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Sayu is one of the few characters in Genshin Impact who has been given a special story quest called Hangout Event. It is a series of quests where you spend time with the character and learn more about them. The first act of her Hangout Event is called Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu.

<strong>Genshin Impact: Sayu Hangout Event All Endings of Act I</strong>


Act I – Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu

In this first act of Sayu’s Hangout Event, you will encounter the ninja-in-training as she tries to carry out a mission that instructs her to ambush someone. Can she complete the task?

With the help of this guide, you will not only learn about the mysterious mission that Sayu is handling and have an easier time choosing the options to get you the endings you aim for.

Hangout Requirements

To do this Hangout Event, you must complete the Omnipresence Over Mortals main quest. It is the third act of Chapter II of the Archon Quest and is the quest that allows you to enter Inazuma. There will also be a certain mission that lets you meet and work with Sayu for the first time.

To unlock the Hangout Event, you will need two Story Keys, which you can collect by completing eight Daily Quests.

Hangout Endings

There are a total of six endings that you need to reach to complete this Hangout Event. Continue reading to learn how to complete each of them.

hangout sayu 003

Intro: A Mysterious Gaze

Walking through Inazuma City, you feel a strange gaze from somewhere around you.

Step 1: Go to the city.

While walking around the area near the Jewelry Shop in Inazuma City, you suddenly notice Sayu running around. You try following her to find out what is going on with her.

hangout sayu 005

Step 2: Give a chance in the direction of Sayu’s disappearance.

Sayu runs towards the alley leading to the mini garden shrine outside the city. As you try going after her, she’s suddenly nowhere to be found. Try to look around the area. Perhaps she’s using her ninjutsu skills to hide.

Step 3: Look for Sayu nearby.

Now observe the wooden crates and barrels in the area; maybe Sayu used her skills to disguise herself as one of them. One of the wooden barrels looks suspicious, having a leaf on it and a tail of some sort. Interact with it to see if it is your ninja friend.

hangout sayu 004

Since you saw through her disguise, Sayu is impressed with your observation because even the shrine maiden often struggles to find her. But you tell her that it is because her tail was sticking out. She then explains that she must have been too nervous and failed to utilize her ninjutsu technique fully.

Sayu now asks you what you need from her, and you can tell her: “I was about to ask you the same thing.” Or “weren’t you looking for me just now?”

The little ninja suddenly mentions that Shimura has added a delicious new dish to their menu, Yae Publishing House has some good light novels, a dip in Aisa Bathhouse is always nice, and today’s weather is perfect for all this stuff.

She says she was a little tired and could nap well. Sayu then tries dismissing you and tells you not to bother chasing her again because you can’t catch her anyway.

You can respond: “I suppose I’ll just chat with the shrine maiden, then.” Or “Perhaps I’ll tell Kamisato Ayaka that I ran into you here.” She will respond that you are just as difficult as the shrine maiden and beg that you let her go.

When asked to answer honestly, Sayu says that if she tells you the truth, she doesn’t want to hear any complaints, no matter how crazy the truth may seem.

hangout sayu 006

She explains that being in the Shuumatsuban, it’s their job to take care of ” inconvenient ” matters to the higher-ups. Which sometimes includes ambushing people. She then tells you that being ambushed is pretty scary and that you should at least try to express a little concern because, according to her orders, you are a target, but she has no intention of attacking you.

Sayu shared that she just dropped by to see how you were doing and was glad you were okay. But when asked why all the running and those lame excuses just now, she said she was just concerned about how you’d react when told someone wants to ambush you. She’s just a little annoyed that all this craziness is starting to interfere with her sleep schedule.

hangout sayu 007

Now, you want to know what’s behind the said orders of Sayu, so you decide to ask around and get to the bottom of it. When you say you wanted to talk to the “shrine maiden” Sayu mentioned earlier, your friend reveals that she’s the one who has been assigned to supervise her work. And that she always tries to catch Sayu whenever she is slacking off. That shrine maiden must keep Sayu from napping.

hangout sayu 008

The shrine maiden probably knows more about the origins of Sayu’s mission to ambush you, so you suggest that you guys ask her about it. Sayu agrees to take you to the shrine maiden, but she must hide in the distance. Because if she catches her anywhere near there, Sayu said she would never hear the end of it, and then they would sentence her to all kinds of work, which would cut into her time for napping.

Sayu further asks you to promise her that you must not tell the shrine maiden that you have seen her anywhere. 

Shuumatsuban Visitation?You learn from Sayu that an ambush order on your head has gone out to the Shuumatsuban. You intend to find someone to ask about this…

Step 4: Ask the shrine maiden about the situation.

As it turns out, Sayu received her ambush order from Shuumatsuban. The situation is quite incomprehensible, so you and Sayu go to investigate.

TTalk to Kano Nana, the shrine maiden, and ask what Sayu just shared. She can be found in the field outside of Inazuma City. Travel to the Teleport Waypoint outside of the city and walk down south, and you will find her next to a tree.

hangout sayu 009

The shrine maiden is still looking for Sayu and is surprised to have seen you here. Since you were equally surprised that she recognized you, Kano Nana shared that Kamisato Ayaka has spoken of you before and that you seemed familiar.

Kano Nana will ask what brings you to the area, and you can respond with, “I happened to be in the area. Do you come here often?” Or “It seems you are looking for something.” Either choice will have the shrine maiden share with you that she is looking for a little child named Sayu. She is a ninja with a nasty habit of disappearing when Nana turns around; she shares that the little ninja is always neglectful of her duties.

hangout sayu 010

The shrine maiden says Sayu often comes here to nap, but she’s already predicted she would come looking for her. She then asks if you have happened to see her anywhere, and you say you have not.

You then ask Kano Nana about the news you caught of the Yashiro Commission’s supposed plan to ambush you. But the shrine maiden denies this allegation and wonders how you caught wind of this matter. She asks if you encountered the ninja who was tasked with the matter.

hangout sayu 011

You can choose one of the three responses, but all deny the shrine maiden’s speculations and say you just heard of it or that someone had just told you to be on guard. Kano Nana assures you there is no need to worry and that you are probably overthinking things.

This statement has you wondering if it is possible that a ninja could have gone rogue. After all, you have been of great service to the Yashiro Commission, and many are thankful for your actions. How could anyone even consider dispatching a ninja to attack you?

