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Prismatic Shards are a highly sought-after mineral in Stardew Valley. While there are 396 items that you can find, collect, and use in the game, a Prismatic Shard remains a gem that is a cut above the rest.

How to use Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley

What makes this rainbow-colored mineral so valuable? What do you do after getting your first Prismatic Shard? Here are 11 different uses for these shards, ranging from the most apparent methods to the more subtle ones.

Spoiler ahead for anyone who has just started playing the game or hasn’t finished the Community Center yet.

How to use Prismatic Shards

Donating it to Gunther’s Museum

Picture this: you’re a new player and doing a blind run; you got a Prismatic Shard from cracking open a geode. You read the item’s description, and you went ahead and donated it to the museum.

This occurrence is not unusual, but it’s a method that is not recommended by most veteran players, as there are better ways to utilize this artifact. 

Donating items to the museum will indeed give you unique rewards, but sometimes you might receive something as common as an expresso. 

Unless you have a better reason to have your Prismatic Shard displayed in a museum, like completing your donations to get the Rusty Key from Gunther, it’s good to hold onto your precious shard until you find better uses for it.

Selling it for 2,000 gold

Diamonds are really hard to come by, although not as rare as Prismatic Shards. You can sell a diamond for a great value; however, a Prismatic Shard is still worth twice as much. If you’ve already gotten a Crystalarium, you can put a diamond or any gem in it to duplicate them as much as you want.

The only gem you can’t duplicate in the Crystalarium is a Prismatic Shard; thus, that is a testament to how rare it is. If you ever decide to make a living from selling minerals, save your precious shards for something else and opt for selling diamonds instead.

Gifting it to everyone (except Hayley)

Giving presents is an essential element for befriending the villagers in Pelican Town. Surprising them with a universally loved item is guaranteed to increase their relationship level and affection towards you.

A Prismatic Shard is one of the five most loved gifts, all of which are difficult to obtain in the game. They would all fancy having a Prismatic Shard in their pockets, for sure, except for Hayley.

Hayley will only mutter one word and that is “gross” “if you ever attempt to gift her one of these gems.

Using it to create clothing in the Sewing Machine

Here’s a cool way to use a Prismatic Shard. If you ever got lucky and obtained an excessive amount of these shards, you can try this one out.

If you ever wanted to have a magical shirt that changes its color every second, you’ll get exactly what you wished for if you use a Prismatic Shard to make clothes in the Sewing Machine.

You will need a bunch of these shards to complete the Prismatic Clothing look. There are five types of clothing that you can acquire from this. However, it will require several tries to collect all five because the results you’ll get from tailoring these artifacts are random and unpredictable, so getting duplicates is a possibility.

Placing it inside a Junimo Hut

Place a shard inside a Junimo Hut, and you’ll witness some Junimos that exit through it, possessing a rainbow-like appearance. Just like the Prismatic Clothing, their skin will continually change colors as well.

If you’re a fan of rainbow-themed items, you will certainly love watching your hardworking Junimos walking around your farm and looking adorable.

Crafting a Wedding Ring

Use a Prismatic Shard to craft a Wedding Ring for your partner in the Multiplayer game. 

If you want to ask a fellow farmer in marriage, you will need to craft a ring made out of these resources: one Prismatic Shard and five Iridium Bars.

The materials are easy enough to remember, but you will still need to purchase the recipe from The Traveling Merchant before you can craft it.

Completing the Jojamart Bundle

The Jojamart Bundle, added in the version 1.4 update, can only be unlocked if you decided to go through the Community Center route. The missing bundle can be found in the abandoned Jojamart building, and it is the hardest one to complete. Completing it requires some of the rarest items in the game, and one of those 6 items is the Prismatic Shard.

If you successfully deliver the items for the missing bundle, the ever so grateful Junimos will turn the abandoned Jojamart building into a Movie Theatre.

Selling 3 of them to the Desert Trader for a Magic Rock Candy

The Desert Trader offers a variety of useful and interesting items. Although, unlike the Traveling Merchant, the trader appears to have an affinity for unique artifacts and would rather have things like Omnigeodes instead of gold. So you can only exchange items from the trader, and one of the unique things that you can get from the shop is the Magic Rock Candy.

