VALORANT: 8 Viper Snake Bite Molly Lineups on Ascent (Post-plant)



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Viper used to be an Agent most competitive players saw as a troll pick back in the day. Viper’s kit was decent, yet it did not offer any game-changing or even round-changing value to any team at the time. Her abilities had a mild impact that players learned to tank and push through, such as her Snake Bite, Poison Cloud, and Toxic Screen.

VALORANT: 8 Viper Snake Bite Molly Lineups on Ascent (Post-plant)

However, at the beginning of 2021, Viper received a strong buff to every one of her abilities, making her one of the most formidable Controller Agents currently in the game. Viper went from a troll pick to a meta-defining Agent throughout a single update.

Post-plant situations are where Viper’s kit shines the most. Almost all of her abilities scream “Post-plant,” from her molly to her smoke cloud, and even up to her Ultimate Ability. Her Snake Bite molly is probably the most annoying molly ability in the game, which many players use to play post-plant through simple lineups.

With that said, here are a couple of useful Snake Bite lineups for Ascent you can use on post-plant. Let’s go!

Viper Snake Bite

Viper’s Snake Bite is the most powerful molly ability in-game in terms of overall potential damage. Not only does Snake Bite deal decent damage over a few seconds, but it also applies a unique debuff called “Vulnerable.”

Vulnerable is simply a double damage debuff applied to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. (includes teammates as well) Vulnerable amplifies the damage received from basically any source in-game, which means bullets will also deal double damage to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. Vulnerable lingers for two more seconds after the molly area is vacated.

Viper’s Snake Bite costs 200 credits each and can be equipped for a maximum of two charges per round. Snake Bite has a smaller radius than other molly abilities in the game, but it has a decent duration at 6.5 seconds.

Ascent A-site – Dices Snake Bite Lineup

The first lineup on the list is a simple post-plant Snake Bite lineup for Ascent A-site Dices. Dices is one of the most common plant spots in Ascent A-site, thanks to the decent cover provided by the Radianite Boxes while planting. On post-plant, a Spike planted at the Dices area can easily be defended by Attackers playing post-plant from A-Main.

Dices is also a good open area for a Snake Bite lineup from A-Lobby.

  1. Look for these double boxes at A-Lobby:

2. Tuck yourself in the corner between the boxes and the wall:

3. Turn around and look for this wall:

4. Place your crosshair on the left-middle part of this wall:

5. Launch the Snake Bite molly:

When done properly, Snake Bite should land nicely on Dices:

Ascent A-site – Generator Snake Bite Lineup

The Generator is one of two widespread planting sports in Ascent A-site. The Generator provides good cover against Defenders holding from the Rafters/Heaven area. The Generator is also the closest and safest plant spot if your team is coming from Catwalk to Tree Room.

A simple lineup from the same spot back A-Lobby can delay the bomb defuse. You can also easily peek towards the Generator from A-main to be sure.

  1. Look for the same corner in A-Lobby as the previous lineup for Dices:

2. Tuck yourself in the same corner between the Radianite boxes and the wall:

3. Turn around and look for this generator panel:

4. Place the right tip of the HP HUD line just underneath this small white dot on the generator panel:

5. Launch the Snake Bite molly:

When done correctly, the Snake Bite molly should land in front of the Generator:

Ascent A-site – Dices Snake Bite Lineup from A-Short

If your team ends up planting the Spike at Dices, then A-Short and Tree might be a great alternative place to be post-plant. A-short/Tree gives you and your teammates a direct sightline of the Dices area, making active spike defense much easier.

This next lineup is just a variation of the Dices lineup. On the off chance you are pushed back from Tree Room and forced to play post-plant from A-short, a simple Snake Bite lineup can also be done from A-short to delay the Defenders’ Spike Defuse.

