How To Get To Level 20 Fast in Valorant


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Want to get to Level 20 in Valorant as fast as possible? Here’s how.

How To Get To Level 20 Fast in Valorant

Your total playtime in Valorant isn’t recorded and displayed explicitly in-game. Instead, Riot Games uses a stat called Account Level to represent each player’s total play time in Valorant. And since Account Level is simply a way to convey a player’s total playtime, it doesn’t serve any purpose other than to show how long you’ve been playing Riot’s first-person shooter.

Players on new accounts, however, will be very concerned about their Account Level in Valorant, as new players need to reach Account Level 20 to play Competitive in Valorant.

This quick guide will show you how to get to Level 20 fast in Valorant.

What happens at Level 20 in Valorant?

Since Episode 4 Act 1, you need to be at least Account Level 20 to access Competitive Mode. This requirement only applies to accounts made after the Episode 4 Act 1 update dropped. Players who have played at least one match before the update can still play Competitive mode even if their Account Level is less than Level 20.

You need to get to Level 20 to play Competitive matches in Valorant

If you’ve played Valorant since it came out in 2020, you don’t have to worry about getting to level 20. You’re likely beyond level 20, and all game modes will be available to play for you anytime.

However, newer players will want to get to level 20 fast in Valorant as playing Competitive or Ranked mode is required. You also get your second Account Level Border when you reach Account Level 20.

How to get to Level 20 fast

You need to earn 5,000 Account Points or AP to increase your Account Level by 1 in Valorant. There are three ways to earn AP.

  • First Win of the Day
  • Play any matchmade game mode (Unrated, Ranked, Deathmatch, etc.)
  • Win matches
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Getting your first win in any game mode in Valorant will get you a huge AP boost. First Win of the Day provides 1,000 AP daily, so if you want to level up to Account Level 20 fast, you must play and win at least one game daily.

The only other way to get AP in Valorant is by playing any matchmade game mode, earning 1AP + 1AP every 60 seconds of match time. You will also get a 50 AP bonus for every match you win.

You can play any game mode to get AP in Valorant. Unfortunately, no secret game mode or method can get you a guaranteed AP boost in-game. The only way to boost your account leveling is by consistently getting better and winning matches to earn the 50 AP bonus.

How long does it take to get to Level 20?

It will take around 70+ hours of playtime to get to Level 20 in Valorant. If you play one average-length Valorant match daily, it will take around two months to get to Level 20.

You need to earn 5,000 AP to level up one Account Level in Valorant, but this number does not increase as you move through the Account Levels. You can get an early 1,000 AP headstart from your First Win of the Day, plus additional AP as you play and win more matches.

How much AP do you need?

You need 5,000 AP to advance one Account Level in Valorant, so you’ll need to accumulate 100,000 AP to move from Level 1 to Level 20.

As mentioned above, the only way to get to Level 20 fast is by completing First Win of the Day, playing many matches, and striving to win those matches to get that 50 AP win bonus. Remember that AP is a playtime stat in Valorant, so there’s not much you can do to level up faster besides normally playing matches.

Final Thoughts

Getting to Level 20 is very important in Valorant as you can only join your friends in Competitive when your Account Level is at least Level 20. If you’re an older player who has already played at least one match before the Episode 4 Act 1 update, you won’t have to worry about getting to Level 20, as Competitive mode will be unlocked for you already.

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