How To Get Champion Skin in Valorant


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Wondering how you can get Champion Skins in Valorant? We have you covered.

How To Get Champion Skin in Valorant

VCT, or Valorant Champions Tour, is Riot Games’ official tournament circuit for Valorant. The tour kicked off in 2021 and has been running strong since then. The current tournament, the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour, began in January this year and is set to end in September 2023.

To celebrate the Valorant Champions Tour, a special bundle called the Champions Collection is released annually, containing Champions-themed cosmetics for weapons, Gun Buddies, Player Titles, Player Cards, and more.

You won’t want to miss any Champion Skins, as these feature some of the most fabulous animations of any weapon in the game. This guide will show you how to get Champion Skins in Valorant.

What is Champion Skin in Valorant?

Champion Skins are commemorative skins meant to celebrate the VCT Champions event. Only two Champion Skins have been released in Valorant – the 2021 Champions Collection and the 2022 Champions Collection. The Champions 2021 and 2022 Collection features unique Weapon Skins, Gun Buddies, Player Titles, Sprays, and Player Cards.

Both Champions Collections are notoriously expensive at 6167 VP, considering only two weapon skins are in each bundle (Vandal, Phantom, and Melee). The Vandal, Phantom, and Melee weapon skins are even more expensive when purchased individually, costing 2675 VP for the Vandal/Phantom and 5350 VP for the Melee Skin.

That said, here are all the Champion Skins featured in the 2021 and 2022 Champions Collection.

  • Champions 2021 Vandal
Valorant Champions 2021 Vandal
  • Champions 2021 Karambit
Valorant Champions 2021 Karambit
  • Champions 2022 Phantom
Valorant Champions 2022 Phantom
  • Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife
Valorant Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife

How to Get Champion Skin in Valorant

The Champion Bundle was only available briefly in Patch 3.10 for the Champions 2021 Collection, while the Champions 2022 Collection was only available briefly in Patch 5.04. You can no longer get the Champion Bundle or any of the individual weapon skins in Valorant.

Despite being Exclusive Tier Skins, the Champion Vandal and Melee Weapon can not be found in the in-game Store or Night Market. There is currently no way to get Champion Skins in Valorant.

How much is the Champions 1 Bundle?

The Champions 1 (Champions 2021) bundle costs 6263 VP when available in Patch 3.10. The Champions 1 bundle carried the following items:

  • Champions 2021 Vandal
  • Champions 2021 Karambit
  • Art of Greatness//Inspiration Card
  • Art of Greatness//Flame Card
  • Art of Greatness//Unbreakable Card
  • Champion Title
  • VCT 2021 Spark Spray (Broadcast Drop)
  • VCT 2021 Spark Buddy (Broadcast Drop)

Unfortunately, you can no longer get the Champions 1 bundle in Valorant, as these were only available back when they were featured in the in-game store.

The Vandal, Phantom, or Melee will also not rotate on the in-game store since these limited-time skin offerings were only available in Patch 3.10 and 5.04.

Can you still get the Champion Vandal?

No, you can no longer get the 2021 or the 2022 version of the Champion Vandal in Valorant. You could only get the Champions 2021 and 2022 Collection skins back when featured in the in-game Shop. These skins will not return to the in-game Shop or Night Market in the future.

Valorant Champions 2021 Phantom

Your best bet to get a Champion Vandal is to wait for the Champions 2023 Collection, which will likely feature a newly designed Vandal and Melee weapon skin.

The Skin of Champions

Champion Skins are some of the most sought-after skins in Valorant due to their exclusivity and complex post-round animations. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy these skins in Valorant as they were exclusive. They were only available when featured in the in-game Shop in Patch 3.10 and 5.04, respectively.

Hopefully, Riot Games will offer these past Champions Skins in a future promo, so you can finally get your hands on these VCT-themed skins.

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