VALORANT: Brimstone Smoke on Pearl (Attacking)


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Why settle for two smokes when you can have three?

VALORANT: Brimstone Smoke on Pearl (Attacking)

If you have played on Pearl a lot lately, you will already know what to address when playing the Attacking side on the newest map.

For starters, Pearl is similar to another VALORANT map that it replaced on the competitive map rotation – Split – when it comes to the sheer number of angles the Attacking team needs to clear upon site entry. Without proper smoke setups, the Attacking team will have a tough time taking hold of any bombsite on Pearl.

Any controller Agent can block off a few key sightlines on Pearl’s bomb sites. Still, only Brimstone can cover almost every single one of these angles simultaneously with his triple smoke charges.

With that in mind, we have compiled the best Brimstone Smoke setups on Pearl that you can use to secure bombsite entry on Pearl’s A or B site.

Brimstone Smoke Setup on Pearl A-site Attacking

Pearl A-site Brimstone Smoke

There are just three angles that you need to worry about on A-site – A-Link, A-Flowers, and A-Secret/Dugout. With Brimstone’s triple smoke charges, you can easily cover all three simultaneously.

Make sure you manually clear every close corner on A-site upon site entry. You will never know when the Defending team decides to play cheeky angles such as behind A-Default and A-Camp.

image 311
image 312

Pearl Middle Brimstone Smoke Attacking

For the most part, you will be better off saving three smoke charges to cover as many angles as possible at either A or B sites. However, if your team has another Agent that can cover a ton of angles on Pearl’s bombsite (Viper is great here, too), you can focus your smoke efforts on Pearl Middle instead.

For Pearl Middle, you have one of two options – smoke Middle Doors and take control of A-Art or smoke A-Art and breach Middle Doors. Depending on which bombsite your team decides to take on Pearl, you have to smoke one of two locations in the Middle to block off rotations while your team attacks either bombsite briefly.

image 313
image 314

Brimstone Smoke Setup on Pearl B-site Attacking

B-site will have more angles to cover versus A-site. There’s B-Hall, B-Tunnel, B-Tower, and B-Link to worry about upon site entry.

Brimstone only has three smoke charges to work with, which means you can not cover all four angles on B-site with Brimstone’s smokes. Your team will manually have to hold any angle you cannot cover while you or your teammate plants the Spike.

image 315
image 316

Smokes Out

Brimstone is a great all-around pick on Pearl. The map is very lineup-friendly, making it easy to line up a few post-plant mollies to help with post-plant defense, while Stim Beacon and Orbital Strike can make site entry much quicker and help clear bombsites of enemies, respectively.

Of course, Brimstone’s Sky Smoke is arguably his strongest ability on the map, allowing him to simultaneously cover as many angles as possible on the Attacking side of the map.

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