The mention of the little ninja’s name has the shrine maiden wonder if the assassination matter is related to Sayu. Of course, you deny it again, saying you were just making an example. Despite giving her headaches, Kano Nana explains and assures you that little Sayu would not do such a thing.

hangout sayu 012

Concerned that you are still worried about the matter, Kano Nana promises to inquire personally with the Yashiro Commission. Though she is a shrine maiden, it is also part of her duties to take on work from the Shuumatsuban. She further says her intuition tells Sayu’s mischief might be behind this misunderstanding.

Step 5: Leave everything to the shrine maiden or continue your investigation.

In this part, you choose to thank Kano Nana and leave the fact-finding to her or tell her that you shall continue the investigation while she makes inquiries. Choosing the first option will continue the story to Route A: Endings 1, 2, 3, and 4, while selecting the latter option will lead to Route B: Endings 5 and 6.

hangout sayu 013

Route A: To Endings 1, 2, 3, and 4

Step 1: Select the option that says, “Thank you, that would certainly help.”

hangout sayu 014

Give It Up!Kano Nana has discovered Sayu and has no choice but to return to Chinju Forest to practice ninjutsu. She begs you to come along, and so you do…

After thanking the shrine maiden, she will ask you again if you are certain you haven’t seen Sayu. You can respond with: “Yes, absolutely certain.” Or “(Seems there’s no fooling her…).” Either option will have the maiden shrine look at the house nearby and notice Sayu disguised as the wooden barrel because she left her tail sticking out again.

Step 2: Talk to Sayu and Kano Nana.

After getting caught, Sayu talks with Kano Nana, and you find out that your little friend has been given a mission to ambush you, which was not assigned by the shrine maiden. She apologizes and promises to return the orders to the Yashiro Commission for further clarification.

hangout sayu 016

Since the matter was somehow cleared, Sayu attempts to run off again, but Kano Nana stops her this time. She reminds her of the ninjutsu training that Sayu had to complete, so they shall return to Chinju Forest. Sayu does not want to do the training, saying an exceptional ninja must work hard and have ample rest. It is also time for her nap, so she tries to bid you farewell and wishes you good night. However, the shrine maiden insists that she attend training, so the little ninja agrees but simultaneously asks if you would go with them.

hangout sayu 017

Sayu promises there wouldn’t be any trouble, and she needs some of your time. She tries guilting you by saying she helped you by bringing you the shrine maiden, so now you must return the favor. You agree, but Kano Nana suspects Sayu is up to something again.

Step 3: Go to Chinju Forest with Sayu and Kano Nana.

After arriving at the forest, Kano Nana will leave you two to go to the Yashiro Commission to inquire about Sayu’s mission orders. She asks you to keep an eye on your little friend as she is tasked to start warming up for her training.

By the time the shrine maiden was gone, Sayu had started celebrating, saying there would be no more work today. She said she invited you to come as a helper when she asked if helping her slack off was her reason for asking you to come along.

hangout sayu 018

Sayu shares that the shrine maiden is terrifying because once she picks up on tracks, it is nearly impossible for her to be shaken. But since you are also super skilled, she asks you to rescue her in this dire need. Since she started talking about wishing for ample rest, you ask her why she is so obsessed with sleeping.

The little ninja then starts lecturing you about the benefits of sleeping. With it, you can regain energy, clear your mind, pass the time, and escape all your troubles. Most importantly, sleep helps you grow, and she adds that she has plenty of growing to do because being tall is the key to everything. The other ninja can leap up tall trees in a single bound and pick the tasty fruit way up high.

hangout sayu 019

All the other ninjas her age are already way taller than her. Sayu said her sensei told her that kids only have one chance to grow up, and she would miss her chance if she kept slacking off. She strongly believes that growing tall has something to do with how long you sleep. When you question how anyone could suddenly grow taller in their sleep, Sayu asserts that it always happens. However, it does sound silly when you think about it.

Little Sayu doesn’t want to discuss it anymore because the more she does, the more you’ll convince her otherwise. Now, she already feels crazy tired. In this part, you can say, Growing taller is what you really care about, isn’t it? Or “I can see that you‘re tired, but it’s not good to neglect your work either.”

hangout sayu 020

Selecting the first dialogue will open the path to Endings 1, 2, and 3, while the second is for Ending 4.

Ending 1: Everything in Moderation

Step 1: Select the line that says, “Growing taller is what you really care about, isn’t it?”

hangout sayu 021

You realize that growing tall is actually what Sayu cares about and not slacking off. Pointing this out, Sayu explains that, at first, she only wanted to grow as fast as possible. But as she started sleeping more every day, she became sleepier. The sleepier she became, the more she slept. Even now that she is awake and talking with you, her brain still feels half asleep, she claims, and that work is the last thing on her mind. 

However, although she has been getting more sleep recently, she has not gained any height. So she asks you for ideas, hoping you can help her.

You will be presented with two choices: Sleep alone isn’t enough to make you grow taller. and It’s not the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep that’s keeping you from growing.

Step 2: Choose “Sleep alone isn’t enough to make you grow taller.” 

hangout sayu 023

Selecting the first dialogue will make Sayu wonder if there is a way for her to grow taller instead of just going to sleep. You then explain to her that plants grow best when the environmental conditions are right for them to generate energy and get proper nutrition and that the same is probably true for people. You then ask her how her appetite is these days.

Your little friend says that it is nothing compared to adults, that a little food is enough to make her full. Sayu usually prefers eating fruit rather than big, filling dishes. But now she seems to understand that people grow bigger and taller with more nutrients. She then thought that if anybody could eat a lot, it was the samurai, so she followed their example.

hangout sayu 025

Now, Sayu wants you both to go to town to look for something to eat. When mentioning that Kano Nana has not returned yet, Sayu asserted that you can’t go anywhere once the shrine maiden is around and that now is your only chance.

Recharge Plan – You tell Sayu she needs enough nutrition to grow tall. She follows you enthusiastically to Inazuma City…

Step 3: Travel with Sayu back to Inazuma City.

You can simply make a quick journey to the Teleport Waypoint found in the northern part of the city.

hangout sayu 027

Bottleneck Breaker – When you get to the city, go to the area around the Amenoma Blacksmith and Kiminami Restaurant.

Step 4: Go to Kiminami Restaurant.

While passing the area, looking for something to eat, Sayu was stopped by the smell of food from Kiminami Restaurant. The store owner, Kiminami Anna, noticed you two and offered what they are currently serving.

Step 5: Dine with Sayu.

