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Learn the best Spike Plant Spots on Lotus in Valorant!

VALORANT: Best Spike Plant Spots on Lotus

Let’s face it: VALORANT is a rapid game with a very low time-to-kill, where every second counts and the winners and losers are separated by mere milliseconds.

You would not want to waste those precious seconds looking for the best plant spot when the rotating Defenders are ready to retake their bombsite.

If you are one of those players who jump into the bombsite and plant the Spike wherever they can, you are not alone.

However, if you spend more time and plant the Spike in positions your team can use on post-plant, you can significantly increase your chances of winning the round.

With that in mind, we have created some awesome Spike plant spots on Lotus that you can use to level up your post-plant game, the newest three bombsite map.

Best Spike Plant Spots on Lotus A-site

Some players see a bit of Bind B-site on Lotus’ A-site, where A-Drop resembles the Hooka window, the silent drop resembles B-Long, and the A-Hut resembles B-Tube, and they are not entirely wrong.

While the overall aesthetic and spacing are completely different between Bind and Lotus, the basic layout is pretty much the same.

Attackers can employ the same Attacking Strategy on Lotus A-site as with Bind B-site.

With that said, you and your team can use two post-plant Spike spots on Lotus A-site to make post-plant Defense much easier.

The Default plant spot in A-site is not a bad spot by any means and is the attacking team’s safest and quickest option upon site entry.

A-Default Plant Spot

7 26

Unfortunately, the same spot is difficult to defend on post-plant.

8 22

Planting the Spike along the pillar and away from the box can still give you the same safe coverage when planting.

9 22

But allow for an easier and more direct peek at the defuser post-plant.

10 23

The same spot can easily be defended from A-Main if you’re holding a site from that area.

11 17

A-site Open Plant Spot

Another great plant spot on A-site is this spot along the back wall. It is not the safest spot to plant upon site entry, but the post-plant angles it provides to you are plenty.

12 14
13 15

A-Site Hut Plant Spot

A-Hut is also a great plant spot in A-site that provides good planting cover.

14 13

The defuser will have difficulty diffusing and peeking at both entrances of the A-Hut.

15 12

Best Spike Plant Spots on Lotus B-site

Lotus B-site is a small claustrophobia-inducing bombsite with a small Spike plant area. Spike plant options in B-site are limited, but at least two spots are great for post-plant play and Molly lineups.

The B-site Spike Plant area is small, so options are limited.

1 32

B-site Box Plant Spot

You can plant the Spike by these boxes along the left wall. This spot will give you and your teammates an easy sightline toward the Spike post-plant.

2 32

Easily peeked from B-Main.

3 27

You can easily see the Spike from A-Link as well.

4 32

B-site Post-plant-friendly Plant Spot

If you want to land some post-plant molly lineups, just plant the Spike here.

5 26

Best Spike Plant Spots on Lotus C-site

Lotus C-site is an awkward bombsite to play as an Attacker. There are few hiding spots to play post-plant from, and the C-Mound area is the only long sightline you will have towards the C-site.

That said, two spots on the C-site will let you defend the Spike post-plant from C-Mound.

There is insufficient cover within the C-site to play post-plant since most lanes leading to the C-site are Defender-sided connectors.

C-Mound Post-plant Spot

16 11

But if you plant the Spike on this small dark plank, you can peek from C-Mound.

17 13

C-site Stairs Plant Spot

This is another great plant spot for C-site, as it gives you an easy sightline from C-Mound.

18 12
19 10
20 8

Planting With Intent

Rounds can go by very quickly in VALORANT, which sometimes forces Attackers to run in and plant the Spike as soon as they can rather than risk not being able to plant it.

Nevertheless, if you can coordinate with your teammates during site entry, you can play around with Spike plants to help maximize your team’s ability to defend it post-plant.

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