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Wreak havoc on Haven with these must-have Fade lineups.

VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Haven Attacking

The recent Sova nerfs have pushed Fade ahead of the staple Initiator in the Agent tier list, and it’s not difficult to see why;

Fade enters the VALORANT roster with a host of crowd control abilities at her disposal. Fade’s Prowler ability can force enemy players out of cheeky corners and cubbies, while Seize ensures that enemies can hide, but they can’t run away from the Turkish Agent.

However, Fade’s Ultimate Ability aside, Haunt is arguably the most potent tool in her kit.

Sova fans will be delighted, as Fade’s Signature Ability can also be lined up from various spots around maps for the optimal results – akin to Sova’s Shock Bolt and Recon Bolt abilities.

With that said, we have compiled the Best Fade Lineups that you can use when Attacking Haven. Let’s go!

How to Use Fade’s Haunt Ability?

Pressing the [E] button on your keyboard will equip Fade’s Haunt ability – a cooldown-based recon ability that can reveal and mark enemy locations exposed by its “watcher.”

Fade Haunt Ability Details:

  • Duration: 2-seconds;
  • Cooldown: 40-seconds;
  • Health: 1 HP;
  • Effects: Reveals enemies caught in the ability line of sight. Enemies caught in the line of sight will be Trailed for 12-seconds.

After Fade equips her Haunt ability, she can throw the Haunt orb towards a target location. After landing, a ‘watcher’ will spawn and linger for 2 seconds and reveal anyone along its line of sight.

Fade can opt to immediately drop the orb mid-air to activate the ‘watcher’ sooner by pressing the [E] button again.

Haunt can stick and clip onto just about any horizontal surface around maps, making Fade’s Haunt a lineup-friendly ability that can be thrown towards strategic locations for early information.

Lastly, since Haunt is a cooldown-based ability, it is best to use it early in the round so the 40-second cooldown can start counting down, which allows the user to equip Haunt again later in the round.

Fade Lineups on Haven Attacking

Haven A-site Fade Lineup

Haven A-site Defenders can use various corners and cubbies within A-site to defend A-Long and A-Sewer from the incoming Attacking team, making A-site difficult and dangerous to enter without any information about the enemy’s whereabouts.

This Haunt lineup for A-site should cover almost every close-corners and cubbies within Haven A-site and make site entry for your team a cinch.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Long:

2. Aim along the middle of this line on the stone bricks:

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt ability:

When done correctly, Haunt should land on this roof in A-site:

Haven B-site Fade Lineup

This Haunt lineup will cover almost every spot inside B-site and some of A and C-Link.

B-site is blocked off vertically, so lineups can be pretty difficult to execute on Haven B-site.

For Haven B-site, simply making sure that the Haunt orb lands on top of the B-site generator should be enough, as most corners and spots within B-site will be spotted by the Haunt “watcher” from above the generator.

  1. Stand close to this wall at Mid Courtyard:

2. Aim for this corner on the B-site doorway:

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

When done correctly, Haunt should land on top of the B-site generator.

Haven C-Garage Fade Lineup

This Haunt lineup will reveal everything inside C-Garage and C-Garage Window.

A split entry between C-Long and C-Garage gives the Attacking team the best chance to gain C-site control, making C-Garage a highly contested area in Haven.

  1. Stand just outside of C-Garage:

2. Aim for this corner on the left door of C-Garage :

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

When done correctly, Fade’s Haunt should land in the far left corner of C-Garage.

Haven C-site Fade Lineup

For C-Long, here’s a quick Haunt lineup that will cover most of Haven’s C-site.

If your team decides to take C-site on Haven, you can take either the C-Garage or C-Long route towards C-site. Either lane will work for Fade since you have the C-Garage and a C-Long Haunt to help with site entry.

  1. Stand in this corner at the C-Long cubby:

2. Aim a little above this line on the roof:

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability:

When done correctly, Haunt should land on top of the C-site double box:

Haunted Haven

Fade’s Haunt ability is arguably one of the strongest site-entry info-gathering tools in VALORANT right now. Haunt lands fast, reveals enemy positions, and even “trails” tagged enemies for a short duration.

Learning these Fade lineups can take advantage of Haunt’s wide-angle view around Haven. Through these Haunt lineups, you can clear out corners/cubbies and make site entry easier for your team.

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