Sayu tells Anna she wants Rice Cake Soup, Tuna Sushi, a Tricolor Dango, and one Tri-Flavored Skewer. When pointed out that it seems too much for her, Sayu reasons that time waits for no one. She said if she can’t grow more by eating more, she will still have time to try something else. Thus, it is time for her to take things into her own hands.

hangout sayu 028

Sayu has always taken a proactive approach to grow taller. She can even overcome her sleepiness if she needs to. She said she has never been able to eat very much in one sitting and now thought of trying it to see what her limits are this time. 

She was so positive that eating like this would help her grow immediately, maybe as much as 6 inches. However, she said she would need your help if she can’t finish everything. But the little ninja is positive that no food will go to waste and that she can finish it alone.

Hard Work Pays Off – Sayu’s eaten a lot already, but to no effect. Still, she’s not ready to give up just yet… 

hangout sayu 029

She tries so hard to eat everything that she starts to hiccup after. But she assures you she’s fine and doesn’t worry about her. She says she feels a bit full but now has a problem moving. Now, Sayu doesn’t feel like she’s getting taller; if anything, she only grows wider. But if that’s the price of getting taller, she says she will pay it.

After all the dishes, Sayu prepares to order some more Dango. She thinks they are making a swirl reaction in her tummy and never thought eating could be so painful. She wonders why growing had to be so difficult. 

In this part, you can choose to respond between two dialogues. One goes, “Do you wish to continue?” while the other says, “Eating like this might negatively affect your health. Maybe we should consider other options.” 

Step 6: Choose to ask Sayu if she still wishes to continue.

hangout sayu 030

You could tell your little friend that you shouldn’t bite more than you can chew, but she will still choose to go on. Sayu will tell you she will keep at it if you choose the first option; no pain means no gain. However, she will ask if you could try some other food because everything you ordered starts a swirling reaction in her tummy. 

Step 7: Go to Shimura’s.

Bring the little ninja to the restaurant that Shimura Kanbei owns. It is the one that is opposite the Adventurers’ Guild Reception in Inazuma City. Sayu agrees to go with you and find some other food to try but asks you to stroll because her stomach hurts.

hangout sayu 032

Sayu learned a lesson, and now she is trying to be careful. She says you both need to finish that one first before ordering another. Noticing that she has reached her limit, you suggest taking a break. As expected, Sayu refuses and even says that some things can never be achieved until you push yourself. Her body needs to get the signal she is trying to grow taller. But, Sayu adds that if she can’t eat anymore, she can always order some tea.

You explain that it will be difficult to be nimble if she grows wider. Your little friend then realizes that a ninja must be quick on their feet, and getting stuck in a passageway would be embarrassing. However, she is still holding on to her belief that her body will feel her desire to grow and direct all the nutrients to the right place.

hangout sayu 033

Sayu does not give up and continues gobbling up the two dishes you ordered. But after eating, she felt that she was feeling more pain and called it quits. Since there are still two radishes left over, she asks you to finish them instead. However, at the last second, she decides to eat more. This is because she might feel like she did not give it her best shot if she did not finish all the food she got.

One last try, and then no more trying to grow by eating. But Kano Nana appeared screaming for her before she could put the last food in her mouth. Sayu suggests that she lead Kano Nana away from here and try to shake her off Sayu’s trail and that you meet up later. However, she feels too full even to move.

hangout sayu 034

“Escape is Sayu’s bread-and-butter, but this time, her attempt ends in failure.”

Ending 2: Like Soaring Through the Skies

Step 1: Do Intro and follow steps 1 to 4 of Ending 1.

Recharge PlanYou tell Sayu she needs enough nutrition to grow tall. She follows you enthusiastically to Inazuma City…

Step 2: Choose the option that says, “Eating like this might have a negative effect on your health. Maybe we should consider other options.

hangout sayu 031

Exercise Follows EatingEating to grow taller is rather painful, so you try to get Sayu to try something else — exercise. Will you succeed this time?

Step 3: Brainstorm new ideas with Sayu.

Sayu exclaims that she already knew everything there was to know about training. Telling her that kids who love running and jumping everywhere give a strong impression that they will grow a lot and made her consider the idea. It made her think about how the tallest ninja in the Shuumatsuban always seems to be training their ninjutsu and accepting extremely difficult tasks.

hangout sayu 035

When pointing out the possibility that maybe sleep has only had the opposite effect on her, Sayu explains that that couldn’t be it. She explains that she hasn’t kept a good balance of sleep and training because she feels sleepy more often than energetic.

Now, Sayu feels she needs to do more training with you. Adventuring, combat — she feels she needs to do it all. So you suggest she go with you and see if the Adventurers’ Guild has any commission for you two to handle.

Step 4: Accept a commission for Kiminami Anna.

The owner of Kiminami Restaurant happens to have heard your plan to take a commission from the Adventurers’ Guild and asks if you could do some work for them instead. She said that recently, they have been running into a group of rowdy Treasure Hoarders whenever they go into the wild to gather ingredients. She feels that those bad guys are intentionally targeting their restaurant staff. 

hangout sayu 036

Kiminami Anna hopes you understand the dire situation because it has taken a real toll on their business. She wondered that since she has already submitted the commission to Katherine, perhaps you can consider helping them.

Sayu believes that bad guys like the Treasure Hoarders are the best practice targets for ninjutsu. So you both agreed to take care of them. Kiminami Anna then showed you where Treasure Hoarders have been most active recently. Your post-meal plans are now settled.

Step 5: Go to the Treasure Hoarders’ camp.

The said camp is located by the shore outside of Inazuma City. You can simply quickly travel to the Teleport Waypoint right at the entrance of the town and then head northeast to the sea.

hangout sayu 037

You will immediately see the Treasure Hoarders when you get to the location. All the food she ate is weighing Sayu down, but she is sure she can still handle the culprits. 

Step 6: Chase the Treasure Hoarders away for Kiminami Anna.

You must defeat two waves of enemies, with 4 Treasure Hoarders during each wave. 

hangout sayu 038

When Sayu is about to deliver the final blow to the enemy, she suddenly screams and whimpers. Sayu explains that one big brute charged straight at her while taking care of the last of the Treasure Hoarders. She moved back to dodge him, but he was too tall, and as he reached out to grab her, his hand landed right on Sayu’s head.

hangout sayu 039

Sayu started thinking about how much she will have to eat and sleep or how much training she must do to make up for it. Sayu sadly said that all her hard work went to nothing because everyone knows that if you’re trying to grow taller, you can’t be touched on the head. She believes that getting patted on the head can stunt one’s growth and that she never lets anyone touch her head.

