

How To Increase your Luck to Help Getting Dino Eggs in Stardew Valley

Finding the exact locations of these eggs is crucial, but getting yourself equipped with the necessary tools to improve your luck is the first step in successfully procuring rare items.

Get lucky! 

Luck affects almost everything you do in the game, from mining to getting busted for cheating on your bachelors and bachelorettes.

The most obvious way to check your luck meter is through watching TV. If the newscaster is always right about the daily weather, so is the fortune teller. 

If the fortune teller says that “the spirits are very displeased” today, it would be best to sleep it off and wait until tomorrow.

However, just like what the guide’s title suggests, there are ways to increase your chances of finding a Dinosaur Egg despite having terrible luck.

Cooking dishes

Eating food and beverages that increase your stats is one of the best ways to get power-ups. Plus, they are practical and easy to make. There are food items that will increase your speed and accuracy, and some will give you a boost of luck so that even the spirits will forget that they’re grouchy for the day.

Below are some of the luck-increasing food items that you can cook or purchase:

  • Banana Pudding: You can obtain its recipe from The Island Trader in exchange for 30 bone fragments. Eating it will give you +1 luck for 5 minutes.
  • Fried Eel: Befriend George and he will give you the recipe for it through the mail. You can also purchase the cooked Fried Eel if they’re available at the Stardrop Saloon or Krobus’ shop. For 7 minutes, you can have +1 luck.
  • Spicy Eel: Receive this through George’s mail again once you’ve reached seven friendship hearts with him.
  • Ginger Ale: You can get the recipe from the Dwarf’s shop on the 5th level of The Ginger Island’s Volcano. Consuming it will temporarily give you +1 luck for 5 minutes.
  • Shrimp Cocktail: The Queen of Sauce will announce the recipe on TV. You can catch it on 28 Winter, Year 2. Scarfing it down will give you +1 luck (plus +1 fishing which will also come in handy) for 10 minutes.  
  • Pumpkin Soup: Robin will send you the recipe via mail once you’ve become good friends with her. You can also buy it from the Saloon and Krobus’ shop. You will get +2 luck for 7 minutes from eating it.
  • Lucky Lunch: You can learn its recipe from watching The Queen of Sauce on the 28th of Spring, Year 2. Upon consuming it, you will gain +3 luck for 11 minutes.
  • Magic Rock Candy: The Desert trader will offer it to you every Thursday for 3 Prismatic Shards. They can also be dropped by Haunted Skulls. Eating it will you give you +5 luck for 8 minutes.

Wearing a Lucky Ring

There is only one equipable item in the game that can help improve your luck, and it is an accessory that is not easy to find.

There’s a 0.08% chance that monsters from The Skull Cavern will drop it. The ring can also be inside crates and barrels in the Quarry Mine. The chances of getting a Lucky Ring from a panning copper are also low. Again, sustaining yourself with food that increases your luck will raise your chances of getting one.

Acquiring a Special Charm

The Special Charm is one of the hidden items you could discover from unraveling one of the Secret Notes.

If you follow the directions on the map, it will lead you to the blue truck near the abandoned Jojamart store. Speaking with the Joja truck driver will show you dialogue stating that he needs a lucky break. He’ll be requesting a Rabbit’s Foot, and if you hand him over one, he will give you a Special Charm in return.

Immediately after that, the Special Charm will appear in your wallet on the Skills Tab. Having it with you will instantly give you a +0.025 luck boost.

Regardless of what route you picked, you’ll still be able to get the Special Charm from the Jojamart truck driver.

Improving your Fishing Equipment

Purchasing a Treasure Hunter item in Willy’s Fish Shop will give your fishing rod a gripping hook, which will prevent fish from swimming away. This fishing tackle also increases the chances of getting Treasure Chests while reeling in the fish.

Why is this item important to have in this guide? Well, it’s because this equipment is essential in one of the methods used in finding a Dinosaur Egg.

Now that we have equipped ourselves with the proper apparatus to start egg hunting, here are five things you can do to find these prehistoric eggs.