Go to Calico Desert on a Thursday, talk with the trader, and exchange three Prismatic Shards for a Magic Rock Candy. You will get a tasty snack that can buff up your attributes to the next level.

9. Offering it to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness

Some dark secrets in Stardew Valley could alter your perspective about how wholesome and peaceful the game is. Turning your unwanted children into doves is one of them.

Divorcing your husband or wife requires no challenge at all— as long as you have the funds for it. It will only cost you 50,000 gold to divorce your spouse, just pay the fee, and they will leave you alone for good. But getting a divorce doesn’t mean that they will take your kids with you. You will still have to bear the responsibility of taking care of your kids and getting reminded of your ex-spouse every day.

If you want none of that, you can always force your children to move out of your house. After finishing the community center or Jojamart’s warehouse, you can now enter the Witch’s Hut. There are three shrines in the hut, and one of them is the Dark Shrine of Selfishness. You will be required to offer a Prismatic Shard in exchange for getting rid of your kids. Make an offering and watch the doves that were once your kids fly away from their nest.

 Using it to obtain the Galaxy Sword

Many players consider this the most important thing to do once you get your first Prismatic Shard, and it is obtaining the Galaxy Sword.

There are two ways to get it, the hard way and the easy way. Getting the Galaxy Sword the hard way will eat up a lot of your time, but it can also be quite rewarding. First, you will need to find the four dwarvish scrolls from the mines. If you donate all of these scrolls to the museum, you will get a Dwarvish Translation Guide as a reward. Next, you can head over to the graveyard next to the MMayor’sManor. Without the Translation Guide, the third gravestone will only show you gibberish words, but now you can finally uncover the secret message, and it will say:

This secret message is a riddle that gives away the location of the Galaxy Sword.

If you want to do it the easy way, you can just ride the bus and go to the Calico Desert without all that hassle. At the Calico Desert, behind the oasis shop, lies three mysterious-looking pillars. If you stand in the middle of those pillars and interact with the ground with a Prismatic Shard in hand, after the cutscene, you will receive the mightiest weapon in the game —  the Galaxy Sword.

Enchanting tools in the Volcano Forge

Version 1.5 is an end-game update for Stardew Valley, and it added a bunch of new features and a few adjustments to the game. The Ginger Island is a new location that can only be accessed after completing the Community Center bundles and repairing WWilly’s dilapidated boat in the backroom of his fish shop.

Version 1.5 is an end-game update for Stardew Valley, and it added a bunch of new features and a few adjustments to the game. You can only go to the Ginger Island after you finish completing the Community Center and repairing WWilly’sdilapidated boat in the backroom of his fish shop.

The Forge is a mysterious mechanism that allows your all-around farmer to play as a magical blacksmith. You can forge your weapon with another weapon to create an improved version of the sword. Combining the first hammer with a second hammer, in particular, will give your first hammer a new appearance, absorbing the features of the second hammer. Forging your hammer with a mineral will give your hammer new stats, therefore making your weapons a lot stronger. You can also combine two rings to blend their colors and stats together.

But what happens if you forge a weapon with a Prismatic Shard? This is when enchantments come into play. Adding enchantments will not boost your weapons’ stats, but it will give them a unique ability. Although, with Prismatic Shards, the results you’ll get from forging are random. If you combine your Galaxy Sword with a Prismatic Shard, you will get any of these enchantments:

  • Vampiric: Absorbs a monster’s health after slaying it
  • Artful: For faster cooldowns
  • Crusader: Strong against the undead
  • Bug-killer: Strong against bugs
  • Haymaker: Increases the chance of dropping fibers from cutting weeds

Adding enchantments will not only work on weapons but can also be applied to your farming tools as well. Here’s an example of a few enchantments for your Watering Can after being infused with a Prismatic Shard:

  • Efficient: Tools does not drain your energy
  • Bottomless: Unlimited water supply
  • Reaching: Increased range of effect

There are numerous combinations and enchantments that you can do in The Forge, so make sure to collect a lot of Prismatic Shards. You can find them through mining, slaying monsters, treasure hunting, etc. Getting a Prismatic Shard is like a game of chance; therefore, if the spirits have bestowed luck upon you today, then try to traverse the town as much as you can.

Have you found your first Prismatic Shard yet? How did you make good use of it? Share your story in the comments section below.

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