VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Haven Defending



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Fade can play the Attacking and Defending sides equally well on Haven. Her Signature Ability – Haunt – will make quick work of site Defense and Retakes on the triple bombsite map.

VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Haven Defending

Riot Games equipped Fade with balance in mind – she is a great Initiator Agent not just for Attacking but also for Defending bombsites.

Fade’s Signature Ability allows her to gather early site information when Attacking and lead the way for a retake on Defense. The bonus trail effect from Haunt can give the Defending team valuable enemy positions on the retake, making the notorious A-site Haven retake more doable.

Here are some of the best Fade Haunt lineups you can use to defend and retake bombsites on Haven. Let’s go!

How to Use Fade’s Haunt Ability?

Pressing the [E] button on your keyboard will equip Fade’s Haunt ability – a cooldown-based recon ability that can reveal and mark enemy locations exposed by its “watcher.”

Fade Haunt Ability Details:

  • Duration: 2-seconds,
  • Cooldown: 40-seconds,
  • Health: 1 HP,
  • Effects: Reveals enemies caught in the ability line of sight. Enemies caught in the line of sight will be Trailed for 12-seconds.

After Fade equips her Haunt ability, she can throw the Haunt orb towards a target location. After landing, a ‘watcher’ will spawn and linger for 2 seconds and reveal anyone along its line of sight.

Fade can opt to immediately drop the orb mid-air to activate the ‘watcher’ sooner by pressing the [E] button again.

Haunt can stick and clip onto even the tiniest horizontal surfaces around maps, making Fade’s Haunt a lineup-friendly ability for optimal site information to be thrown towards strategic locations.

Lastly, since Haunt is a cooldown-based ability, it is best to use it early in the round so the 40-second cooldown can start counting down, which allows the user to equip Haunt again later in the round.

Best Fade Lineups on Haven Defending

Haven A-site Fade Lineup (Retake)

Using Haunt early in the round to gather information on enemy positions is not a wrong move. However, since the Defending team is forced to split up into multiple areas around the three bomb sites on Haven, any one of the bomb sites will be at a disadvantage against the Attacking team anyway.

Therefore, like Sova’s Recon Bolt, Fade’s Haunt is best reserved for retake situations in Haven, where your team can use Haunt to retake control of any bombsite on the map effectively.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Link:

2. Aim for the tip of this protruding wood beam:

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

When done properly, Fade’s Haunt ability should stick against the A-Sewer wall:

Haven B-site Fade Lineup (Early Information)

This lineup will serve as an early information Haunt lineup to get a headcount on how many Attackers are around the Mid Courtyard area.

The lineup should give your team a good idea of which bombsite the enemy team plans to Attack in the round.

  1. Stand against the B-site generator. Align yourself with the right side of this trapezoid access panel on the generator.

2. Turn around, then aim for this left corner on the wall:

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

When done properly, Fade’s Haunt ability will tuck into the small gap between the wooden frames on the wall:

Haven C-site Fade Lineup (Retake)

Just like A-site, C-site on Haven is best played with a retake in mind, where most of your teammates will be there with you to help. Again, using Haunt for early information will never be a wrong move, as it will give your team a good idea of where the enemy team is stacking up.

However, the wide-angle view and trail bonus of Fade’s Haunt ability will give your team a stronger chance of winning the round together, as Haunt will reveal where the enemies are hiding and where they ran off to (trail). You can easily follow up with Prowlers to confuse the trailed enemies.

  1. Stand in this corner at C-Link:

2. Aim for the upper left corner of this poster:

3. Move your crosshair up vertically until it reaches the brown wooden frame:

4. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt ability:

When done properly, Fade’s Haunt should land on top of this roof:

Reveal them All

Fade’s Haunt ability can be a powerful info-gathering tool that can reveal almost every corner of any bombsite on Haven. Learning lineups for the best Haunt positioning around this triple bombsite map takes your time and effort.

With that said, we hope you find these lineups useful when playing Defense on Haven as Fade. For Haunt lineups on Ascent, we recommend you read our guide on the Best Fade Lineups on Ascent Attacking, which we are sure will come in handy.

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