How to get Dinosaur Eggs

Fishing for Treasure Chests

Once you’ve equipped your Treasure Hunter, you can now start fishing in hopes of scoring Treasure Chests that contain Dino Eggs.

One more thing that you could do is buy magnets for your fishing rods. It is a bit costly since they’re worth 1,000 each, but it will inevitably boost your chance of getting Treasure Chests by 15%.

There is no specific location, day, or time when you’re fishing for Treasure Chests. The chances of getting a Dinosaur Egg from Treasure Chests is 0.8%.

If you chose the Pirate Profession at Fishing Level 10, your chances of finding treasures while fishing are doubled.

Digging up some holes

Outside the mines, the Mountains and the Quarry are the only places where you can find Artifact Spots and Mining Nodes that have an egg in them.

Your chance of digging up Dinosaur Eggs in these locations is 0.06%. Try to look for Artifact Spots and Mining Nodes outside on a lucky day.

Slaying Pepper Rexes

Pepper Rexes look larger than your typical farm Dinosaurs, plus they pack a mean punch. Getting an egg from slaying Pepper Rexes has a chance of 10%.  If you think about it, this method has the highest percentage among the rest.

The only problem is, Pepper Rexes only exist in The Skull Cavern, which you are only allowed to enter once you’ve found the Skull Key on Floor 120 of The Mines.

One more thing, Pepper Rexes mainly spawns in Prehistoric Floors, which is the next one on our list here.

Exploring Prehistoric Floors in Skull Caverns

No, this isn’t what a prehistoric floor looks like. I was not fortunate enough to encounter that particular level in this playthrough.

Aside from Pepper Rexes, these floors mostly contain baddies such as Mutant Flies and Iridium Bats. You can also forage some Fiddlehead Ferns and, of course, Dinosaur Eggs on those floors. 

However, Prehistoric Floors appear in Skull Caverns randomly, and you only get a 2.2% chance of encountering them.

Playing the Crane Game

The Crane Game is only accessible after you have successfully turned your town’s Abandoned Jojamart Store into a Movie Theatre. As you play the Crane Game, look for the eggs behind the bushes. 

Fun fact: There was a famous glitch that allows you to acquire a Dino Egg without breaking a sweat. This glitch involved a purple wallpaper that can magically transform into a Dino Egg once you put it in the incubator. Unfortunately, this glitch doesn’t work anymore as it was patched in the 1.4 update.

Opening your own Jurassic Ranch

Raising Dinosaurs isn’t any different from breeding cows and chickens. You need to place a Dino Egg in your coop’s incubator, and it will hatch a baby Dinosaur.

Dinosaurs lay new eggs every seven days; therefore, you have to give these reptiles the proper care they need so they can continually produce more eggs.

Other ways to use Dinosaur Eggs

Does rarity really determine value? That could be the case when it comes to seeking rare finds in Stardew Valley. Aside from breeding Dinosaurs, here are some other ways you can use a Dinosaur Egg.

The Museum

As stated earlier, if you want to be a completionist, you will need a Dinosaur Egg to complete all 95 items in the Museum. Completing all your donations will grant you the “A Complete Collection” achievement.


There’s no doubt that these prehistoric eggs can be a good source of money.

Selling a Dinosaur Egg at its base price will earn you 350 gold, while an iridium quality egg is worth 759 gold. 

You can make more money by selling Dinosaur Mayonnaise. If you chose the Rancher profession, then its sell price is increased to 960g.  Choosing the Artisan profession will increase your Dinosaur Mayo’s sell price to 1,120 gold.

Jojamart Bundle

One of the required items that are necessary for completing the hidden bundle is the Dinosaur Mayonnaise. 

Making Dinosaur Hat and Pants

Turn your Dinosaur products into an adorable set of clothing.

Using the Dinosaur Egg in clothes will produce a Dinosaur Hat, while the Dinosaur Mayonnaise is used to make Dinosaur Pants. 

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