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Positioning and speed of movement are important in any online shooter. Valorant is no exception. The way you move can be just as important as the way you shoot. This is why JETT can be such a valuable agent to play. The agile South Korean is one of the most mobile picks in the game. Here’s how you can utilize her speed and strike your enemies with deadly precision.

Valorant Jett Character, Abilities, Ultimate and More

Basic Ability – Updraft

Updraft launches JETT in the air, making high places more accessible and quicker to get to. This ability is pretty simple to use – press the button and JETT is launches straight up in the air. Casting Updraft will holster your weapons for a bit, so you have to watch out for that. Don’t just make yourself an easy, unarmed duck sitting midair. You wouldn’t be able to run and gun with this ability. Of course, Valorant isn’t exactly Call of Duty, so that’s fine. Updraft will cost you 200 credits.

One of the best ways to utilize JETT’s Updraft ability is to get to a tall crate and cover your team. You can also use stealth by organizing an ambush atop a crate. That way you’ll have the high ground, which gives you an advantage. People tend to naturally look at eye level. That’s where most threats are and that’s why JETT’s ambushes have the potential to be quite effective. The most important factor in war is surprise.

JETT’s abilities can be combined in many ways. She also has a passive, free ability you can use – glide. When holding the jump button while falling, JETT will glide down slower. This prevents fall damage and provides more precision in landing. You can get quite high with Updraft, so it’s useful to break your fall if you made a mistake. Falling more slowly can also assist with aiming while midair. Both for your aim and for the enemy. It’s a tradeoff, so watch out.

Basic Ability – Cloudburst

Yet another Valorant smokescreen ability, Cloudburst gives JETT the chance to launch a ball of smoke that blocks vision. They can be thrown quite quickly and have a fairly good range. Cloudbursts are still affected by gravity, however, so make sure you mind their trajectory. Aim up to compensate for the gravitation pull.
What sets Cloudburst apart from most other smokescreen abilities in Valorant is the fact JETT can curve it. After you throw the ball, you can look to the side where you want the cloud to curve. That way you don’t have to expose yourself to enemy fire or exit cover. Combined with JETT’s freedom of movement, this can be put to use in aggressive pushes.

Another way to use Cloudburst is to assist your team by targeting popular chokepoints. Throw the ball wherever the enemy is and block their vision. You can also use the curving ability and defend your team from behind cover. All that makes JETT an interesting pick when trying to use smoke cover. She does need some getting used to, however, as the curving effect can be hard to get right. But that also makes it more unexpected when it does work.

Special Ability – Tailwind

In case you haven’t noticed, most of JETT’s abilities are themed around jet aircraft. And just like the flying machines, JETT’s Tailwind launches her forward. She can quickly dash around the map, both while on the ground or in midair. Yet again, there’s a big potential of combining this ability with Updraft, chaining jumps and dashes.

Unlike most other special abilities in Valorant, Tailwind is replenished when JETT gets a kill. Meaning it’s not on a timer. When you get a kill, you can dash again. Easier said than done, of course, but JETT is best played as a fragger. Be aggressive and take the fight to the enemy. Reach high places and get unexpected angles.

Tailwind can be launched in forward, back, left, right, or a diagonal combination of the four. While JETT is an aggressive character, you can also use her ability to evade enemy fire and escape. Flanking is also a good option, especially when combined with her other powers. Move quickly and surprise the enemy when they aren’t ready. Unleash devastating damage and recharge.

Ultimate Ability – Blade Storm

The aptly-named Blade Storm makes JETT into a knife-throwing machine. She throws them telepathically, but you still can’t use your weapon. The good news is you won’t have to, as Blade Storm can be used to inflict devastating damage on your opponents. It costs 6 ultimate points. So, how does it work?

When activated, Blade Storm will give you five throwing knifes. They are very accurate and cause lots of damage, around 50 points for a torso hit. You can even one-hit-kill enemies by scoring a headshot with one of the daggers. When you kill an enemy, the ability will recharge. You can also shoot all the daggers you have at once. So, watch out how many shots you have left. It can be the difference between a devastating attack and an underwhelming one.

Using Blade Storm makes your character move as if she had her knife out, meaning it’s quicker than with a drawn firearm. Use JETT”s other abilities to become a mobile killing machine that throws daggers like the game is a cheesy kung-fu click from the 80s. Jumping with Updraft, slow-falling with space and killing a bunch of enemies, just to get a recharge with each kill can make JETT one of the most satisfying and aggressive characters to play in Valorant.

JETT is a quick, fun and very aggressive operator

In the end, that makes her a good pick for players that enjoy freedom of movement and fragging. JETT’s abilities tend to not rely too much on communication or cooperation, which can make her a popular choice for the people that enjoy playing by their own rules. Moreover, her abilities can be combined on the fly (literally). The only limit is your creativity. Fly around, inflict damage and have with Valorant’s best aircraft-themed agent.

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