VALORANT: The Best Team Composition for Icebox


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Teamwork is an essential ingredient for winning matches in VALORANT. It will not matter if your team’s Jett goes loco and drops a 50-bomb if your other teammates drop faster than flies and can only manage a measly five kills the entire match.

VALORANT: The Best Team Composition for Icebox

Another important aspect of winning matches in VALORANT is Agent Synergy, or how each of your team’s five Agents works well with one another’s skillsets. Agents are classified into four different categories or roles for a reason; every role has its objectives to complete to contribute to the bigger picture.

Maps in VALORANT are unique from one another in terms of raw gameplay. Because of this, certain team compositions can make the match easier for you and your team.

Best Team Compositon For Icebox: Sage, Viper, Sova, Jett, Reyna/Raze


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Viper is one of the best, if not the best, Agent for Icebox. Her Toxic Screen alone is enough to warrant a rage pick during the Agent pick phase.

Viper’s Toxic Screen can cover a large amount of space on any map. Toxic Screen can be used on Icebox to slice an entire Spike site in half. This can make site entry much easier and put Defenders at an apparent disadvantage if they decide to push through the Toxic Screen.

Viper’s other Abilities, such as her Poison Cloud, Snake Bite, and Ultimate ability, can make retakes on Icebox frustrating for Defenders as well.



Sova is a staple pick in almost any of the seven maps in VALORANT. His recon abilities, such as his Owl Drone and his Recon Bolt arrow, are invaluable utilities that make site entry and defense easier.

There are many angles and corners to clear in Icebox upon site entry. Sova’s recon abilities can help clear out cubbies and angles quickly.

His Recon Bolt ability provides good chip damage when used correctly and can easily bounce off of walls to punish enemies hiding in small cubbies and tight corners.

Lastly, Sova’s Ultimate ability is another great ability for post-plant play. Sova can fall back into deep cover and activate Hunter’s Fury Ability to punish enemies attempting to defuse the Spike.


Untitled 2

Sage is another great pick not just for Icebox but even for any other map in VALORANT. Her healing ability alone can give your team the boost it needs to win crucial rounds. When her heal is coupled with her Ultimate Ability that can revive any fallen comrade, Sage becomes a quintessential support Agent that any team can use regardless of team composition.

On Icebox, Sage’s Wall Orb is a potent stalling mechanism that will force enemy players to either rotate or push through. If Sage’s wall is destroyed, she can follow up with her Slow Orbs to further stall the enemy team. Sage can also dictate the enemy team players’ path since her Wall Orb forces them to reroute or take a detour.

Sage’s Wall Orb can also help secure you and your teammates a safe plant by simply acting as a shield while you or your teammate is planting. This ability is almost a requirement for Attackers if they wish to plant in B-site safely.


jett 1

There is almost nothing interesting about Jett other than she is currently the most powerful Duelist in VALORANT. This Korean Duelist can inflict damage and dash out to safety in the blink of an eye in the right hands.

Thanks to the unusual verticality of Icebox, Jett can take full advantage of a myriad of vertical angles and spots around the map with the help of her Updraft ability.

Jett can tackle aggressive angles around Icebox and dash away to safety every time. She is a valuable Agent to add to any team composition as she can score and secure quick picks early on in the round without putting herself in significant harm.



The last spot is a tossup between Raze and Reyna.

Reyna is another powerful Duelist who grows stronger the more enemies she kills in a round. Thanks to Icebox’s numerous corners, cubbies, and boxes, Reyna can take advantage of her Dismiss ability to quickly run back to cover after she scores a quick kill. One caveat is that Reyna has to score kills to be effective consistently.

On the other hand, Raze can take advantage of the distance boost that her Double Satchels gain when jumping off from the high ground. Raze can quickly cover a ton of space on her way to the bombsite and pave the way for her teammates to enter safely.

Team Icebox

We mentioned how teamwork is the key to winning rounds and even entire games in VALORANT. There are a ton of other team compositions that could work on Icebox. However, it all depends on how you and your team can play together to achieve victory.

The team composition presented here can usher good teamwork regardless of who you play with, even if your team is not thinking about it. The natural roles that each of the mentioned Agents has to fill will naturally meld off of each other to make playing in Icebox much easier.

But of course, if you have a full stack of five players consisting of friends, you might want to try out this combination of Agents when playing on Icebox. Who knows, you might discover your ultimate Icebox roster.

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