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Fracture is VALORANT’s newest addition to their map collection, which now totals seven unique map layouts. Fracture is situated in a 50/50 Dual-biome split environment where one half of the map is flourishing with life, and the other half is a barren wasteland.

VALORANT: KAY/O Knife Lineups On Fracture

Riot made the new map extra interesting by placing the Attacker Spawns right in the middle of the map, with both bomb sites situated on either side of the Attacker Spawn. This new layout creates an interesting tactical change in how Attackers and Defenders strategize against each other during a match.

The whole map is relatively small. Although tall buildings cover Fracture, the skybox is still fairly open, which can help KAY/O’s Signature Ability land on some valuable spots within the map.

Robot Initiator: KAY/O

KAY/O is a humanoid robot from the distant future. As some of the lore would suggest, humans, built KAY/O to kill Radiants.

It seems a divide between humans and Radiants has ensued in the distant future, causing humans to fear Radiants and Radiants to despise humans. Of course, Radiants would have the upper hand in the ensuing war seeing as Radiants are super-powered humans like the X-Men.

This is probably the reason why they were forced to make a ruthless Radiant killing machine like KAY/O.

Everything about KAY/O is aimed towards the destruction of all Radiants. His skill set revolves around the disruption of any Radiant Ability. Figuring out how to render Radiant Abilities useless through KAY/O is an impressive feat for the human race and most likely gave them the upper hand in the war. Through KAY/O’s voice lines, he shares how many times he has killed Reyna in his lifetime, and we all know how powerful Reyna can be.

More information about the lore surrounding KAY/O, the Radiants, and the human race will only be revealed as time goes by. Riot has done an amazing job of injecting tasteful storylines into the game. KAY/O’S lore is no exception.


KAY/O’s Signature Ability is his third ability called ZERO/POINT.

When activated, KAY/O pulls out a small blade from his forearm and equips himself with a suppression blade that sticks to the first wall or objects it comes into contact with. KAY/O throws this knife with a precision that only a humanoid robot can achieve.

The blast resulting from ZERO/POINT affects Radiants and human technology alike, disabling every Agent Ability within a large spherical area.

ZERO/POINT is KAY/O’s Signature Ability which disables the abilities of all Agents hit by the EMP blast radius. As a bonus, ZERO/POINT pings you and your allies of the number of enemy players hit by the EMP blast. The pings give information about which Agents were hit by the EMP blast, along with how many were hit by the blade’s area of effect.

ZERO/POINT is an excellent tool for figuring out which players are playing which sites on most maps in VALORANT. A good ZERO/POINT lineup on Fracture is essential because of the map layout. Early information lineups in Fracture can give you and your team a good idea of how many players are currently playing on which side of the two bomb sites.

The information given by ZERO/POINT is valuable in almost every map in VALORANT, which can all benefit from early information about which site the enemies have stacked. You and your team can attack or rotate accordingly using this valuable information given by ZERO/POINT.

ZERO/POINT’s projectile travels pretty quickly and has a consistent trajectory which makes lineups pretty straightforward. ZERO/POINT’s area of effect is quite large. The large effect size makes this ability very forgiving regarding where your knife must be thrown to utilize its radius effectively. It also has the bonus of tagging enemies even behind walls since the EMP blast goes through walls and other types of in-game cover.

The ability does not cost any credits to equip. However, it has a slightly long cooldown time of 40 seconds.

Yin & Yang Fracture

Should’ve Been Named Split?

Fracture is set in a Research Facility environment where a failed Radianite experiment caused the whole facility to split in the middle. The failed experiment also caused environmental changes between the two split halves, with one-half teeming with life and the other half reduced to a dry desert-like environment.

Fracture has a unique map layout not seen before in any tactical shooting game, with the attacker spawns situated right in the middle of both bomb sites. Because of Fracture’sdesignt, Defenders will find it difficult to defend any of the two bomb sites since Attackers can come from two different angles simultaneously.

Fracture A-Site Attacking – Default ZERO/POINT

Fracture A-site is a relatively small bomb site even for VALORANT standards. This first ZERO/POINT lineup is a straight-to-the-point knife lineup that aims to clear out as many close angles on A-site as possible.