The shrine maiden will give her a real earful, but she said she might as well get it over well. For Sayu, it’s not fun to be patted on the head. But what’s done is done, and she can do nothing about it now. The little ninja said she’s given up on growing for now and would not grow taller today. Sayu apologizes, says she did not want to bum you out with her terrible mood, and decides to return now. 

hangout sayu 040

You can try cheering up your little friend by telling her one of the two options: “There’s a saying, you know: All good things come to those who wait.” and “It simply takes time to grow.” Both will make Sayu realize that she must look at the bright side. She believes she’s just too anxious about growing, and now she’s being punished by the archons.

Not as PlannedSayu gets patted on the head after the fight with the Treasure Hoarders. She believes this means she won’t grow taller, putting her in very low spirits.

Step 7: The battle is over; talk to Sayu.

You tell Sayu that you have another idea, but she says she doesn’t want to trouble you anymore, thinking maybe her stunted growth is tied to her bad attitude more than anything else. She thinks getting you involved any further will just waste your time.

hangout sayu 041

But you insist and tell Sayu that although she might not be growing taller now, she can still experience the feeling of growing. You tell her to imagine that after she grows taller, she can reach higher places and see much farther, and after confirming that this is what she is after, you ask her to come with you.

Step 8: Go to a high spot to relax with Sayu.

Now you will have to climb up Mt. Yougou with Sayu. The perfect spot is the peak that faces the entrance of the Grand Narukami Shrine. You can fast-travel to the shrine and glide to the opposite mountain peak. 

hangout sayu 042

When you arrive at the area, Sayu confesses that you got her worried on the way here. She wondered if you were taking her to the Kamisato residence or the shrine. But she realized that you were not kidding. She definitely can see much farther from up here. Somehow, Sayu feels a little better after coming up so high, so you ask her if there is anything she’d like to do after she grows taller.

hangout sayu 043

Sayu answers that there was nothing extraordinary. She would simply like to go to the forest and pick fruit from the trees without jumping or finding something to step on. Just that would be enough to make her happy. She’d also like to swim in water that’s too deep for her now, and no one will tease her anymore for her toes being unable to touch the bottom. She also said that she would be able to eat more food and stop wasting food all the time.

hangout sayu 044

You understand now that being taller will make things easier for Sayu. It will also make her freer, too, she believes. When she grows taller, she can visit other places for training, go everywhere, and sleep whenever she wants! This is because she won’t need a guardian to look after her, and the shrine maiden won’t be out to catch her anymore.

Sayu then asks if you need anyone with ninjutsu skills to accompany you on your adventure. When you tell her how dangerous adventuring is, she confirms you still see her at her current height. However, she assures you that you won’t have to worry about her ever again when she gets taller.

hangout sayu 045

The little Shuumatsuban ninja is already in a good mood and promises that she will visit high places more often from now on. You then tell her that this isn’t the highest she can achieve, that she can reach even higher and see farther, but she can’t do that just by standing here. You then carry little Sayu on your shoulders.

hangout sayu 046

“Although her plans to grow taller have not gone smoothly, at least you helped her catch a glimpse of the future.”

Ending 3: Definitely No Work Today!

Step 1: Do Intro until Step 1 of Ending 1.

Step 2: Choose the option “It’s not the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep that’s keeping you from growing.

hangout sayu 024

Sayu agrees that quality sleep is hard to come by, especially with the shrine maiden always after her. Somehow Kano Nana knows all her favorite napping spots, and Sayu wonders if she shows everything. She finds it tough to throw the shrine maiden off her trail. Sayu invites you to look around and find a nice place to curl up for a nap.

Sleep Alone Can’t-WaitRather than working on training, Sayu thinks that sleeping is of the utmost urgency and importance.

Step 3: Go to Sayu’s sleeping spot.

The location is the cliff just east of the Teleport Waypoint, which you can simply walk to.

hangout sayu 047

Step 4: Defeat the slimes.

When you arrive at the spot, you are greeted by a group of Pyro Slimes. Get rid of the monsters as quickly as you can.

hangout sayu 048

After defeating the slimes, Sayu feels sad, worrying about how she was supposed to nap when slimes were everywhere. This location is Sayu’s usual spot, and although it’s not ideal for hiding, it has a nice view and tons of fresh air. Napping here makes your dreams just that much sweeter, Sayu claims.

Sayu says there were no slimes here, and now ashes are everywhere. She couldn’t nap here now because she would feel all nasty and grimy and make her outfit dirty. She is picky with where she takes her nap because even though she can sleep practically anywhere, she needs to consider her sleep quality.

Sayu always sleeps with one ear on the ground. That way, she can run to escape when she hears her approaching; that’s how things are for Sayu during the day, but sometimes, she can’t sleep well at night, either, which is exactly why she is such a light sleeper now.

Choices: “You’re always alert, aren’t you…” and “I suppose one could say this makes you an even more impressive ninja.”

hangout sayu 049

Looking at the bright side, Sayu considers it good news that you both got rid of the slimes before the forest rose in flames. She now feels like she needs to scout out another place to nap. Sayu definitely has a backup napping spot, but the shrine maiden is always looking for where she likes to sleep, so she has to keep finding more. She will bring you to another spot, and hopefully, the shrine maiden hasn’t discovered any of Sayu’s recent napping spots.

The Enigmatic Shrine MaidenThe Pyro Slimes have taken up Sayu’s usual sleeping spot, and she is forced to relocate. But will things go that smoothly?

Step 5: Go to the backup nap location.

The next spot is, again, by a cliff but somewhere north of Sayu’s last napping location. The spot is pretty secluded since it is just behind another cliff wall.

hangout sayu 050

The area seems clear, but you found some sort of sharp, pointy ninja gadgets on some rocks. These things are meant to keep intruders at bay, Sayu explains. But they are also often used for ninja training and would hurt if you stepped on one, so you must be very careful. 

Some spiky things are on the stones here, and probably some in the grass. But Sayu notices some traces of lots of activity here, which gives her a bad feeling. She says it’s one of the shrine maiden’s tactics of turning Sayu’s napping spots into a training area for the Shuumatsuban once she discovers it. It is to keep Sayu from sleeping there.

hangout sayu 051

Now you wonder if the shrine maiden was behind the slimes you ran into earlier. Sayu does not think so because the shrine maiden would know the danger Pyro Slimes present to the forest. But it’s hard for her to say for sure. She claims that the shrine maiden will go to extreme lengths to catch her as if she’s her sword enemy, the bane of her existence.

