How to Get Pride Cards in Valorant


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June is the global Pride month, with many companies worldwide adding more colorful merchandise or changing their product’s color schemes to match the month-long affair. RIOT Games is one of the behemoths in the video game industry that frequently acknowledges Pride month, usually with free icons and banners players can equip to their accounts. Valorant players can now follow their League of Legends brethren with rainbow-styled cards to outfit their game screen and showcase to the world.

How to Get Pride Cards in Valorant

Here’s what you need to know about Valorant Pride cards.

How to Get Pride Cards in Valorant

Unlike other cards or cosmetic icons in the various RIOT games that require currency, most Pride month merchandise was awarded for free or upon playing a few matches. The same principle applies to Valorant Pride cards, with a subtle twist. Instead of going to the game shop, you’ll need to go to your favorite browser and fill out a form to obtain any Pride cards you want, free of charge.

This is (or was) the process to obtain code-based cards in Valorant:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the option “Sign in with your RIOT account.”
  3. Fill in one of the codes you want and confirm. If you want more cards, all you need to do is repeat this step for each code.
  4. Open the game.
    opening valorant
  5. Go to your Collection menu and the “Arsenal” tab.
    2 33 scaled
  6. Select “Player Card.”
    1 69 scaled
  7. Any card you entered the code for will be showcased there.

There are several Pride cards in Valorant. Here are their brief descriptions based on the individual subgroups and codes used to get them:

  • LGBTQI+ rainbow – A rainbow card; code: Prismatic
  • Transgender – Blue, pink, and white card; code: Cotton Candy
  • Pansexual – Pink, yellow, and blue card; code: Primary
  • Non-binary – Yellow, white, purple, black; code: Galactic
  • Bisexual – Pink, purple, and blue card; code: Sunset
  • Asexual – Purple, white, grey, black; code: Twilight
  • Lesbian – Orange, white, pink, purple; code: Sherbert
ValorantPrideinside 1

Players could also obtain themed titles to show they support the LGBT+ community. The two titles are “Ally” and “Proud,” with similarly themed codes:

  • Ally – JUBILANT01
  • Proud – JUBILANT02

Can You Get Pride Cards in Valorant?

Unfortunately, the Pride card and title codes were a part of the month-long promotion, and codes are no longer available for players to claim. You can still try your luck if RIOT hasn’t shut down the promotion yet, but your odds are slim to none.

If you don’t mind waiting, it’s highly probable these cards or similar versions will return next year for Pride month or may become available as a part of a different promotion altogether. For now, though, only those that used the codes during June can sport these colorful cards.

Be Proud to Be You

With an abundance of community-supported cosmetics, RIOT welcomes the LGBT+ community into its games each year. If you haven’t managed to get your hands on these event-specific cards, there’s always next year, hopefully.

What Pride card or title are you sporting in Valorant? Let us know in the comment section below.

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