VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Ascent Attacking


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If you thought Sova had powerful recon capabilities, wait until you see Fade in action.

VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Ascent Attacking

Fade’s kit works best on the Attacking side, no doubt. The fresh Initiator Agent comes equipped with a host of recon abilities that rival long-time Initiator King – Sova.

Ever since Sova’s nerfs back at the beginning of VALORANT Episode 4, Fade has taken the lead in pure recon duty around most maps in the game.

This article will show you how to line up some of the most effective Haunt placements for maximum site information when Attacking Ascent.

How to Use Fade’s Haunt Ability?

image 92

Pressing the [E] button on your keyboard will equip Fade’s Haunt ability – a cooldown-based recon ability that can reveal and mark enemy locations exposed by its “watcher.”

Fade Haunt Ability Details:

  • Duration: 2-seconds;
  • Cooldown: 40-seconds;
  • Health: 1 HP;
  • Effects: Reveals enemies caught in the ability line of sight. Enemies caught in the line of sight will be Trailed for 12-seconds.

After Fade equips her Haunt ability, she can throw the Haunt orb towards a target location. After landing, a ‘watcher’ will spawn and linger for 2-seconds and reveal anyone along its line of sight.

Fade can opt to immediately drop the orb mid-air to activate the ‘watcher’ sooner by pressing the [E] button again.

Haunt can stick and clip onto just about any horizontal surface around maps, making Fade’s Haunt a lineup-friendly ability that can be thrown towards strategic locations for early information.

Lastly, since Haunt is a cooldown-based ability, it is best to use it early in the round so the 40-second cooldown can start counting down, which allows the user to equip Haunt again later in the round.

Fade Lineups on Ascent Attacking

Fade Ascent A-site Lineup

image 79

Almost no corner on A-site is safe from Haunt’s line of sight. Follow up with your Prowlers as soon as any enemy is tagged and trailed so your team can enter A-site without too much resistance from the Defenders.

  1. Get on top of these boxes at A-Lobby:
image 80

2. Stand in the corner against this pipe:

image 81

3. Aim for this corner on the wall:

valorant fade lineups on ascent attacking
aim valorant best fade lineups on ascent attacking

4. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

image 82

When done properly, Haunt will land on the cannon platforms:

image 83

Fade Ascent Middle Lineup

image 88

The Middle area is arguably the most important space to take in Ascent. Use this Haunt lineup to clear out Middle and even some of A-Short.

  1. Stand in this corner at Middle Link:
image 84

2. Aim for this edge on the rift:

mid valorant best fade lineups on ascent attacking
rift valorant best fade lineups on ascent attacking

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

image 85

When done properly, the Haunt should land on top of the lower middle arch:

image 86

Fade Ascent B-site Lineup

image 87

B-site is full of corners and cubbies that the Defending team can use to catch the Attackers off guard. Clear these spots with this Fade Haunt Lineup for B-site on Ascent.

  1. Stand in this corner in B-Main:
image 89

2. Aim for the right corner of this window:

b site valorant best fade lineups on ascent attacking
b site aim valorant best fade lineups on ascent attacking

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

image 90

When done properly, Haunt should land on top of the workshop roof:

image 91

Haunt Them Down

Fade’s Signature Ability – Haunt – is a powerful tool for providing early site information for the Attacking and Defending sides. On top of that, Haunt has a bonus in its ‘Trail’ debuff that gives Fade’s team valuable information that not even Sova can rival right now.

The cherry on top? Fade’s Haunt is a lineup-friendly ability player who can place at strategic locations around the map for optimal information gathering.

With that said, we hope you liked our guide on the Best Fade Lineups on Ascent Attacking. Try out these lineups for the Best Fade Lineups on Ascent Defending at halftime.

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