Despite your warnings that Kano Nana could be in the area, Sayu decides to clean the stuff up before leaving. You then suggest going and looking at Sayu’s next backup spot. But Sayu doesn’t want to leave all the dangerous items scattered around. Otherwise, it could harm the kitsune or other wildlife.

Step 6: Help Sayu retrieve the ninja equipment.

There are four spots where you need to clean up. Pick up the ninja equipment at these locations quickly to leave immediately.

hangout sayu 052

Sayu looks happy and relieved after you are done cleaning up. You can tell that she is a very caring person who loves the wildlife here. You must go to Sayu’s next napping spot because the shrine maiden could appear anytime. 

Sayu points out that given what you saw just now, the Kano Nana has probably already discovered all of Sayu’s usual spots. Nowhere is safe from her, so you must scout out a new place to nap.

hangout sayu 053

You can suggest any of these three locations: Tenshukaku, Konda Village, and Amakane Island. But, Sayu will have reasons why those areas are not good for napping. Sayu’s last option is to go out adventuring because, as they say, “The most dangerous of places is often the safest of places.

So if you are going to avoid the shrine maiden, Sayu thinks that the safest place would be the Grand Narukami Shrine. She believes Kano Nana would never expect to find her sleeping in the big tree at the shrine. And that all you need to do is carefully make your way inside without drawing any unwanted attention. Once you’re in, Sayu can take a nice, long, undisrupted nap.

hangout sayu 054

For Sweeter DreamsSayu’s sleeping spots are within the palm of Kano Nana’s hand. She must resort to extraordinary measures to get a good nap this time…

Step 7: Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine.

You can simply use the Teleport Waypoint located at the shrine’s entrance.

Upon arriving, Sayu is confused why the shrine is crawling with members of the Yashiro Commission. But your little friend does not want to back down. She is determined to sneak inside and has a closer look at what is going on. She then instructed you to stay quiet and not alert them to your presence.

Step 8: Sneak near the Sakura tree near the shrine.

In this part, you will have to sneak past the members of the Yashiro Commission. You have to move the docking and dash to avoid getting detected.

hangout sayu 055

If you are within their scope of sight, the Yashiro soldiers will alert everyone, and the challenge will fail. This means you have to do it again.

hangout sayu 056

The trick here is to wait for one to move from the left area to the right and quickly run to the back through the left hallway. Another one will be there, but he will look far to the left, so you won’t be noticed if you dock and dash behind him. After getting past him, you can continue to duck and dash until you reach the Great Narukami Tree.

hangout sayu 057

Step 9: Talk to Sayu.

It was a challenge, but Sayu is relieved that the people from the Yashiro Commission did not catch you and that the “scary Guuji lady” doesn’t seem to be around either. Sayu has always wanted to come here for a nap because it’s spacious and super comfy. And now, even when you have just reached the great Sakura tree, she is already sleepy, so you let her take her most wanted nap.

hangout sayu 058

Your little friend says thanks for sticking with her and promises that if you ever need a ninja, her skills are at your disposal. She also says that even though she prefers avoiding her work with the Shuumatsuban, if it’s you that she’s assisting, she is more than happy to help, ideally when she’s not sleepy.

hangout sayu 059

However, as Sayu is about to doze off, you hear Kano Nana calling out for the little ninja. Sayu starts panicking, but you volunteer to stall the shrine maiden to buy her some time.

Step 10: Help Sayu escape from the shrine maiden.

When you step away from the tree, Kano Nana coincidentally is already in front of you and equally surprised to see you there. She irritably explains that after she returned from checking with the Yashiro Commission concerning the ambush operation, she discovered that you and Sayu had already left the forest.

hangout sayu 060

Kano Nana asks if Sayu is with you, and you can respond with “nope, she’s not here” or “she left a while ago.” But the shrine maiden thinks it strange because she found traces along the road, and they all point her toward this shrine. Eventually, Kano Nana drops her suspicions and shares the information about the ambush order.

hangout sayu 061

As you are about to leave, the shrine maiden stops you to confirm you are sure that you have not seen Sayu. After denying, yet again, Kano Nana notices a kitsune which she said she’s never seen around the Shrine before. The little fox seems concerned about the tree, so she checks the branches. Of course, it was Sayu, and before the shrine maiden could say anything, you both started running away.

hangout sayu 062

“Since hiding won’t work, Sayu now resorts to her final trump card: speed!”

Ending 4: With the Trees

Step 1: Do Into until step 2 of Route A.

Step 2: Say, “I can see that you‘re tired , but it’s not good to neglect your work either.

hangout sayu 022

Sayu admits that she may not have kept up with her duties and apologizes for it, but she says she is getting sleepy. When you point out that she seems not to take the matter to heart, Sayu reasons that her work is too boring. Her duties include transporting documents and organizing the ninja tools. She believes that if she does not do the work, no one will ask her to do it again.

She says the higher-ups always give all the important tasks to more suitable operatives. They never even give her a second thought. You can respond, “It’s still your responsibility to fulfill your duties.” Or with  “You should try to at least keep your sensei and Kano Nana from worrying.”

hangout sayu 063

After hearing that, Sayu suddenly has an idea and thinks that if they learned ninjutsu and helped her with her tasks, she could sleep peacefully and focus more on growing. Ninjutsu will come in handy during your adventures, she claims, and she promises to teach you everything. She further tries convincing you by saying that if you work hard, she will work hard to guide you. This way, nobody is wasting time being lazy.

hangout sayu 064

“Now you’re the one trying to convince me to work,” and “fine, if that’s what we have to do” are the next responses you can give her. She even calls you the hero that protected Sayu’s nap time and suggested that you can start training once the shrine maiden gets back.

Operation Substitution

Twinjutsu – So Sayu wanted you to learn ninjutsu so that you could replace her at work…

Step 3: Wait for the shrine maiden.

When she returns, Kano Nana is surprised to still see Sayu and is pretty suspicious that this may be some sort of trick. So your little friend explained that you, the Traveler, are interested in ninjutsu and want to learn with her. 

hangout sayu 065

The shrine maiden is not easily convinced, but although it is strictly forbidden for some techniques to be taught to outsiders, you could be an exception.

Step 4: Ask Kano Nana for updates on the ambush thing.

The shrine maiden did find something. She determines that the Yashiro Commission had no intention of carrying out such a mission. They are now investigating the origins of these orders. She assures you that the related personnel is aware of the situation and there should be no further threats to your safety.

Step 5: Go to the ninjutsu training ground.

