VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Split (Defending)



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Gaining early information can change the way rounds are played in VALORANT. Learn these lineups on Split to get the jump on the Attacking team with Fade.

VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Split (Defending)

Fade’s skill set comprises crowd-control abilities than can also help the Turkish Agent reveal enemy locations around the map.

On their own, Fade’s Prowler and Seize ability already provide decent crowd-control for both the Attacking and Defending sides. However, Fade’s Signature Ability – Haunt – can make these abilities even more potent.

Haunt can enhance Prowler’s lock-on ability, thanks to “Trail” (Prowler gains enhanced speed with locking onto tracked targets). On the other hand, Seize works best when Fade has information on enemy whereabouts – something Haunt can also provide.

Many of Fade’s tools rely on Haunt to unleash their full potential, which is why optimal Haunt placement can help with Attacking and Defending in VALORANT.

With that in mind, we have compiled the best Fade lineups for Split in this guide.

How to Use Fade’s Haunt Ability?

Pressing the [E] button on your keyboard will equip Fade’s Haunt ability – a cooldown-based recon ability that can reveal and mark enemy locations exposed by its “watcher.”

Fade Haunt Ability Details:

  • Duration: 2 seconds;
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds;
  • Health: 1 HP;
  • Effects: Reveals enemies caught in the ability line of sight. Enemies caught in the line of sight will be Trailed for 12 seconds.

After Fade equips her Haunt ability, she can throw the Haunt orb towards a target location. After landing, a ‘watcher’ will spawn and linger for 2 seconds and reveal anyone along its line of sight.

Fade can opt to immediately drop the orb mid-air to activate the ‘watcher’ sooner by pressing the [E] button again.

Haunt can stick and clip onto just about any horizontal surface around maps, making Fade’s Haunt a lineup-friendly ability that can be thrown towards strategic locations for early information.

Lastly, since Haunt is a cooldown-based ability, it is best to use it early in the round so that the 40-second cooldown can start counting down, which allows the user to equip Haunt again later in the round.

Split A-site Defending Fade Lineup

This A-site Fade lineup will reveal and tag anyone standing around A-Lobby, A-Main, and A-Rafters.

There is only one lane where the Attacking team can come from if they decide to take control of A-site – A-Lobby and A-Main.

The narrow entry lanes into the bomb sites make Split a Defender-sided map. Take advantage of the narrow entryways to reveal all enemies around these areas on round start.

  1. Stand against the left edge of the A-Rafters window:

2. Aim for the tip of this pole:

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt Ability:

When done correctly, Haunt should land on the A-Main billboard:

Split Middle Defending Fade Lineup

This Fade lineup for Split Middle will reveal and tag anyone standing around the Middle and Ramen area.

Middle control is vital for the Attacking team on Split, as the middle will give the Attacking team control of most rotation lanes that the Defending team needs to retake a bombsite on Split.

With this in mind, it is in the Defending team’s best interest to prevent the Attacking team from gaining a complete middle lane takeover.

Take advantage of Haunt’s 40-second cooldown by using the ability as early in the round as possible.

  1. Stand along the left edge of this doorway:

2. Move a little to the right just until this roof is visible (right green arrow):

3. Aim for this bottom gap:

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt Ability:

When done correctly, Fade’s Haunt should land on the ramen sign:

Split B-site Defending Fade Lineup

This lineup for B-site will reveal and Trail all tagged enemies coming out of B-Main.

B-site is arguably easier to defend than A-site on Split, as the Attacking team has no choice but to push through B-Main to get to B-site.

Tag as many players coming out of B-Main with this Haunt lineup for Split B-Main.

  1. Stand against the right edge of this box in B-Tower:

2. Turn around and place the rightmost tip of the HP HUD line on this corner at A-Rafters:

3. Run forward until the tip of the HP HUD line (orange arrow) aligns with B-pillar’s edge (green arrow):

Note: Steps 3 and 4 have to be done simultaneously as this lineup requires a RUNTHROW.

4. RUNTHROW Fade’s Haunt Ability:

When done correctly, Fade’s Haunt should land on top of this building:

Split Them Up and Haunt Them Down

The lineups above are guaranteed to tag as many enemies as possible around Split’s A-site, Middle, and B-site, so do not forget to follow up with your Prowler or Seize when the opportunity presents itself.

Lastly, it is best to use Fade’s Haunt ability as quickly as possible early in the round, as this allows Haunt to start its 40-second cooldown, allowing you to use it once again later in the round.

We hope you found these Fade lineups on Split useful for playing defense around the tight and claustrophobic map. For Haunt Attacking lineups on the same map, check out this guide we have on the PlayerAssist website.

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