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Wondering what the Forsaken Skin Bundle has to offer in Valorant? We have you covered.

Valorant: Forsaken Skins Bundle

Bundles are a great way of acquiring multiple cosmetic items for relatively cheaper than if you bought each item separately. One of the more memorable bundles in Valorant is the Forsaken Bundle, thanks to its unique mystical design, ethereal animations, and crisp sound effects.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Forsaken Skin Bundle in this quick guide.

What is in the Forsaken Bundle?

You will find eight cosmetic items in the Forsaken Bundle; five include Weapon Skins for the Classic, Spectre, Vandal, Operator, and Melee Weapon. You will also get a Forsaken Gun Buddy, Forsaken Card, and Forsaken Spray in the bundle.

The Forsaken Bundle features a sinister look and dark hellish green design cues, but a second variant features a lighter color scheme with gold accents. Here are all the cosmetic items in the Forsaken Bundle.

  • Forsaken Classic
Valorant Forsaken Classic Skin
image 142 3
  • Forsaken Spectre
Valorant Forsaken Spectre Skin
image 142 4
  • Forsaken Vandal
Valorant Forsaken vandal Skin
image 142 2
  • Forsaken Operator
Valorant Forsaken Operator Skin
image 142 5
  • Forsaken Melee Weapon
Valorant Forsaken Melee Skin
  • Forsaken Gun Buddy
Valorant Forsaken Gun Buddy
  • Forsaken Card
Valorant Forsaken Card
  • Forsaken Spray
Valorant Forsaken Spray

The Forsaken Bundle is one of the first Skin Bundles ever released in Valorant and was introduced back in Patch 2.08. Like most bundles in the game, you can purchase the cosmetic items in the bundle as a bundle or individually.

How much is the Forsaken Skin Bundle?

Like most Premium Edition Skin Bundles, the Forsaken Bundle will cost you 7100 Valorant Points. You also have the option to purchase Cosmetic Items in the bundle individually. Here are the individual prices:

  • Classic: 1775 Valorant Points
  • Spectre: 1775 Valorant Points
  • Vandal: 1775 Valorant Points
  • Operator: 1775 Valorant Points
  • Melee Weapon: 3550 Valorant Points
  • Forsaken Gunbuddy: 475 Valorant Points
  • Forsaken Card: 375 Valorant Points
  • Forsaken Spray: 325 Valorant Points

You will save a ton of VP by purchasing the Forsaken Bundle as a bundle. For perspective, buying just the Classic, Spectre, Vandal, and Operator Forsaken skins will already cost you 7100 Valorant Points, so it makes sense to purchase the whole lot instead.

Is the Forsaken Vandal worth it?

The Forsaken Vandal is one of the best Vandal skins in the game. It features ethereal animations and a crisp firing sound that help make shots feel even more satisfying.

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The Forsaken Vandal costs just 1775 Valorant Points, making it a fairly affordable Vandal Skin in Valorant. You can get the Forsaken Vandal whenever it appears in your in-game store. Alternatively, you can get the Forsaken Vandal even cheaper if you can find it in your Night Market.

Final Thoughts

You can no longer purchase the Forsaken Collection as a bundle in Valorant, but you can still get the Weapon Skins individually when they appear in your in-game Store. If you’re lucky enough, you might even get the Forsaken Bundle for cheap if it appears in your Night Market offerings.

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