Sayu is delighted that you agreed to her proposal and promises that she will show you her favorite skill to practice. She uses an escape technique to make a quick getaway whenever the shrine maidens after her. But Kano Nana corrects her, saying it is a technique to help ninjas train their agility.

hangout sayu 066

When the unpredictable happens during a mission, ninjas must be capable of traversing various terrains. During the training, they often set up obstacles on both sides of the stream and have Sayu make her way up the course. Sayu chimes in that she often slipped when she was little and either fell face-first into the mud or got battered as she tumbled down. She asserts that the little course is not as easy as you think, so you should not underestimate it.

Step 6: Start training with Sayu.

To the shrine maiden, although Sayu doesn’t usually exert her best effort, she does have strong ninja fundamentals. Kano Nana has Sayu run the course first to give you a proper demonstration. She also assures you that with your adventuring experience, you will do just fine.

Step 7: It’s your turn to run the course.

In this part, you must complete a timed challenge to reach the marked location within 80 seconds.

hangout sayu 067

The course will be the stream; you must go to the waterfalls. You will encounter obstacles like Anemo floaters, thorny vines, and a few Cryo Slimes along the waters.

Getting hit by the balloons will push you away and could even get you pricked by the vines. The Cryo Slimes can freeze you and delay your progress.

Step 8: Talk to Sayu and Kano Nana.

After completing the challenge, Sayu will greet you in a different voice, and you can ask her why she’s doing it. Your little friend was just reminded of the words of her sensei, and she is telling you how she remembers it. She shares how her sensei would give her a score after each training session and encourage her based on the results.

hangout sayu 070

When asked where her sensei is now and if they have already left these lands, Sayu confirms that her sensei said they had some important matters to attend to. She was even told that they hoped Sayu would become a responsible ninja while they were away. Kano Nana then pointed out that despite remembering her Sensei’s words, Sayu doesn’t seem to act on them because she always skips work.

Live Combat ObservationAfter agility training ends, Kano Nana hopes you will watch and learn from Sayu’s combat ninjutsu.

Step 9: Go to the live combat training ground.

The following exercise is live-combat training, and considering that you have the art of ninjutsu yet, Sayu will have to demonstrate in combat first. And this will be a prime opportunity for you to see her ninjutsu firsthand.

hangout sayu 071

Your next destination is the shore down the cliff south of the Kamisato Estate. You can fast-travel to the Teleport Waypoint and glide down to the shore.

Once there, Kano Nana will have you watch Sayu in combat. She promises to do her best to make her ninjutsu easier to understand.

Step 10: Defeat the slimes.

In this part, you will play as Sayu and must defeat several slimes to demonstrate her ninjutsu. There will be two waves of slimes, but each will be easy to defeat.

Following her ninjutsu showcase, Sayu feels tired and starts yawning again, but she is glad she did not get her outfit dirty. However, she still wants to teach you her ninjutsu. She tells you to stretch your upper body a bit, do a little wiggle, and then turn yourself into a ball.

hangout sayu 075

You are still trying to get each step and do not want to transform it into a ball. But, Sayu assures you that even if you feel a little dizzy, it will only be in the beginning, and you will get used to it. After a few complaints and discussions, Sayu lets out a huge yawn and says she needs a good nap now. When asked about her promise of showing you the way of ninjutsu, Sayu cleared out that that was her sensei’s very strong and patient teaching, which was a little too much work for her.

hangout sayu 076

After hearing a lot about her sensei, you start to wonder what kind of person they are. Sayu says they’re strong, responsible, and kind and never pushed her to do more work. After hearing herself say those things, Sayu thinks her sensei resembles you. Although you don’t know ninjutsu like her sensei did, your other qualities are enough to make you her sensei.

Kano Nana cuts your chit-chat short so you can proceed to the next exercise, but Sayu asks you to take a break first. She reminds the shrine maiden that they agreed to break after every two exercises to keep training from being too forceful. Kano Nana agreed and reminded her not to run off again.

hangout sayu 077

Break Time!In the face of Sayu’s resistance, you quickly enter a rest period…

Step 11: Follow Sayu to her resting spot.

Sayu decides to take you to a nice place to relax a bit, and you willingly follow. The spot is in Chinju Forest, right by the stream. You can simply walk up the path that leads to the forest or do a quick journey using the Teleport Waypoint.

hangout sayu 078

In said location, a tree with a red rope will be tied around it. Upon arriving, Sayu sighed and said it was as exactly as before. Her sensei knew that Sayu was concerned about her height, so before leaving, they measured Sayu’s height and used the rope to mark it on the tree. But even after all this time, not only has Sayu yet to outgrow the rope, but she also thinks that the rope is getting higher with the tree.

hangout sayu 079

Sayu wonders if maybe it was because she was not sleeping enough. You should comfort her by saying that it is normal for trees to grow taller than people or that trees should be taller than people. In this part, you should avoid the voice that says trees of this height will not grow any taller.

hangout sayu 080

Your little friend wonders what her sensei meant when he laughed after Sayu said the same thing about the tree. Now, Sayu explains that she loves napping under a tree, hiding in the shade, or eating fruit. This is how the tree provides for her. And you believe that her sensei hoped that one-day Sayu would provide for someone in the same way. You can select from three choices what your guess is.

Step 12: Wait for Sayu.

Sayu suddenly gets excited and hurriedly leaves, saying she will be right back. She went out to gather some fruit and gave it to you. 

hangout sayu 081

Your friend then shares how she sometimes thinks the Shuumatsuban is more trouble than it’s worth. Everyone’s trying to keep her from getting enough sleep and growing taller. She sometimes wonders why she even bothered sticking around them. But every time she thinks about it, she can’t help but remember her sensei’s smile, and then she thinks of this tree and her Vision.

Sayu believes that someday, this tree will also be a shelter for a kitsune or some other animal. In the same way, someday, after she has grown nice and tall, she will be protecting someone with her ninjutsu. She then apologizes and wonders if maybe she was hoping she’d grow faster to work hard. But it seems she has already spent too much time trying to grow.

hangout sayu 082

“If I gave up my dreams of growing tall, could I still fulfill everyone’s hopes?” Sayu has always avoided asking herself this question because it makes her slightly nervous, and she has yet to find an answer. She still doesn’t know what she can do, but she thought at least she could give you some fruit to eat.

After getting all caught up in the serious talk, you remind Sayu that you both need to relax during this break. Sayu then suggests that you practice a little more ninjutsu because today is one of those rare days when she feels super motivated.

hangout sayu 083

“You can somewhat understand her feelings. Someday she will be able to live up to all expectations on her…”

Route B: To Endings 5 and 6

Step 1: Follow steps 1 to 5 of the Intro.

