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Stardew Valley is a farming simulator that has been improved and modified numerous times by its creator, ConcernedApe, since its release. With the game’s 1.5 update, the creator has allowed players to do the same thing on their tools and weapons with the Volcano Forge.

How to Use the Forge in Stardew Valley

The Forge is a mechanism that can change the stats and appearance of your gear. It can also infuse your weapons and tools with enchantments. Keep on reading if you do not want to miss out on learning about all the things you can do with the Forge.

How to Locate the Forge

You can get to the Forge inside the scalding depths of the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island. But before you can find it, you will be navigating the place, avoiding spike traps, and battling enemies like Tiger Slimes, Hotheads, and Dwarvish Sentries. With that said, you do not want to go inside the dungeon unprepared, so it would be wise to have weapons and items that can aid you in combat.

Some areas in the Volcano Dungeon will be inaccessible because of lava. There is also a need to bring a Watering Can before entering the Volcano Dungeon for obvious reasons. The Watering Can is used to pour water on the river of lava to make a pathway where you can walk on.

Unlike the Skull Cavern, the Volcano Dungeon is not bottomless. You will find the exit path when you get to the 9th floor. As you step inside the Forge room on the 10th level, you will see a spacious area surrounded by magma. It is in the middle of the room where the Forge is located. Now, you can play as a blacksmith and forge your weapons and tools as many times as you like.

How to Use the Forge: Weapons

When you interact with the Forge, an interface will pop out showing two boxes and one cross beside an image of an artifact. The first box is where you place your melee weapons or farming tools, while the second box is where you put a gemstone that adds stat buffs to your gear. You may click on the cross when you decide on the weapon you want to enhance and the gem you would like to use.

But gems are not the only materials you will need to forge items. Below are some of the artifacts you must have with you when you intend to use the Volcano Forge.

Cinder Shards

Cinder Shards are used to power up the Forge. Without this artifact, the mechanism will not be able to forge items. You can mine them from Cinder Shard nodes, but they can also be dropped by monsters found in the Volcano Dungeon. Stingrays can also produce them in a Fish Pond.

You can use Cinder Shards to forge a weapon three times. The number of Cinder Shards the Forge consumes increases depending on how you have enhanced the weapon. The first Forge level would be 10 Cinder Shards, the second would be 20, and the last would be 30 Cinder Shards


Diamonds can give your weapon random stat boosts while filling all three Forge levels and exhausting only 10 Cinder Shards.

A handful of artifacts can be found in the game, but only a few of them can be recognized by the Forge. The good thing is you can get specific and distinct stat boosts from these shiny gems. Below are the gemstones that can give your weapons special stat effects:


Some enemies like pesky bats and slimes can attack you unceasingly, thus slowing down your progress. If you upgrade a melee weapon with Amethyst, you can increase its knockback, so you will have less worry about your enemies continuously attacking you all at once.


Aquamarine adds a 4.6% critical chance to the weapon and is doubled each time you increase its Forge level. It works well on swords with a high critical chance like the Wicked Kris or the Iridium Needle.


Emerald makes your swords, daggers, or clubs swing faster. Weapons with speed buffs are recommended in dungeons infested with monsters because the quicker you wipe them all out, the more loots you get.


Hitting enemies with critical attacks can be satisfying, but it is useless if your arms have low critical power. Using Jade can give your weapon a powerful crit attack, so try to gather lots of Cinder Shards to maximize your weapon’s Forge level with this gemstone.


Your weapons will gain more attack power when you upgrade them with a Ruby. You will practically be invincible in the dungeon if you have a weapon that could cause devastating damage.


Topaz can increase your player’s resistance against attacks, as long as you have your weapon equipped with this.

How to Use the Forge: Enchantments

The first time you arrive in the Volcano Forge, you will bump across a Rare Treasure Chest. Opening the chest will reward you with a Prismatic Shard. Getting an artifact this precious next to the Forge can only mean one thing — you may use it as an upgrade material to forge items.

Prismatic Shards could also add special abilities to your kit. But this colorful artifact’s mystical attributes are quite different from the other gemstones.

The random abilities you get from forging your weapons and tools with a Prismatic Shard are as follows:


Artful gives your weapons faster cooldowns. This will, of course, only work on weapons with Secondary Attacks (Special Attacks) like Clubs or Daggers.

Bug Killer

If you have dealt with Armored Bugs before, you might recall they cannot be killed with a regular weapon. Weapons with the Bug Killer enchantment are best used against them, including creepy crawlies like spiders, grubs, and flies.


