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Split is one of the most claustrophobic maps in VALORANT. The tight corners and multiple elevation changes make it a very hectic map to play in.

VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Split

Information gathering is a very important aspect of playing in Split. Unfortunately, because of Split’s tight corners and numerous walls, our favorite recon specialist, Sova, might not see much use. Sova’s Recon Bolt thrives in wide-open spaces where it can stretch out its scanning legs; it simply cannot do that in Split.

Skye will be filling in for our beloved Sova on Split and four other Agents that can make a huge impact when played together in Split.

The Best Team Composition For Split: Sage, Skye, Astra, Jett, Viper


Thanks to her Wall Orb and Slow Orb ability, Sage is the Split meta Agent right now. Sage can often dictate the pace at which every round in Split is played. As a Defender, Sage can effectively wall off key areas such as Top Middle, B-Heaven to slow down an Attacker push.

On Attacking, Sage can wall of key angles in both A and B sites to help her team safely plant the bomb.

Sage’s Wall dictates many gameplay aspects on Split, which makes her a staple pick in the meta.


We previously alluded to Sova being a not-so-effective pick in Split. As such, Skye will be our lead Initiator for Split.

Split is tailor-made for Skye. Her flash is one of the most powerful in-game, and because of Split’s tight corners, Skye can take advantage of flash’s mobility to direct close-corner-clearing flashes to help her team enter the site.

Skye’s Trailblazer ability has the same role as Sova’s Owl Drone. With Trailblazer, Skye can quickly clear out close corners and cubbies, aplenty in Split.

Her Ultimate is a powerful homing projectile that tells you almost exactly where the enemy team is hiding. With Split being an info-heavy map, Skye will do wonders in reconnaissance for her team in the absence of Sova.


Every team needs a smoker for every map. There will be too many angles and corners to clear without any smoker on your team, especially in a tight and narrow map like Split.

Astra is unlike any normal smoker; our Cosmic Controller is equipped with stalling abilities such as a concussive blast (Nova Pulse) and her annoyingly powerful black hole ability (Gravity Well.) You can think of Astra as more of a Sentinel/Controller hybrid, if you will.

Thanks to the narrow entryways and alleys on the map, Astra can execute amazing combos with other Agents on Split, such as Killjoy or Raze. A five-person Gravity Well can set the enemies up for a nightmare as Agents such as Raze can make quick work with her Showstopper.

Astra is also the only smoker with an infinite range as she can place smoke markers from basically anywhere on the map. Her limitless range makes her a more effective pick versus other smokers such as Omen or Brimstone.


As the most powerful and versatile Duelist in VALORANT right now, Jett will be a staple pick in almost any map in VALORANT.

Split highlights most of what is great about Jett in the current meta. Jett can take advantage of the elevation changes and tight angles on Split with her Updraft ability and can cover a ton of space in a small amount of time with her powerful Dash ability.

A good Jett who is also good with an Operator can meltdown enemy teams and get away without a scratch, thanks to the multitude of covers she can use around the map.


Split is still pretty much a Defender-sided map. As such, Defenders must focus on winning as many rounds as possible to give themselves a comfortable round-cushion going into the Attacking side.

Viper is a not-so-common pick on Split, which is honestly baffling. Viper can play the same Sentinel/Controller hybrid thanks to her Poison Cloud, Toxic Wall, and Snake Bite.

She can be a very effective semi-smoker since her Poison Cloud can be used again and again within the round. Snake Bite is also a powerful stalling tool that can effectively stop the Attackers’ push into either A or B site. Her Ultimate is self-explanatory and powerful in a map with small bomb sites such as Split.

Overall, Viper’s ability loadout makes her a versatile Agent on Split.

Team Split

Split is an interesting map to play as both an Attacker and Defender. Each side has intricate gameplay nuances that make Split a stressful yet fun map to play.

Split is more or less a Defender-sided map. Agents with smokes and molly abilities are some of the most powerful picks on Split. There’s a reason why there are three Sentinel Agents on this list. (2 Sentinel-Esque Agents in Viper and Astra, anyway.)

Coupled with the recon ability of Skye and the space-munching speed of Jett, this Agent lineup can pretty much do it all on Split.

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