Step 2: Choose to say, “while you are making inquiries, I shall continue investigating on my own, just to be safe.”

hangout sayu 015

Kano Nana apologizes that this matter has taken up so much of your time. She promised to look into it and get back to you as soon as possible and left.

Step 3: Talk to Sayu.

When the shrine maiden is gone, you are surprised that Sayu hasn’t fallen asleep yet. She gives a sigh of relief and thanks you for not ratting her out, and explains that she finds it hard to sleep through a tense moment like that.

A Mysterious Order

Now that you have confirmed that Kano Nana is not behind Sayu’s mission, it’s time to look into the next suspect.

hangout sayu 084

Since Sayu doesn’t know where else to start, she suggests going to an official guy responsible for delivering orders for the Yashiro Commission to the Shuumatsuban. She says anyone with missions like that will report to him. However, because Sayu never received those missions, she has hardly ever spoken to him before.

Choices: “That makes him a likely suspect.” and “Maybe there’s a way we can get his attention?”

hangout sayu 085

Your plan is for Sayu to pretend she’s finally finished the job. She’s hesitant because she knows she’s a lousy liar, but you offer to give her some hair and other evidence to report back with. You’ll take the evidence, stuff it in a bag, and write Sayu’s name. Then, all you need to do is put it in the big box used for reports and wait for him to see it. He’ll be sure to come looking for Sayu.

Despite finding it too far and a lot of work, Sayu still agrees to help you and that her nap could wait until later.

hangout sayu 086

Two Can Play This GameYou decide to investigate the Shuumatsuban personally. You and Sayu decide to lure the person who gave the order out…

Step 4: Wait for Sayu to return.

When Sayu returned, she said that your evidence immediately caught the guy’s attention. Then he asks her to go somewhere to meet him outside. She wonders why they wouldn’t just meet at the Police Station. Maybe he’s up to something.

Shuumatsuban Suspicions

Step 5: Go to the agreed place and wait for the other party.

Sayu asks you to go with her to the meeting point and settle this matter quickly so she can finally curl up for a long nap.

hangout sayu 087

The location is the grassy hill south of Byakko Plain and east of Amakane Island. You will find a man waiting for someone when you get to the area. This man is Ogawa, a Yashiro Commission Official.

Upon approaching him, he asks Sayu to confirm that she had completed the mission because he did not recall Sayu ever taking any ambush missions. Sayu told him that she caught him off guard, so he did not have time to react, and all it took was one thump! He wonders how she dealt with the renowned Traveler so swiftly.

hangout sayu 088

Ogawa seemed anxious after hearing Sayu and worriedly asked her why she did it, knowing that Sayu usually just ignored her orders from the Shuumatsuban. He did not expect Sayu to take that one and finish it so efficiently. But she continued to play along, saying she was not always sleepy and that her sensei taught her some ambush techniques; she had never used them before.

hangout sayu 089

As Ogawa was about to leave to report to the Yashiro Commission, Sayu called you to help her stop the man. Sayu then reveals to Ogawa how Kano Nano confirmed that there was no such mission and that you both decided to catch Ogawa red-handed in his own game. He understood now that Sayu was just like him and that you, the Traveler, were still alive.

When the man tries to explain the reason for forging the ambush mission, you can choose to tell him to tell you the truth or save it for the Yashiro Commission.

Choices: “Tell us the truth, no more lies!” and “Save it for the Yashiro Commission. I’m sure they’d love to hear your story.”

The first option will lead to Ending 5, while the other will bring you to Ending 6.

Ending 5: The Best Rest

The Truth Behind the OrderHaving learned of the trouble the person who gave the order is in, you and Sayu decide to help him…

Step 1: Select the dialogue that says, “Tell us the truth, no more lies!”

hangout sayu 090

Ogawa will explain that his little daughter suddenly disappeared from home the other night. He was getting worried when a Kairagi appeared at his door and told him they had taken her. They told him he’d only see his kid again if he did exactly as they said. Their terms were for Ogawa to forge orders from the Yashiro Commission and dispatch a ninja to ambush the Traveler.

Sayu wonders why the Kairagi wanted to ambush you and why the Shuumatsuban. You guess that maybe because you fight the Kairagi daily, it only makes sense that they would seek revenge. Maybe they know they’re not strong enough to take you out, so they wanted to hire an expert to do the job.

hangout sayu 092

Ogawa was scared to ask anything and simply did what he was told. It then dawned on him that Sayu was the only ninja that never carried out such confrontational tasks and that Kano Nana was her guardian. Half the time, she never even completes her tasks. So he thought that if he assigned the task to Sayu, it wouldn’t be a threat to you at all. But to his surprise, just as he was about to contact the Tenryou Commission and save his kid secretly, Ogawa found Sayu’s bag in the mission crate, indicating that the job was done.

hangout sayu 093

This explains why Ogawa did not look happy when he saw Sayu. To him, given the Traveler’s position in the Yashiro Commission, who would dare make any move against them? But after hearing that Sayu had carried out the task, he felt things were spinning out of control. Now he has a look of relief in him, and when asked about his daughter, Ogawa shares that he and the Tentryou Commission are both at a loss as to what to do now.

Step 2: Offer to help Ogawa save his daughter.

After hearing about the situation, Sayu suggests that you devise a plan. Considering that Sayu successfully ambushed the Traveler, Ogawa would still have to report to the Kairigi. She considered continuing that plan and suggested using the evidence to rescue Ogawa’s daughter.

hangout sayu 094

Despite your doubt that the Kairagi might not go along with it, Sayu assures you that you should not worry because you both will be hiding nearby, so you can act if you need to. It is time for her to put her ninjutsu to good use. Ogawa agreed and will now contact the Kairagi and the Tenryou Commission.

Step 3: Go with Ogawa to meet with the Kairagi.

The spot where the Yashiro Commission member and the culprits are supposed to meet is the shore southwest of Konda Village. The easiest way to get there is to transport to the Teleport Waypoint, positioned south of the village, and then walk west towards the shore.

hangout sayu 095

The exact spot is the shipwreck down the cliff by the shore. When you get closer to the area, you will see the Kairagi waiting for Ogawa with his daughter in their hands. Sayu worries that even after they hear that the ambush has been completed, there’s no telling whether they’d make good on their promise to Ogawa and will still want more.

hangout sayu 096

You and Sayu hide and observe as Ogawa shows the Kairagi the evidence you provided him. As the man asks the Kairagi for their part of the deal, Inou, the bandits’ leader, says it is only over for the child unless Ogawa does as he says. He never intended on returning his daughter to him, and this is their way of making him continue working with them.

hangout sayu 097

This time, Inou is making Ogawa use Sayu to take out a couple of members of the Tenryou Commission. The man protested, explaining that the Shuumatsuban can never move against the Tenryou Commission. Right before the Kairagi leaves, you and Sayu decide to step in and help stop them.

