How To Buy Items for Teammates in Valorant


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Learn how to buy items for teammates in Valorant in this quick guide.

How To Buy Items for Teammates in Valorant

Valorant is a game that requires teamwork and good communication. Helping your teammates whenever possible ensures the team keeps its morale, giving it a better chance of winning the game.

Buying items for them when they’re low on Credits is a great way to support your teammates to victory. We will show you how you can do that in this quick guide.

How to Buy Items for Teammates

You can buy items for your teammates in two ways – purchasing the item for them from the Buy Menu or dropping the item on the ground.

Follow the steps below to buy items for teammates in Valorant.

  1. Tell your teammate to right-click the item they want from the Buy Menu.

2. Press “B” on your keyboard to bring up the Buy Menu.

Ask your teammates to right-click on the gun so you can buy items for your teammates.

3. Look for your teammate who just ‘requested’ an item on the right-hand side of the Buy Menu.

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4. Click on the ‘Buy It’ button to purchase the item for them.

Click on the Buy It button to buy items for your teammates in Valorant

Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon for them and then drop it on the ground. Your teammate can pick up the weapon and use it as normal.

  1. Purchase the item your teammate wants.
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2. Press ‘G’ to drop the item on the ground, then ask your teammate to pick up the weapon.

Dropping is an alternative to buying items for your teammates in Valorant

Is buying better than dropping weapons in Valorant?

Buying the item/weapon for your teammate via the Buy Menu isn’t necessarily better than dropping it and vice versa. However, each has pros and cons, depending on the situation you want to use.

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You might want to purchase the item/weapon from the Buy Menu for your teammate when you’re on the other end of the map at Round Start. Dropping a weapon in this situation will not work since your teammate will be too far away to pick up the weapon in the first place.

Another instance where you might want to purchase the item/weapon for your teammate is when your teammate wants to use their personal weapon skin for the requested gun.

On the other hand, purchasing and then dropping a weapon for your teammate will automatically add your default weapon skin to the weapon you dropped. Your team can try out different weapon skins without purchasing them personally.

Dropping a weapon for your teammate will allow them to pick it up later in the round. In instances where the round is about to start but your teammate is still AFK, you can just drop them a weapon so they have a gun they can use when they come back.

What happens when a teammate sells the gun you bought for them?

When your teammate sells the item/gun you bought for them, the Credits you used to purchase the item/gun will be credited back to you. This only works if your teammate presses right-click on the same item/weapon in the Buy Menu without dropping the weapon.

If you press ‘G’ to drop the weapon after a teammate has purchased the item/weapon for you, you will no longer be able to refund the item/weapon within the Buy Phase.

Sharing is Caring

Team economics will vary depending on how each player performs during a match. Some players in the same team will naturally have more Credits than others, especially if they have more kills or completed more objectives in previous rounds.

You can use your extra Credits to buy items/weapons for your teammates in Valorant. Refer to the guide above to learn how to do that and determine which item-sharing method is best for various situations.

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