The other half of the A-site that connects it to Defender Spawn can easily be smoked off by your teammates or even walled off by your Sage or Viper. Post-plant play is all your team needs to do after getting the bomb down.

  1. Look for this corner in Attacker Spawn:

2. Stand in the corner, turn around, and look for these double triangular steel frames:

3. Place the tip of the ZERO/POINT Icon on the middle of the two triangular steel framing:

4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

When done correctly, ZERO/POINT should land right in the middle of A-Site:

And cover almost all of A-Site:

When you see it. Nice.

Fracture B-Site Attacking – B-Site/B-Tower ZERO/POINT

This B-site ZERO/POINT lineup clears out the entire B-Default bombsite as well as some of B-Tower. Anyone disabled by KAY/O’s EMP Knife around this area will likely be driven back to more defensive positions.

The rest of the half of B-site, such as the Canteen and the Generator, can be smoked or walled off by your teammates.

  1. Look for this corner just outside of A-Hall:

2. Stand in the corner. Turn around and look for this small triangle light at the A-Hall Entrance:

3. Place the letter “E” of the ZERO/POINT Icon on the right side of this triangle light:

4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

When done correctly, the ZERO/POINT Knife should land just above Default in B-site:

And cover most of B-site as well as some of B-Tower:

Fracture A-Site Defending – A-Dish/A-Drop ZERO/POINT

A-site on Fracture is relatively easier to hold because of how narrow the entryway is to A-site itself. Attackers will need to pass through A-Halls or Drop to get to the A-site.

A slight caveat from Defending A-site is that Attackers can come from three different angles simultaneously: A-Rope, A-Hall, and Drop.

This next ZERO/POINT lineup can give you early information on the Dish-Drop area, so you can approximate just how many players you have to deal with in A-site.

  1. Tuck yourself in this corner on A-site stairs:

2. Look up towards the overhanging roof:

3. Place the tip of the curved HP Border in this corner on the roof:

4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

When done correctly, ZERO/POINT should land just behind the Dish:

And cover almost all of the Dish area:

Fracture B-Site Defending – B-Tree ZERO/POINT

Fracture’s map layout enables Attackers to come from two to three different angles at the same time. On B-site, for example, Attackers can come from either the B-Tree area or the B-Bench/Arcade area.

Whichever angle the Attackers try to take on a particular round, you can disable a few of them from one of the two angles with this next ZERO/POINT lineup.

  1. Look for this corner at B-Arcade:

2. Turn around and look for these U-shaped vertical beams:

3. Place the letter “E” of the ZERO/POINT Icon in the left corner of this U-shaped beam:

4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

When done correctly, ZERO/POINT should land on the B-Tree area:

And cover most of the Tree area:

Fracture B-Site Defending – B-Bench/B-Arcade ZERO/POINT

The last ZERO/POINT lineup on the list is a B-Bench/B-Arcade lineup that covers most of the area around B-Bench.

Since this area is one of the two angles where Attackers might come from when they try to take B-site, disabling or stalling a few of them coming from the B-Bench area can give your teammates time to rotate.

  1. Look for these boxes at B-Default:

2. Tuck yourself in between these boxes, then look towards the wall:

3. Place the rightmost tip of the HP border where the darker triangular spot on this wall ends:

4. Left-click to throw ZERO/POINT:

When done correctly, ZERO/POINT should land around the B-Bench area:

And cover most of the B-Bench area:

Fractured Opponents

With the help of KAY/O’s Signature EMP Knife, you can roughly determine how many players are playing on either of the two bomb sites in Fracture. The faster KAY/O is notified of the location of enemies on the map, the easier it will be for his team to Attack or Defend.

Because of Fracture’s layout – with its double Attacker angles – any recon ability such as Sova’s Recon Bolt, Skye’s Dog, and KAY/O’s EMP Knife will play a massive part in helping your team Defend and Attack successfully in Fracture.

That is about it! We hope that you find these KAY/O Knife Lineups useful whenever you find yourself playing KAY/O on Fracture.

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