Step 4: Defeat the Kairagi.

In this part of the quest, you must fight against a few nobushi.

Right when he is about to be defeated, Inou tries to use Ogawa’s daughter so he can escape. But before things get more problematic, the child is replaced with the Muji-Muji Daruma.

hangout sayu 100

Before Inou can cause further harm, soldiers from the Tenryou Commission finally arrive to help with the situation.

hangout sayu 101

The man and his daughter thank Sayu and commend her for being stronger than ever. He thought she had given up on her ninja training, but that didn’t seem true. They then excuse themselves to meet his wife, who has been worried sick.

Step 5: Talk to Sayu.

Sayu asks you to stay so she can share something that she’s been meaning to tell you. This isn’t the first time that the Kairagi has done something like this, and Sayu believes that with a little further investigation, you could track down the bigger fish. 

hangout sayu 102

Since you wondered why she suddenly became so hardworking, Sayu confesses that she couldn’t care less initially. However, all the ambushing stuff was getting in the way of her nap schedule. After witnessing the crying kid and that big, nasty bad guy, Sayu couldn’t ignore the situation like usual. At the moment, Sayu felt that the situation was a lot more personal like it was her problem.

hangout sayu 103

In the end, the little kid thanked you two and even called Sayu Ms. Ninja, which made her happy because no one had ever called her that before. You also wondered if Sayu is a hard worker after all. But she said this one is an exception and that sleeping is still best for her. She happily exclaimed; once this was over, she would find a nice, comfy spot where nobody could find her and take a long nap.

When you suggest that you rest for now, Sayu brushes off the idea and urges you to head back first. She worries that if she falls asleep now, she might forget some of the things that happened today. Sayu promises she will be fine, and you do not have to worry about her. However, just as when you are about to get going, your little ninja friend starts dozing off.

hangout sayu 104

“The sleep after one’s labors is always the sweetest, she’s worked hard — you suppose you can watch over her for a while longer.”

Ending 6: Little Sayu’s Troubles

Step 1: Follow steps 1 to 5 of Route B.

Step 2: Select the dialogue that says “Save it for the Yashiro Commission. I’m sure they’d love to hear your story.”

hangout sayu 091

Shuumatsuban Suspiciouns

Sayu quickly tied the man up as he kept begging for a chance to explain himself. Your little friend wants to immediately drag him back to the commission so she can have a good night’s sleep.

Step 3: Bring Ogawa to the Yashiro Commission for a confrontation.

Fast-travel to the Teleport Waypoint outside the Kamisato Estate to get to the location quickly. 

Face-OffYou’ve captured the person who gave the order. Now all that’s left is to take him in for questioning.

hangout sayu 105

Upon arriving at the Yashiro Commission, you are greeted by Kamisato Ayaka, who was surprised to see you with Sayu and Ogawa. After the man explains everything, Ayaka concludes that Mr. Ogawa was only acting out of coercion from the Kairgi and had no intent to truly harm you.

However, it concerns her that those forged orders went as far as they did. Ayaka said that it is her responsibility to look into such matters. She promises to take the appropriate measures to resolve this and take the investigation from here.

hangout sayu 106

Now that you know the truth, Sayu suggests getting going because she seems to feel a little uneasy. But Kamisato Ayaka has a few words to say to her first. Ayaka starts commending her, saying that it’s not often that she gets to see Sayu and that she is almost always sleepy and needs a good nap.

Seeing her accompany you and address these matters shows how much effort she spent on your behalf. But she also told the little ninja that she should better attend to her duties and not keep Kano Nana constantly worrying.

hangout sayu 107

Sayu protested that she did not want to work and only wanted some sleep, but Ayaka constantly kept the shrine maiden on her tail. She even said that many more qualified ninjas handle every task. And that the Shuumatsuban would be the same with or without her.

hangout sayu 108

Lady Kamisato pointed out how Sayu performed admirably the first time she assisted you, the Traveler, and that everyone believes that there are some missions that only Sayu can accomplish. She reminds Sayu that her sensei taught her ninjutsu so that she may step in when a mission needs her.

Sayu understands, apologizes, and leaves.

Step 4: Listen to Kamisato Ayaka.

Ayaka shares how before Sayu’s sensei suddenly decided to leave, they insisted that she watch over Sayu’s progress. Part of the reason she has assigned Kano Nana to keep an eye on the little ninja is to fulfill that promise. She is also certain that Sayu remembers her sensei’s aspirations for her quite clearly. Otherwise, she would have quit the Shuumatsuban long ago.

hangout sayu 109

Kamisato Ayaka knows that Sayu has reservations towards her, and how she looks after she does not culminate that much. You understand where Ayaka is coming from and agree to talk to Sayu. However, Sayu seems lost and unsure since her beloved sensei’s abrupt departure.

Step 5: Comfort the confused Sayu.

hangout sayu 111

Sayu remembers that her sensei told her that all she needed to do was grow big and tall, but she had no idea how difficult such a simple thing could be. She understands that everyone has hopes for her and is not complaining. It’s just that she feels she hasn’t done anything right. And whenever she tries to do her best, she can’t help but feel more pressure bearing down on her.

Sayu understands the situation and even admires those who never stop trying. She just thanked you because even talking is starting to feel difficult for her. This is why she doesn’t like coming here to the Yashiro Commission.

hangout sayu 112

“Everyone’s got to learn how to deal with things despite the many frustrations they face, and Sayu is no different…”

Achievements and Rewards

Reaching an ending meeting certain requirements will grant you achievements and rewards.

For achievements:

  • Completing Ending 1: Dish Effect: Mobility Decreased“You were unable to prevent Sayu’s reckless consumption…”
  • Completing the Hangout Event and unlocking all Endings: Taller by Half“Complete “Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu” and unlock all endings.”
  • Completing the challenge in Twinjutsu within 30 seconds: Mujina-Class Ninja“Complete the training by doing the challenge in less than a minute.”

When you unlock each ending, you will be granted the following rewards:

hangout sayu 001
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Diablo Immortal: 36 New Legendary Items (April 28)