The 5 Best Crop Farm Locations in Minecraft


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For players to keep their hunger levels satiated, they will need food, and building a crop farm is the quickest and most sustainable solution in a survival game mode in Minecraft. Growing basic crops such as wheat, beetroot, carrots, and potatoes is great for players looking for a quick go-to food source. What makes these crops even more amazing is that they are extremely adaptable to most biomes in the overworld of Minecraft. And as long as you have access to water and dirt blocks, they can be grown almost anywhere.

The 5 Best Crop Farm Locations in Minecraft

However, there are places better than others that make growing them a lot easier for players to have unlimited access to water and land. We’ve listed below the five best locations in building a crop farm in Minecraft.

5. Beach

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As beaches are always next to ocean biomes, it is one of the best places to build your crop farm. And although the ground in beaches is predominantly made up of sand, you can still easily collect dirt blocks in areas right next to the beach.

Therefore, the beach can still be an easy location for farming, especially for water-reliant plants such as sugar cane, kelp, and seagrass. You will also have a ton of access to fish which makes this a great location for building both a farm and your base.

4. Savannas

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Savanna biomes are quite similar to the plains biome as they both have vast grassland, occasional ponds, and fewer trees. What makes the savanna quite different from the plains is that there are slightly more acacia trees that grow here than oak trees in the plains.

In the savanna, you will have unlimited access to dirt blocks and wheat seeds harvested from the grass, as well as a wide-open area that is optimal for farming.

3. Riverside

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Just like the beach, the area next to a river is another great place to create your crop farm. Not only will you have access to both water and dirt blocks, but you can also collect sand and clay here.

You may also grow the regular crops and the water-dependent plants here with no problem. This is also a great place for fishing since salmon and squid can spawn in rivers.

2. Villages

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Although a village is not considered a biome, it is still viable to create your farm. Villages, in general, have naturally generated crop farms that farmer villagers use to plant and harvest crops. These crop farms will always generate a composter next to it, allowing players to use it and obtain bonemeal freely.

Even the village that generates in a desert will have a crop farm, making this a great location for players. You can then use the ready-made farm to plant and harvest your crops in survival mode. All you will need to look out for are the farmers who might steal your crops once they are fully grown.

1. Plains

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Yet another great biome for farming, the plains biome—like the savanna—consists mainly of dirt and grass blocks from miles on end. With its relatively flat terrain, vast open space, and unlimited access to dirt, players can build themselves a large farm and create their base as big as they want.

A great thing to note is that the plains biome is usually next to rivers or lakes, which makes this biome even better as finding a water source will not be a problem.


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