  1. Look for this corner with the good boi at A-short:

2. Tuck yourself in the corner:

3. Turn around and look for this wire’s tip:

4. Place the bottom tip of the Poison Cloud icon on the tip of the same wire:

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite:

When done correctly, Viper’s Snake Bite molly should land neatly around the Dices area:

Ascent A-site – Generator Snake Bite Lineup from A-short

Following the trend of molly lineup variations, the next lineup on this list is also a variation of the Generator lineup. This time, instead of lining up from A-Lobby, this Snake Bite molly will be fired from A-short.

A-short/Tree provides a pretty good angle of the Spike when planted in front of the Generator.

  1. Stand in the same corner as the Dices lineup from A-short:

2. Turn around and look for this corner on the wall:

3. Place the upper right corner of your Toxin Bar on the bottom left corner of this box:

4. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite:

When done properly, Viper’s Snake Bite should land just in front of the Generator:

Ascent B-site – Default Snake Bite Lineup

The small spot surrounded by Radianite boxes right in the middle of B-site proper is Ascent’s B-site Default plant spot.

For the same reasons Dices was deemed a good plant spot back in A-site, B-site Default also provides the same quick cover that helps Attackers safely plant the Spike in B-site. Another plus to planting at B-site Default is the angle advantage and high-ground advantage that post-plant Attackers can play from Lane and Stairs.

None of that matters to Viper, as she can line up a few of her Snake Bite mollies from the safety of B-Main.

  1. Tuck yourself in this corner between the stall and the brick wall:

2. Turn around and look for this small pipe on the B-Main Entrance’s wall:

3. Place the tip of the Poison Cloud icon on the pipe’s bend:

4. Launch the Snake Bite molly:

When done properly, the Snake Bite should land around the B-Default area:

Ascent B-site – B-Default Snake Bite from B-Main

If, for some reason, the B-Default Snake Bite lineup from B-Lobby is not feasible or you need to get a quick molly off to defend the Spike, then try out this quick Snake Bite lineup from B-Main:

  1. Stand anywhere on this area in B-Main:

2. Look through the small gap and look for the square-shaped vents on the wall:

3. Aim just below it like this:

4. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite:

It does not have to be perfect since the Snake Bite vials will bounce off of Boat House’s wall and land at B-Default:

Ascent B-site – Defender Spawn Snake Bite Lineup

Molly-ing off Defender Spawn is a great way of denying the Defender rotations towards the B-site. You can spend one of two Snake Bite charges to molly off Defender Spawn in situations that call for it.

However, it is still recommended that you save at least one of your Snake Bite mollies for post-plant defense.

  1. Stand in this corner at the B-Main – B-Lobby entrance:

2. Look for the second gap on the right side window:

3. Aim directly at the middle of this gap:

4. Launch Snake Bite:

Snake Bite should bounce off of Market’s wall and eventually land at Defender Spawn:

Ascent B-site – Market Mechanical Door Snake Bite Lineup

Last on this list will be a Snake Bite lineup for Market. B-Market is a common spot for Defenders to take since it offers a slight high-ground advantage and provides a great angle towards Lane.

This Snake Bite molly will push away Defenders from Market Doors to give your team time to safely entering the site.

  1. Go back to the same corner as the Defender Spawn Snake Bite lineup:

2. Look for the same right-side window:

3. This time, aim slightly below the third window gap’s upper right corner:

4. Launch Snake Bite:

Snake Bite should bounce off of the Giraffe wall and land in front of the Market Door:

A Toxic Dillema

Post-plant lineups make the most sense for Viper’s Snake Bite molly. Her molly travels fast and activates instantly upon impact, which is exactly what you want in a post-plant-defuse situation.

Viper is already very powerful as a post-plant Agent, thanks to her improved Snake Bite ability. However, even scarier is that we have yet to combine these lineups with her Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and Ultimate Ability. We can only imagine what a post-plant monster Viper can be in the right hands.

That is about it! These lineups are straightforward to do. Just make sure to communicate with your teammates about Spike plant spots so you can take full advantage and get value off of these Snake Bite lineups in an actual match.

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