Best Cypher Camera Spots on Icebox (Defending) in Valorant


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Learn the best Cypher camera spots on Icebox when Defending in Valorant!

Best Cypher Camera Spots on Icebox (Defending) in Valorant

Cypher’s signature ability is a camera that allows him to guard lanes at different spots on the map. This ability gives Cypher his great flank-watching chops and the ability to get map information without exposing himself to the enemy team.

While you can place Cypher’s Spycam at just about any spot on most maps in VALORANT and get decent value from them, knowing the best spots for maps, such as Icebox, will guarantee you get the most information every round.

With this in mind, we have compiled some of the best Cypher Camera Spots you can use on your next outing on Icebox with Cypher.

Icebox A-site Camera Setups

Spotting enemies early in the round without peeking can be tricky on Icebox A-site. If you’re playing Cypher on Icebox A-site, you can just use your Spycam to spot enemies as they enter the bombsite without having to risk your life by peeking manually.

With that said, you’ll need to know multiple camera spots to switch between them and keep the enemy team from shooting down your cameras as soon as the round starts.

A-site Spycam 1

Get on top of 410 for Spycam 1 and 2 setups.

1 3
2 3

A-site Spycam 2

9 3
10 2

Icebox Spycam 3

27 1
28 1

Icebox Spycam 4

29 1
30 1

Icebox Middle Camera Setups

Whichever side gains control of Icebox Middle will acquire additional lanes and gain control of rotational lanes around the map, making Icebox Middle an important lane for both the Attacking and Defending teams on Icebox.

Middle Boiler can be a predictable spot to hold actively as a Defender, so you might be better off using your Spycam to watch the middle area. We have also included some sneaky camera setups that you can use to watch B-Orange.

Icebox Middle Spycam 1

5 4
6 1

Icebox Middle Spycam from Defender Spawn

Get on top of the railings to place this Spycam.

7 2

Icebox Middle Spycam 3

23 1
24 1

Icebox Middle Spycam 4

25 1
26 1

Icebox B-site Camera Setups

You generally have a better chance of winning B-site by gaining early information on the enemy team on B-Green through peeking. This allows your teammates to start pushing through Middle and initiate a flank on the enemy team from B-Garage.

If your team isn’t coordinated enough, you can just stay back, set up your Trapwires, and use your Spycam to gain information on enemy positions.

Icebox B-site Spycam 1

3 3
4 3

Icebox B-site Spycam 2

13 1
14 1

Icebox B-site Spycam 3

16 1
17 1

Icebox B-site Spycam 4

18 1
19 1

Icebox B-site Spycam 5

20 2
21 2
22 1

Tight Surveillance

A Spycam in common lanes around the map can give you and your teammates an immediate advantage in the round, regardless of where you place the camera.

With that said powerful spots around Icebox allow you to watch certain positions remotely and ensure that the Spycam is not immediately shot down at the start of the round. Remember as many Spycam placements from this guide as possible to keep an eye on the enemy team regardless of where you are around Icebox.

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