Skull Cavern will sometimes surprise you with floors full of mummies. These undead monsters can be a hassle to kill due to their ability to revive. Crusader can boost the ability to kill and damage mummies by 50%.


Vampiric can give you regenerative powers upon defeating the monsters. You can recover up to 9% of your health each time you kill a baddie.


This enchantment is more useful in farming resources than in combat. Nonetheless, if you constantly need Fiber and Hay, you can go ahead and give Haymaker a try.

Let’s not forget that farming tools are also vital in your daily lives in Stardew Valley. Your trusty Watering Can, Hoe, Axe, Pickaxe, and Fishing Rod can also gain new and exciting abilities with the Prismatic Shard! These are the enchantments you may infuse into your tools:


Auto-hook is exclusive only to the Fishing Rod. This enchantment can give you the ability to automatically enter into the fishing mini-game whenever the fish bites into the hook.


Archeologist can only work on the Hoe tool. It increases the chance to get more items from digging up in the Artifact Spots.


Bottomless is only available for the Watering Can. As the name suggests, you will never run out of water again if you have a Watering Can with the Bottomless enchantment.


Efficient can be added to any of your farming tools. When you use these enchanted tools, you will no longer run out of energy. Therefore, you can farm all day without worrying about getting drained out.


Generous is another enchantment that is only exclusive to the Hoe tool. You will get a higher chance to double the items you unearth with Generous.


Master increases the level of your Fishing skill. If you have already filled out your Fishing skill level, you will get an additional level with Master.


Powerful can be infused into the Pickaxe and Axe tools. This enchantment will grant your tool extra power level; +1 for the Pickaxe and +2 for the Axe.


Preserving is the fourth and last enchantment you may add to your Fishing Rod. With this, you get a chance to catch fish without losing your bait or tackle.


Reaching improves the charge-up capacity of your tools. This enchantment allows you to water a larger area of crops with a Watering Can or till more soil with a Hoe.


Shaving can only be added to the Axe tool. It gives your Axe the ability to gather more resources from regular trees, giant mushrooms, mahogany trees, or giant crops.


Swift grants your Hoe, Axe, and Pickaxe with enhanced speed. With this enchantment, your tools’ swing speed increased by 33%.

How to Combine Rings

Rings are stat-inducing accessories that can be bought from merchants, or that can be obtained in dungeons. There are Rings with amazing qualities, like the Iridium Band, which makes you glow in the dark and automatically picks up items for you, or the Burglar’s Ring, which allows a buff that can double the loot you can gather from defeated enemies. Many of these Rings have useful features, but unfortunately, you can only equip two Rings at a time.

The Forge gives you a chance to fuse two Rings and turn them into a Combined Ring. Prepare 20 Cinder Shards and place your two favorite Rings inside the two boxes to make a Combined Ring. 

How to Forge Infinity Weapons

Before the 1.5 update of Stardew Valley, The Galaxy Weapons were considered the most powerful weapons in the game.

With the appearance of Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room in the update, players were bestowed with a new set of powerful weapons. And they are described to be the true form of the Galaxy Weapons.

To obtain the Infinity Weapons, you will need Galaxy Souls, but they are hard to come by. They can be purchased anytime in Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room for 40 Qi Gems each. Alternatively, defeating 50 Dangerous Monsters or trading 10 Radioactive Bars with the Island Trader can earn you Galaxy Souls.

But like all Forged items, you will be required to have these materials before you can attain the Infinity Weapons:

Infinity Blade

You will need to combine your Galaxy Sword with a Galaxy Soul three times to get the Infinity Blade. Forging this weapon will cost you 60 Cinder Shards.

Infinity Dagger

You must have a Galaxy Dagger and 3 Galaxy Souls before obtaining the Infinity Dagger. 60 Cinder Shards are required to forge this item.

Infinity Gavel

You will need a Galaxy Hammer and 3 Galaxy Souls to acquire the Infinity Gavel. It will consume 60 of your Cinder Shards.

To Alter and to Unforge

You may also change the appearance of your weapon in case you are not satisfied with how it looks. 

Place your primary weapon in the first box and the weapon with the appearance you like in the second box. Change your weapon’s style by combining it with another weapon in the Forge. Fusing your two weapons will cost you 10 Cinder Shards.

If you somehow made a mistake or did not like the results you get, you can always reset any modifications you have made in the Forge. You may undo them by placing the item in the first box and clicking on the X button in the bottom right corner of the interface.

Just be warned that this will cost you the secondary item that you used to combine with your weapon, tool, or ring. You will not get it back, but you can still retrieve some of the Cinder Shards you lost.

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