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Looking to add the newest Agent, Gekko, to your roster in Valorant? We have you covered.

Valorant: How To Get Gekko

Gekko is the newest Agent in Valorant who possesses unique abilities that allow him to take control of the battle with the help of his cuddly buddies. After hearing about his Spike planting abilities, you’re probably excited to play the new Agent. Unfortunately, you must complete his Agent Contract before playing Gekko in Valorant.

This quick guide will show you how to get Gekko in Valorant.

How to get Gekko in Valorant

There are two ways to get Gekko in Valorant – purchasing the first five Tiers of his Agent Contract with Valorant Points or playing enough games and gaining XP to progress through his Agent Contract.

  1. Click on Agents.
1 18

2. Click on Gekko.

2 17

3. Click on Activate.

Important: If you don’t purchase Gekko using Valorant Points, activate the contract and start playing games to gain XP. However, if you want to buy out Gekko, follow the steps below.

Activate Gekko Contract to get the Agent in Valorant

4. Click on View Contract.

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5. Click on Tier 5.

Progress to Tier 5 to get Gekko in Valorant

6. Click on the Unlock Tier 1-5 button.

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Note: We already have Gekko unlocked. If you haven’t acquired Gekko yet, the button below should appear on your account. Click on the button to pay 1000 VP and unlock Gekko.

image 140

Fastest Way to Get Gekko in Valorant

The fastest way to get Gekko in Valorant is by purchasing the first five Tiers of his Agent Contract for 1000 Valorant Points.

Pay 1000 Valorant Points to get Gekko instantly

In case you didn’t know, you can only start playing Agents in Valorant after you complete the first five tiers in their Agent Contract. You can unlock Agents by purchasing the first five tiers of the Agent Contract or by playing games and gaining XP while the Agent Contract is active.

Remember that the free method will require some time as you’ll need to play many games to progress through Gekko’s Agent Contract. Completing Daily and Weekly Missions will get you the XP you need to unlock Gekko faster.

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How much XP does it take to unlock an Agent in Valorant?

You need to farm 375,000 XP to unlock an Agent in Valorant. However, this amount of XP will only get you through the first five Tiers of the Agent Contract.

Tier 1 of any Agent Contract requires 25,000 XP to complete. After that, you will need an additional 25,000 XP to complete the next one. The cycle continues for the rest of the Tiers. By reaching Tier 5, you will have accumulated 375,000 XP, enough to unlock an Agent in Valorant.

Final Thoughts

Gekko is a unique Agent who employs the help of his cuddly friends in combat. He is currently the only Agent capable of planting and defusing the Spike remotely through his Wingman ability, making him a valuable asset on any team composition in Valorant.

Fortunately, you can easily unlock Gekko in-game by buying him out through Valorant Points. If you’re not willing to spend money to unlock him, you can just Activate his Agent Contract and play games to gain the XP required to unlock Tier 5 in his Contract.

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