VALORANT: Fade Haunt Lineups on Lotus (Attacking)


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Fade’s all-seeing eye will help you reveal hidden enemies around Lotus.

VALORANT: Fade Haunt Lineups on Lotus (Attacking)

Like her or not, Fade is arguably one of the most powerful Initiators in VALORANT right now. Her Haunt ability is especially great for gaining early information and tagging enemies around maps, making her a great alternative Initiator to KAYO, Skye, or Sova where recon is concerned.

You will need some recon ability on the new map Lotus since the map features multiple corners and cubbies leading to any of its three bomb sites.

The easy Fade Haunt Lineups featured in this guide can help you easily clear bombsites on Lotus.

Lotus A-site Fade Haunt Lineups

Attackers looking to gain control of the A-site must push through A-Main first. Doing so will give the Attacking team access to A-Rotating Doors and A-Link – important lanes that the Attacking team can use to secure their A-site take or rotate to B-site, respectively.

With this in mind, we have prepared one simple lineup that you can use to secure A-Main and another that will reveal most of the A-site.

A-Main Fade Haunt Lineup

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Root:
5 9

2. Place the upper right tip of Fade’s Ultimate icon on this corner of the wall:

6 10
7 9

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt:

8 7

Fade’s Haunt will land on the roof and reveal enemies on A-Entrance and A-Main.

9 5
10 6

A-site Fade Haunt Lineup

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Rubble:
11 7

2. Aim for the bottom of this leaf:

12 3
13 5

3. Run forward a little, then JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt:

14 4

This Haunt lineup will cover A-site as well as A-Main:

15 7
16 6

Lotus B-site Fade Haunt Lineups

Lineups for any ability on Lotus can be tricky since the bombsite does not give many options in terms of roof entry lineups.

There is just a small opening in the B-site roof that players can work with, and that is about it.

Unfortunately, Fade’s Haunt projectile does not travel far enough to allow for B-site lineups through the small roof opening in B-site. As such, your only option is to throw Haunt manually from B-Main.

  1. Stand anywhere in B-Main:
1 7

2. Aim for this corner on the B-Upper cornice:

2 9
3 9

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt ability. The seeker should land on the B-Upper platform and reveal all the close corners leading to the B-site and some of the C-Link.

4 9

Lotus C-site Fade Haunt Lineups

Only a few projectile abilities can make it over to C-site from C-Lobby. Unfortunately, Fade’s Haunt isn’t one of those projectile abilities.

The key to securing C-site when using Fade is to use Haunt to clear the C-Mound and C-Entrance area so you and your team can gain control of the area.

After which, follow up with Prowlers to clear the close corners around C-site (there are a TON of close corners here, so go crazy)

Alternatively, you can wait until your team can C-Entrance and C-Mound manually and then use your Haunt to clear C-site before your team commits to a C-site take. We have lineups for both of these options below.

C-Mound Fade Haunt Lineup

  1. Align yourself with the right edge of this box at C-Lobby:
17 3

2. Place the tip of the right HUD line on this corner of the wall:

18 4
19 5

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt:

20 3

This Haunt lineup will reveal all of C-Mount and some of C-Entrance:

21 4
27 4

C-site Fade Haunt Lineup

  1. Align yourself with the edge of the left-side door frame at C-Entrance:
25 5

2. Aim for the gap between the Lotus’ petals:

22 3
23 2

3. Throw Fade’s Haunt:

28 4

Fade’s Haunt should land on the tall pillar in C-site.

24 4

This lineup will reveal almost all of the C-site.

26 3

Draw Them Out

Fade’s Haunt is arguably more powerful than Sova’s Recon Dart, KAYO’s EMP Knife, or Skye’s Dog, as Haunt, reveals enemy locations and causes tagged enemies to leave a trail that you can use to hunt enemies down with your Prowlers.

Knowing some simple Haunt lineups can let you tag as many enemies as possible from key areas leading to A-site, B-site, or C-site on Lotus and help your team secure your site entry. From there, you can follow up with post-plant defense using your Prowlers or Seize ability.

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