What is the Best Valorant Crosshair?


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Here are the best Valorant Crosshairs.

What is the Best Valorant Crosshair?

Your crosshair is the most important point of reference in Valorant, and playing with a less-than-ideal crosshair will make landing shots on any target more difficult.

Finding the best Valorant Crosshair can be very tough, especially since there are a ton of settings that you can tweak to fine-tune your crosshair’s looks in-game. Fortunately, you can easily copy and try hundreds of crosshairs to find the best ones.

What makes a good crosshair in Valorant?

You can use any type of crosshair and still perform decently in Valorant. With that said, there are certain guidelines that you might want to consider when creating your next crosshair.

One of the most important elements to consider when creating a new crosshair is visibility. Generally, you want a small crosshair to give you a clear view of your targets. However, don’t go too small; you risk losing track of your crosshair when things get busy onscreen.

A gameplay still from Valorant

Color, thickness, size, dot, and outlines are important considerations when choosing a crosshair. While there is no perfect crosshair color, optimal crosshair colors offer the best visibility for specific maps in the game. Generally, however, Cyan provides the best visibility on any map in Valorant.

Another thing to consider is crosshair thickness and size. Similar to color, the thickness and size you choose will be a personal preference. However, the rule of thumb is to use a crosshair length, gap, and thickness of similar values.

For example, when choosing a crosshair length of 4, you must also pick a crosshair thickness and gap of 4. You can pick a combination of odd or even numbers, but make sure you use one or the other and not a mix of both. Why? Because your crosshair won’t be perfectly centered unless you use all-even or all-odd values.

Lastly, you can add a dot to your crosshair to better understand where the middle of your crosshair is. Add an outline if you wish to do so to help make your crosshair stand out from the background.

Best Valorant Crosshair Codes

Crosshairs are a personal setting in Valorant, so what works for you might not work for others and vice versa. However, nothing stops you from trying out a different crosshair, such as the ones used by the top Valorant players worldwide.

Pros know something about picking the optimal crosshair styles and colors. After all, they have no problems landing sick flicks and long-range headshots with their respective crosshair settings.

Below are some of the best crosshair codes used by top Valorant pros. Try them to see whether you can improve your headshot percentage in your next Valorant match.

  • 100T Asuna – 0;P;o;1;0t;1;0l;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
Asuna Valorant Crosshair
  • 100T Hiko – 0;P;c;1;h;0;d;1;z;1;0t;1;0l;2;0a;1;0f;0;1l;5;1o;4;1a;1;1m;0;1f;0
100T Hiko Valorant Crosshair
  • Zekken – 0;c;1;P;h;0;f;0;0t;6;0l;1;0v;4;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
Zekken Valorant Crosshair
  • Gucc107 – 0;c;1;P;u;000000FF;h;0;f;0;m;1;0l;7;0v;5;0g;1;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
Gucc107 Valorant Crosshair
  • ScreaM – 0;s;1;P;c;5;o;1;d;1;z;3;f;0;0t;6;0l;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;c;6;s;0.949;o;1
ScreaM Valorant Crosshair
  • Wardell – 0;s;1;P;h;0;0t;1;0l;4;0o;1;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;o;1
Wardell Valorant Crosshair
  • cNed – 0;P;h;0;f;0;0l;5;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
cNed Valorant Crosshair
  • FNS – 0;P;c;1;o;1;0l;3;0o;5;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
FNS Valorant Crosshair
  • TenZ – 0;s;1;P;c;5;h;0;m;1;0l;4;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;c;4;o;1
TenZ Valorant Crosshair
  • Shroud – 0;P;h;0;0l;5;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
Shroud Valorant Crosshair
  • Boaster – 0;s;1;P;c;1;o;1;d;1;0l;0;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1t;0;1l;0;1o;0;1a;0;S;c;1;o;1
Boaster Valorant Crosshair
  • L1NK – 0;s;1;P;h;0;f;0;0l;4;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
L1NK Valorant Crosshair
  • NagZ – 0;s;1;P;c;5;o;1;0t;1;0l;3;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;o;1
NagZ Valorant Crosshair
  • Wanheda – 0;P;c;5;h;0;f;0;0l;4;0o;1;0a;1;0e;0.328;1b;0
Wahenda Valorant Crosshair

TenZ is arguably the most well-known Valorant player, so by extension, his crosshair is probably the most popular Valorant crosshair as well.

His crosshair is a simple Static Cyan crosshair with a slight gap and no dot or outline. You can easily point and shoot with this crosshair without fear of losing track of the crosshair when things get busy onscreen.

TenZ Valorant Crosshair Code


TenZ Valorant Crosshair

How to use Valorant Crosshair Codes

Riot Games has made sharing and trying different crosshairs easier in Valorant through Crosshair Codes. Here’s how to use them.

  1. Navigate to the Crosshair tab in the settings menu.
A screenshot of the Valorant crosshair settings

2. Click on Import Crosshair.

A screenshot of the Valorant crosshair settings

3. Copy the Crosshair code you want to use, then paste the Crosshair code into the Import Profile Window.

A screenshot of the Valorant crosshair settings

You can also share your crosshair by clicking on the Export Crosshair button.

A screenshot of the Valorant crosshair settings

We have an in-depth guide on how to use Valorant Crosshair Codes on the PlayerAssist website. Feel free to check it out to understand how Crosshair Codes work in Valorant.

Final Thoughts

The best Valorant crosshair will allow you to land your shots consistently on your targets in any situation in Valorant. Copying pro players’ crosshairs won’t instantly give you their skill and insane aim, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying different crosshairs until you finally find one that works the best for you.

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